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Volume 2, Issue 13; March 2001



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Scotland Island Bushcare Group

Yes, the volunteer group had made a great start. And we need your support. We meet on Saturday April 7th and Saturday May 5th. Come along and enjoy an afternoon of bush regeneration in the magnificent Spotted Gum Forest on the top of Scotland Island. Tools and materials are supplied by council. Afternoon tea will be provided. Please bring a hat, gloves and water. For further information, ring 9970-1250

Tours of your library

Tours of Mona Vale Library are available to all residents of Scotland Island on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. You might want to keep free one of the following dates: March 21st, April 18th, May 16th or June 20th 2001. Tours commence at 11.00am. Bookings by visiting the library at Mona Vale.

Think before you chop....

Thinking of chopping down some trees on your property? Think carefully! Pittwater Council has a TPO (tree preservation order) that covers trees in excess of 3 metres in height, a trunk girth of 500mm, and any mangrove or cycad irrespective of dimensions. However if you are pruning less than 10% of the canopy, you may go ahead. TPO applications can be obtained from council's customer service centre and fees apply. ($25=1-3 trees). Inspections are carried out by council officers within 14 days. It is useful if you mark the tree with a ribbon. If you want to be present when the inspector calls, you should tell council at the time of making the application.

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The Fight continues - Mona Vale Hospital

The fight for Mona Vale Hospital goes on .This is a struggle we can't afford to lose.

The NSH Bulldozer is still at the ready, and so are the people of Pittwater. What a wonderful sense of community was present at the "Save Mona Vale Hospital Rally". I want to thank the community for standing up for their rights. It must be noted that many of those attending were supporters from both Warringah and Manly. People have to realise that this Government is not doing the Northern Beaches any favours. We currently have two hospitals and I believe that the best option would be to upgrade both of them and equitably fund them. I still say that there is no money and no acknowledged site. The Health Minister has said publicly that he won't close or downgrade Mona Vale Hospital. Don't you find it a little suspicious that NSH are still barging ahead encouraging disloyalty to our hospitals by some of his staff? I am sure that the NSH Asset Manager still has his eyes on some wonderful real estate. The fight is not over believe me. BE prepared, BE ready, and BE strong.

Speed Limit on Mona Vale Road

Watch your speed on Mona Vale Road - there is a change in the wind...

The RTA is proposing to reduce the speed limit on Mona Vale Road to 70 km per hour. Pittwater council is concerned that the RTA is reducing the speed limit because it has not fulfilled its obligations to make Mona Vale Road safe. It is time that the promised $9 Million Dollar improvements to Mona Vale Road were carried out to ensure the safety of road users.

Roads and Drainage Update

Very pleased to say that thanks to Shirley and Geoff Page conducting a full survey of the condition of our roads, then inviting Council officers over to have an inspection (Chris Hunt, Col Matheson, David Lyall and Nathan Huon), all agreed – the roads are terrible! The really good news is that, shortly after, Council rang Shirley to say a Council contractor was coming over W/C 19.3.01 to fix the three serious and dangerous sections (starting with the infamous hair pin bend that was the main cause of having to stop the Community Vehicle driving to the top, then Richard Road at the SE corner of the Island above Carol’s Wharf, and third, Harold Hill where a 2 metre hole has developed and is getting worse).

I am delighted to report that the contractor is working on the hairpin bend at this very moment. Trudi Engler is even more delighted! We’ll keep you posted.

URGENT :  to all drivers – please travel slowly and carefully.  The roads are still walking paths.  Trudi received a nasty fright when a car/truck rushed past while she was negotiating the hill.  And we mustn’t forget that there are lots of small children around.

Church Point Wharf

 The Council, quite reasonably, wants to complete the planning for the wharf and then replace it. The 4 community associations (mainland and offshore) have participated in some problem solving workshopping to arrive at a document detailing the Advantages/ Disadvantages of each of the 4 wharf systems (ramp and pontoon, fixed wharf plus ramp and pontoon [2 versions], and fixed wharf with fixed ramps and steps).Church Point Jetty on a bad day :)

As arranged at the last Church Point and Offshore Liaison Committee meeting, these were to be submitted to Council via David Lyall and Angus Gordon by 16.3.01. 

We ( the 4 associations) are arranging a meeting with Angus Gordon and David Lyall to agree the best way to go, based on the thrust of the Disability Discrimination Act – to provide ‘equity of access to all people’ Any questions – please ring Greg Roberts  99799599.

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Emergency Water Update!

Twenty households were represented at the public meeting held recently at which residents were informed of the preliminary investigations undertaken by the informal WET group in response to Pittwater Council's letter to all Scotland Island residents posted by council in December 2000. The meeting agreed that the WET group take on the task of future investigation towards option 3. The design options will be presented to residents and Sydney Water as conceptual sketch plans by June 2001.

Free Movies for Seniors!

"CLASSIC MOVIE AFTERNOON" - Sunday 25 March, 1-4pm at North Narrabeen Community Centre, 2-10 Woorarra Ave, Nth Narrabeen See the Stars in these classics - "Law and Disorder", starring Robert Morley and Michael Redgrave, and "The Music Box", starring Laurel & Hardy. Afternoon Tea provided - Book on 9918 2396.  

The Community Vehicle is SICK!

The Community Vehicle is still off the Island, being fixed following the damage caused to it by the state of the roads. Hopefully, it will be back soon, and ready to go, once the hairpin bend and the other really dangerous bits of road have been fixed up. Any questions, ring Dorothy Chase (9997 5895) or Gill Unwin (9979 8578).

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