Richard Herring Newsletter
Are you one of the cool kids?
Well my "life of leisure" (looking after two kids turns out to be significantly more exhausting than my job) is nearly over and we're ramping up to a new series of RHLSTP.
Thanks to funds raised by Dripsters, Badgers, my podcasts for an insurance company and sponsorship from the lovely people at Beer 52, we have raised over half the money it takes to film the 36 episodes of RHLSTP in 2018.
But we need a bit more and I know some of you like to donate cash in return for exclusive merchandise. So we've pushed the boat off to create some amazing products and extras that we think you will like, if you don't think the podcasts are worth a contribution on their own.
So you can get one, two or all five of these cool kid T-shirts, or stickers and a badge, backstage access to the bonus podcasts (and extra stuff from Brian Blessed) or even a RHLSTP Rubik's Cube. Or be really cool (and poorer) and become an executive producer.
Anyway, have a look and choose a level. If you've already donated via badger or dripster or other avenue then please do not feel obliged. Even if you haven't. The nice thing about this podcast is that the people who can pay, pay for those who can't or who don't want to.
The Kickstarter is here (we're already about a fifth of the way to the total and we've only been going 15 hours)
Here's other ways you can help us
Of course you can also help us out immensely by coming to a show or two (or nine)
The next series runs on Mondays from September 24th to November 19th (why is that date familiar?)
Guests so far confirmed
Sept 24th Jonathan Ames
October 15th Rick Edwards
October 22nd Michael Sheen
November 19th Adam Buxton (may look sold out on website, but worth putting name down as some tickets out with agencies)
You can watch old episodes here
(also on iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
or iTunes
I think I am also doing a podcast in Manchester on October 5th, but don't yet have details.
If you want eight free craft beers and to thank our sponsor (and if enough of you do it, raise more funds for the podcast) then head to our page on the Beer 52 site and sign up.
If you only want those eight beers then you can unsubscribe, but if you stay with them you will then get eight different beers every month for just £24 a pop.
The new hard back Emergency Questions book with 1001 questions (800 of them never published in book form before) will be out in October. It would be awesome if you all bought it. It will be in the shops and everything. Obviously it would be a huge boost to the podcast if it sells well. Also I will earn some money from being a podcaster to the astonishment of the world (only taken 11 years dudes).
You can preorder it at Go Faster Stripe which means that tax-paying Chris Evans (not that one) will make some money from it, rather than tax-avoiding Ian Amazon who has more money than he will ever need. And smells of poo. Chris smells of seaweed.
We may be doing some special signed/defaced copies as part as a kickstarter for the next series of RHLSTP.
There will be a few appearances at Literary Festivals etc. Including Henley on October 3rd.
And if you want to make a small but regular commitment to our enterprise, and get festooned with amazing extras including all the RHLSTP backstage interviews, downloads of all my stand up shows, exclusive video question and answer sessions, entry into a monthly prize draw PLUS find out the RHLSTP guests before everyone else then why not become a Dripster
You'd be paying less than a pound a week in return for 365 blogs and about 40 RHLSTPS.
If you want pretty much all of that, but not the stand up shows (not sure if you'll get the Q and A sessions either) then set your own price and become a monthly badger.
This is very much an either/or choice with whichever package suits you best.
  Someone Likes Yoghurt. Not sure who this beautiful young woman is, but I found her picture among all m stuff in my office. If you are her, please get in touch. I'd love to eat yoghurt with you.
Thanks for reading