, come and catch the beauty of Holland while improving your Dutch...
Dear ,

Wow, there has been a huge response to the German broadcast! Have you seen it? In case you missed it, you can still see it here.
Watch till the very end, you'll see a peek of our portrait drawing session (one of the famous "Use your Dutch Events". Look here if you would like to know what other Use your Dutch Events are coming up.
I would like to tell you about two of those events in this letter.
The first event (FREE) will be Friday morning, June 10th:
a Zen Walk, a walk in silence.
A Walk in Silence? How can you learn Dutch when you are not speaking? Well, I will explain the forms of the Dutch verbs first, you can choose whether you would like to learn the present or the past tense. THEN we start walking, while you can practise with the verbs. Any question you might have will be written down. You can also walk along just enjoying nature if you wish.
You can sign up here.

Next week will be the second event I wanted to tell you about:
a Photo Workshop with my brother Gijs (by request)...

It will be the third time we organise this together.
You'll get the most out of it if you have a camera with a manual function (M), but of course you are also welcome with just a phone to take pictures.
Tuesday June 14th, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Between Bussum & Hilversum
€50,- p.p. including lunch, coffee & tea
(if you have joined this workshop before, you can get a discount)

Dutch natives are welcome as well.
Click here to see the portfolio of Gijs.
Click here to see some pictures of the former workshop.
And, last but not least, click here to register ;-)
P.S. The new schedule has been updated! There is something for everyone (If your choice is not there, let me know!). There are courses for all levels. There is a "Dutch for Dentists", a Dutch & Hypnosis Course, a Dutch Boot Camp (with sports) and much more!
That was it for now, tot ziens!

Sylvia Clements, Learn Dutch Fast, www.learndutchfast.nl