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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
March 1, 2010
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 11, Issue 465


The RTA have/are initially installing 50 new digital technology SAFETY CAMERAS across Sydney at traffic lights.
Safety cameras use digital technology that is capable of detecting both red-light and speeding offences and will be replacing the current outdated wet film red-light cameras that began operating in 1988.
Safety cameras will be installed at 200 locations over four years. They began officially operating on 24th December 2009.
They check your speed AND if you've driven through the red light. So you can be booked for speeding, or driving through the red, or both at the same time. The practice of speeding up to get through a traffic light is therefore probably not a good idea.
Check the attached list of locations (available on public website), as there are quite a lot in and around Sydney. These cameras DO NOT have to have three warning signs as per fixed speed cameras.
If you sped through a red light at 71km/h (in a 60km/h zone) that would be half your licence (and over $650) gone. If you did it on one of the many double demerit weekends that are coming up, you would instantly lose your licence.
Read more about them here http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/roadsafety/speedandspeedcameras/safetycameras

Just a reminder that next Sunday is Cleanup Australia Day. We are always looking for volunteers to help clean up around the island. Please contact Cass at the address below if you are keen to get involved.


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  • Gwyn's March 2010 Calendar 

    To download a full version (A4 size) of this months calendar, ready for printing,  just click on the calendar image.

    You can contact Gwyn Perkins by email at g.perkins@gwyn.com.au

    The file is quite large and in PDF format. To view PDF documents you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
    To download Acrobat Reader please click here

    Clean Up Australia on Scotland Island
    Sunday, March 7

    SIRA has registered Scotland Island to participate once again.

    If you would like to help out, either by grabbing a bag and filling it, or helping to supervise activities, please email cassgye@spin.net.au and put your name on the list.

    Come down to your nearest Wharf to collect a bag between the hours of 9am and 12.00pm.  Bring gloves, sunscreen, hat, sensible clothes and footwear – and don’t forget to bring some water too!
    Toby will be out on the Laurel Mae to collect material.

    Here is a link to the Clean Up Australia website:


    Business Clean Up Day –Tuesday, March 2, 2010 
    Schools Clean Up Day – Friday, March 5, 2010

    Pittwater Offshore Community Breakfast to Celebrate International Woman's Day
    Date Monday 8th March

    1714 Pittwater Rd
    Guest Roze Noble
    Who will speak about her experiences working with disadvantaged children in Vietnam
    Time 7.30  -  9.00 am
    Cost $20   adults
    $10   children
    Profits to the BLUE DRAGON CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION -  Vietnam
    Bookings ESSENTIAL
    Enquiries and Bookings Heather Macorison        Tel:  99994861
    email  hmacorison@bigpond.com
    Numbers limited so please book early and don’t miss this special event

    Hot Day at Woody Point

    full size photo can be seen here - Offshore Gallery
    by Paolo Totaro

    Junk or Treasure?
    Since moving to the Island I have observed the common practice of used bits and pieces being recycled at the ferry wharves. I find this to be an endearing characteristic of a community that can re-use and share amongst itself and would like to see more communities do the same.

    Last weekend, when leaving a small pile of good kitchenware at Bells Wharf, I was taken to task by some fellow residents who were audibly against the practice. I walked away feeling judged and humiliated, furthermore, confused. Over the last few years I have not left many items at the wharf, however, I did understand this to be the common law and did believed that what I was leaving was not junk and would be wanted by somebody. Those residents claimed to have been throwing 'junk' in the bin on a daily basis.

    Is this recycling a wanted community practice? If not, fine, I don't believe people's motivation to be born out of laziness. There are charity bins close by. If people like it and use it, perhaps a more efficient system would be a good way to please all...a box or a bin at the wharf plus a time limit for items?

    To the self-appointed judges of what is and what isn't junk that felt the need to publicly rebuke me; as members of the community, this could be your chance to have a say by way of a non-condescending, collective process.

    Kris Macken

    Indigenous Interests Group
    Scotland Island and Western Shores

    2009 Report of Meetings

    1. How to Narrow the Gap in Education?
    24th April at 7.30pm

    Dr Jennifer Barr, who was Indigenous Research Officer in Australian Anglican Schools at the time, gave a very interesting talk about how schools are working to try and narrow the gap in Indigenous and non-Indigenous educational achievement. She was on a 12-month project and was traveling all over Australia to conduct her research. She presented four main areas in which they were working: Indigenous scholarships; internal changes in schools; visits to Aboriginal areas and visits to the schools by selected speakers, and separate Indigenous school arrangements. There was a great deal of intense debate and we acknowledged that Jenny faced a significant challenge in developing her recommendations. We hope to get a follow up talk from her on completion of the project. 

    2. Aboriginal landowners and mining in Central Australia: Finding equitable arrangements
    1st July at 7.30pm

    Rodger Barnes, a geologist who has worked for over 16 years with the Central Land Council in Alice Springs, was their chief negotiator on mining leases. He has been instrumental in forging agreements between traditional landowners and mining companies. He has been writing up this work up as a Masters Thesis at the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, part of the Sustainable Minerals Institute at the University of Queensland. In his talk Rodger focused on employment and environmental outcomes in one gold mining agreement in Central Australia.

    3. ‘Early communication and relationships between Aborigines and British interlopers and colonists on the Northern Beaches’
    9th October at 7.30 pm

    Ian Jacobs taught history for 30 years at Killarney Heights High School. Ian is the author of a number of books and his talk provided us with fascinating insights. It was very interesting for all of us to learn about the local Indigenous and early European history of our region. 

    4. Toy Drive for Indigenous Children in NSW
    15th November

    One of our members, Carol Floyd, organized for people to bring toys and books to the Ferry Wharf Park as part of a Macquarie University project. Thanks to all the people who so generously contributed to this – the response was overwhelming.  

    Thanks to all those who helped and we look forward to another interesting year,
    Robyn Iredale

    Local Council Notices
    New state government laws aimed at increasing the safety of children in cars will come into effect from 1 March this year.

    Under the new laws, children younger than six months must be secured in a rear-facing restraint and those between six months and four years of age must be secured in a restraint which can be forward or rear-facing. 

    Children aged between four and seven years must be seated in a forward facing restraint or booster seat.
    Other changes include a requirement that children under the age of seven should not be seated in the front seat of vehicles, where there are two rows of seating or more.
    Pittwater Council’s Road Safety Officer Michelle Carter said the Council would give out a limited number of free restraint checking vouchers worth $35 each to enable parents or guardians to have restraints in vehicles checked.
    “The vouchers entitle the holder to have a free check of child restraints in their vehicle by an authorized company,” she said.

    Ms Carter said the free check of car restraints did not include the cost of any new equipment required to make restraints safe and only direct guardians or parents of children were eligible to receive the vouchers.

    The free vouchers are limited to one voucher for one vehicle per family; phone 9970 1196 during business hours. For more information on the new child restraint laws visit www.rta.nsw.gov.au 
    Media contact:  Michelle Carter, Pittwater Council Ph: 9970 1196

    Pittwater Council’s Coastal Environment Centre (CEC) will host an inspiring talk about how art can shape a more sustainable environment with ecology and sociology academic David Curtis.
    The talk will take place at the CEC at Lake Road North Narrabeen on Thursday 11 March at 6:30pm.  This inspirational workshop will focus on the role of visual and performing arts in shaping behaviour to be more environmentally sustainable. 
    The workshop will help participants such as artists, scientists, community workers, funding representatives, academics and teachers in utilising fun, creative means for promoting their sustainability message. 

    Pittwater Mayor Harvey Rose said that the Council was looking at new ways of engaging residents with the sustainability message.  “We’re fortunate to live in a community that has a high interest in the arts and the environment,” he said.

    CEC Executive Management Consultant Gary Jackson said that David Curtis would demonstrate through his research how art can influence sustainable behaviour. “Art events play an important role in mobilising and empowering a community,” he said.
    The audience will have the opportunity to see a screening of ‘The Plague and the Moonflower,’ a production presented by the Armidale community.  This production demonstrates the need to transform industrial humanity through direct encounters, with the natural environment and art.

    David Curtis has worked on community cultural development around NSW for many years and has completed a PHD on how art influences attitudes and values. 

    Limited bookings include light refreshments at $30 p.p. For bookings or further information call Katherine Keighran on 9970 1366 or email katherine_keighran@pittwater.nsw.gov.au

    Media contact:  Tina Demetriou, Event Manager, CEC Ph: 9970 1676

    An Occasional Life Drawing
    An Occasional Life Drawing group is in its infancy,  we have a model lined up for Wed 10 March 11am/ or Thursday 11 March 9.30 this will be on Western Foreshores $10.

    If your interested in drawing or modeling please email karenjlt@bigpond.net.au

    Author Talks at Mona Vale Library
    Diggers and Greeks: The Australian Campaigns in Greece and Crete
    By Maria Hill
    Click image to load flyerflyer
    This provides the first major comprehensive study of Australian soldiers and the interaction with the Greek people during the Second World War. 

    Did you know?
    • 83 % of the Australian soldiers captured by the Italians and Germans came from the Greek and Crete campaigns? 
    • That the Australians who fought on the Greek mainland were the only ‘Anzac Corp’ to fight in World War Two?
    • That the campaign in Greece is regarded as the ‘Second Gallipoli’, yet is rarely discussed and often ignored? 
    • The Diggers who fought in Greece and Crete were never issued with a campaign medal?
    • The soldiers were forbidden for many years to wear the medal issued to them by the Greek government on Anzac Day?  
    • The Aussies endured some of the worse aerial bombardment of World War Two, causing many to suffer from war neurosis or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
    • That Greece was rife with ‘fifth columnists’ or traitors who did not want to fight the Germans?   
    • The relationship they developed with the Greek people during the war, saved over one thousand Australian lives?
    Dr Maria Hill is a military historian and the first Greek-Australian to write about the campaigns in Greece and Crete.
    She is currently visiting Fellow at the Australian Defence Force Academy and has taught in secondary  schools, TAFE and at UNSW. 

    Date: Tuesday 30 March 2010
    Time: 6.30pm
    Venue: Mona Vale Library
    1 Park Street, Mona Vale
    Cost: $7.50   Adults
    $5.50  Concession / Pensioner or
    Friends of Mona Vale Library (passes must be shown)
    Phone: 9970 1600
    Bookings essential!
    Payment within 3 days of booking

    Catherine Buddin
    Events & Promotions Librarian
    tel 9970 1600 or 9970 1605  fax 9979 1465

    Notice of Annual General Meetingloogo
    Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade
    Sunday 28 March 2010 - 2.00pm
    Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade Station
    Catherine Park, Scotland Island

    All members are invited to attend.

    Election of Officers
    At the meeting, all current officers will stand down and nominations are invited for positions in the Brigade.  All current officers are eligible to stand for re-election.  All Financial Members are eligible for nomination as an Administrative or Other Officer of the Brigade.  Nominations for Field Officer positions are available to Active Financial Members only, with appropriate pre-requisite training if required.

    Nominations for positions within the Brigade must be received by the Secretary at least seven (7) days prior to the Annual General Meeting, ie by 21 March 2010 at latest.  Nomination Forms (attached) must be signed by the nominee and by two (2) members of the Brigade. 

    Each financial member present at the meeting, with the exception of probationary members, shall be entitled to one vote.

    The positions open for election are:
    Field Officers Administrative Officers  Other Officers
    Captain President Training Officer
    Senior Deputy Captain Vice President Equipment Officer 1
    Deputy Captain 2 Secretary Equipment Officer 2
    Deputy Captain 3 Treasurer First Aid Officer
    Deputy Captain 4  Social Secretary Safety Officer
    Deputy Captain 5 Station Officer RFSA Delegate
    SIRA Delegate
    The final list of nominations will be posted on the noticeboard at the Fire Station after all nominations have been received.

    If you have any queries, please contact either the Station on 9999 4404 or Kerry Borthwick on 9999 4092.
    Membership subscriptions ($10/member GST free) are due and payable at the AGM.

    Scotland Island Presents

    March 26,27, 28
    Scotland Island Community Hall at 7.30pm

    Tickets $15.00 available from PMC HILL Real Estate Church Point

    Click image to load flyer
    artwork by Nettie Lodge

    New Weekend Fitness and Pilates classes
    Starting after Easter
    As well as the weekday classes, there will be a new Group Fitness class at 8am in Catherine Park
    and Pilates in the Island Hall at 9:30am.

    Term 2 starts Monday April 12th, so first Saturday classes will be the 17th.

    All classes 1 hour and suitable for all fitness levels.
    $20 casual class or $15 if you pay by term.

    For more information call Patrice on 0406 483 036 or email patrice.corrie@gmail.com

    Correction on commuter boat insurance

    I previously stated that GIO doesn’t offer commuter boat insurance. I’ve since found out that this is incorrect. They do, provided it’s for personal use.

    It seems that the call centre reps tend to assume that a commuter boat means a charter boat or commercial commuter boat (which they almost did again when I rang them the second time).

    The premium for GIO seems to be a bit cheaper than CGU/AON, but the terms of the policy are a bit harsher (especially with respect to theft).
    Iza Foster

    The Sun, a Ranger and a Disability Card
    Love was really in the air last Sunday the 14th when the Pittwater Council Ranger found that our disability card on the windscreen was sun damaged, so as they couldn't QUITE read it clearly they decided to give us an Infringement notice for $422 claiming the card was out of date! The expiry date, incidentally, is the 4th. May 2012.

    So to the other drivers with Disability cards make sure to check yours. A new card now sits on our windscreen, after having to fill in 3 forms and at least an hour at the RTA.


    You Asked..
    Work Available..
    Are you 15years or more?
    Do you want up to 3.5 hour a week permanent part time work on the island?
    We have 2 spots available to join Scotland Island Traders helping to deliver groceries on a Saturday morning. We start at 7.30am and usually finish around 10 to 10.30am.
    This will allow you to still enjoy the bulk of your weekend, with cash!
    If you are interested. either email me at scotlandislandtraders@gmail.com or phone me any time on 0419460331.
    We look forward to hearing from you.

    House Minder Available in July
    Would you like to have your house and pets looked after while away on holiday in July?
    Call Carolyn Andrew, currently living in Elvina Bay, on 0411221051 

    Wanted - Piano Teacher
    Looking for a Piano teacher on the island.
    I am looking to learn basic piano for my autistic daughter Felicity so that I can play the host of songs and rhymes she sings.
    I have never played a piano and so am looking for someone who would like to take on the challenge of teaching me.
    Call Tanya on 0418 209 956

    Free to a good Home....
    dresserKitchen Dresser free,( apart from delivery cost) to good home.
    Has some cracking paint on cupboard door, but is solid & in reasonable condition.

             Height - 200 cm
             Width -  140 cm
             Depth -  56 cm

    Contact Amber on 9997 3078


    For Sale 
    If you have something for sale that you think locals would like - let us know and we will put an entry in the PON at the beginning of each month...

    Tinnie/Motor/Trailer For Sale
    Quintrex Cartopper 3.55lts in good condition. Reg till June 2010.
    Dunbir trailer. Reg till June 2010. In very good condition.             
    Mercury 15Hp electric start motor
    Includes: oars, anchor, life jackets and battery (not sold separately)
    $2500.00 ono.
    Phone William:  9973 2679

    Business for Sale
    Poolwerx Swimming Pool Franchise - Manly, Allambie
    Don and Bev Dwyer
    92 regular customers Est. 10 yrs
    Pool care and maintenance.
    Suit early retiree.
    Please contact don 0413 614 515

    Moving Sale
    Large TV cabinet with storage for CDs/DVDs, shelfing for DVD player and cupboards.  One of the doors needs some repair or can be taken off to create open shelving.  FREE
    Three piece sofa, very comfy and supportive but needs new covers.  FREE
    Wooden chest with wheels, can be used for toys, manchester or other storage. Great condition only $30
    Sunbeam electric wok, good condition, $20
    Shelving unit – 3 shelves. Good condition $20
    Dresser – 3 large drawers and 2 small. Good condition, $30
    2 adult Raleigh bikes, $100 each

    Contact Katy and Justin on 9997 1287 .  Lookout for our garage sale later in March, with books, toys and kitchen bits to sell.

    The Local Guide
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    Scotland Island Traders - On-line shopping from your computer, through your door on Scotland Island. Contact Graeme on 0419 460 331 or click here for full details
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    Pilates, Meditation and Group Fitness with Patrice - 0408 707 679 patrice.corrie@gmail.com
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    Ballet & Modern Dance Classes for children with Sophia Holland - 0412 851 890
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    Parents & Kids Groups Playgroup - Run by SIOCS - email Emma trysemz@tpg.com.au
    Scotland Island Players - contact Bob or Kez on 9999 4092
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