Senator Hatch Betrays Dietary Supplement Industry- Your Help Urgently Needed to Warn NPA Member Health Food Stores Re FDA Critical Path Initiative------ University of Utah Gets Government Grant to Facilitate FDA Critical Path Initiative....  This is the mechanism via which FDA intends to DESTROY the Dietary Supplement Industry- and they'll do it unless you help IAHF spread the word RIGHT NOW!!

IAHF List:

Senators Hatch and Harkin have done such a thorough job of lying about the effects of S.1082 on the dietary supplement industry via their colloquy in the congressional record in which they claim that "nothing in S.1082 undermines DSHEA" that all other members of the Senate are regurgitating the lie when confronted by constituents on this issue.

Unless we move to penetrate this lie en masse, and expose it to both Hatch and Harkin via this form letter, and work very hard to awaken Natural Products Assn (formerly NNFA) members to the TRUTH on this issue by urging them to listen to the radio show that attorney Jonathan Emord did with Clinical Nutritionist Byron Richards, owner of Wellness Resources vitamin company on this issue, we may not succeed in getting the amendment into HR 1561, the House companion bill to S.1082 that we need in order to protect ourselves.

At this same url, you can not only send a mssg to Hatch and Harkin who have sold us out, but you can also get a mssg to your Senators and Congressmen about the dire need to amend HR 1561.

Please take the time to read Byron Richards latest article on this issue which was written in the aftermath of the recent Oversight hearing on Avandia, the Diabetes drug that killed 35,000 people last year which was fraudulently approved by the FDA.

 Clearly Utah Senators Hatch and Bennett view the FDA's Critical Path initiative as a "cash cow" for the University of Utah. The seeds of our destruction have been sewn by these whores and its time to expose them for what they are.

FDA's Critical Path initiative scraps the former means of evaluating drug safety replacing it with something far worse that would turn each of us into guineapigs and would require that the FDA have our DNA on file in their computer.

It would turn the FDA into an actual Pharmaceutical Company, and would provide them with the tool they need to railroad any dietary supplement off the market on the same bogus grounds that they railroaded Ephedra using the same flawed risk/benefit analysis- this time cloaking their decision by using the pseudoscience of genomics and proteomics to claim that a supplement "adversely impacted certain biomarkers".

(Keep in mind here that Avandia, the diabetes drug was fraudulently approved via a skewed assessment of biomarkers which totally ignored the drugs propensity for causing heart attacks. FDA will interpret this data any way they want, and its highly predictable how they'd interpret data pertaining to dietary supplements if Congress allows them to create the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA, an actual pharmaceutical company inside the FDA.)

Attorney Jonathan Emord has defeated the FDA more times in court than any attorney, and he's done more to defend DSHEA than any attorney. When he tells us the Hatch/Harkin colloquy does nothing to protect us because a Judge will only examine legislative intent if the language of a bill is AMBIGUOUS and he says the language of S.1082 is NOT ambiguous, we can trust what he's telling us. Hatch and Harkin have turned TRAITOR and they're trying to put one over on us because they're awash in Pharma PAC donations. In the last election cycle, Hatch received far more money from Pharma than he did from the dietary supplement industry. Since 1989, Hatch has received $1,181,274. from pharmaceutical interests plus more than a million from lawyers and law firms. Some of that was undoubtedly from firms representing Pharma.

IAHF is reaching out to insiders within Natural Products Association to sound an internal alarm.

I'll be going to Capital Hill before August recess in an attempt to get an amendment into HR 1561, but urgently need your grass roots help!

Unless you all help me reach out to more people and set up tables in front of health food stores to hand out flyers to educate people on this issue, we won't be able to generate the pressure necessary to get our amendment into this legislation, then KEEP it in there when this goes to a conference committee where we have to contend with such other pharma whores as Senator Kennedy (who works hand in hand with Hatch.) Keep in mind we have to get our amendment in past Waxman and Dingell who control the House committee where we'll have to get our amendment instated and thats going to take a huge grass roots push.