Love, Light, and Healing Energy
The 2017 Conference of the International Association of Near Death Studies

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 Live Streaming for the 2017 Conference is Now Available!

If you aren’t able to attend the 2017 IANDS Conference (August 3-6), you can Live Stream over 22 hours of presentations on your smartphone or computer for only $95.00. You can watch the presentations live or wait—generally less than 60 minutes after the presentation—to watch it Video On Demand. The presentations will remain available until October 15th. If you are interested only in the five Keynote and Special Presentations (over 7 hours of viewing), you can select them for only $75.00.

Hurry—Early Bird Pricing Ends This Week!

Hurry! because Early Bird Pricing for Live Streaming ends on July 12th at 11:59 PM. Act now and save $25 to $30.


FREE OFFER! Two Free Videos from recent IANDS Conferences!

‚ÄčTwo special FREE full-length videos from previous IANDS presentations! Register for Live Streaming Now and try out these outstanding presentations from prior IANDS conferences. Try these videos to see what Live Streaming will be like on your smartphone or computer. A third video will be added at a later time.

August 3rd - 6th, 2017
Westminster, Colorado
www.iands.org for more information on this special event.

Do You Have A Story To Tell? 
The Rhine accepts true reports of psi and paranormal events through the Report An Experience link on the website.  Reports have been coming into the Rhine for over 80 years!

The Rhine Mysterious Short Story Contest
This is YOUR chance to share your story, fiction or nonfiction, related to the paranormal and psi experiences!
Writers and experiencers from all over the globe will be submitting their adventures in precognition, telepathic fantasies or poltergeist incidents for the chance to win cash or other prizes and to share their creations at a Rhine event in October, 2017.