Compressed Air Challenge Newsletter Winter 2012

 The mission of the Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) is to be the leading source of product-neutral compressed air system information and education, enabling end users to take a systems approach leading to improved efficiency and production and increased net profits.  We hope this newsletter serves these goals and provides value to you, our most important customer.  Please feel free to provide any feedback about this issue to:

World Energy Engineering Congress in Atlanta...
 Look for us at the World Energy Engineering Congress in October 2012.  Back by popular demand is our Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems per-conference seminar. At the seminar you will learn about the high costs of compressed air  and how to calculate your system costs for your facility.  Participants learn the Seven Step Action plan to guide them in improving their system for energy efficiency, better air quality and higher productivity.  For more information click here.
Best Bang for Your Buck Book...
 Our best seller the Best Practices for Compressed Air Systems book is THE best source for information on compressed air systems and compressed air systems optimization.  It comes free with any CAC Fundamentals seminar.  Or you can order it separately. Click here to get more information and order.
The Biggest & the Worst - Tales from a Compressed Air Auditor's Personal Notebook
 Before venturing off into compressed air consulting myself, I listened to compressed air consultants’ stories about the amazing things they encountered during their compressed air system reviews. At that point, without having any system experience myself, I thought they might be making these things up or at least exaggerating them; however, after conducting compressed air system reviews for the past 13-years I can confirm I have encountered everything they mentioned and more. And some things, such as, being able to shut off ALL the compressors and dryers in a large oil refinery were inconceivable before I encountered them. Read the rest of this article here.
New CAC Instructors
The Compressed Air Challenge recently approved two Canadian instructors, Al Giffen and Ron Marshall at the January Board meeting.  Five other instructors are expected to be approved in the coming year.  New instructors must pass a thorough interview process and complete a train-the-trainer course ensuring they meet the high standards required by CAC for our seminar leaders.  You may not be aware that all our CAC instructors are available to facilitate our seminars for any interested organization in the United States or Canada. For a listing of all our available instructors click here.
If you would like to host a seminar and want to find out the instructions for doing so visit our Workshop Hosting page by clicking here.
February - WE Training
Our next session of  Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems WE (web-edition) is starting February 20, 2012.  This popular course is delivered over the internet and is highly rated by our participants.  Additional benefit: A free copy of our Best Practices Manual.

We've scheduled more WE seminars for 2012, check out our May, September and November starts.   Visit our Training Calendar for more information. Should you wish to be notified about future training please visit this link and sign-up to be notified 

Did You Know?

We have a huge resource of published articles about compressed air efficiency in our library.  Our new website search feature can help you find what you are looking for click here.
CAC members were very instrumental in developing the new ASME EA-4-2010 Standard Energy Assessment for Compressed Air Systems.  This one of a group of standards that are part of the new ISO 50001 International Stardard for Energy Management standard. More information about this and the Superior Energy Performance Program are available here.
Superior Energy Performance is a certification program that provides industrial facilities with a roadmap for achieving continual improvement in energy efficiency while maintaining competitiveness.

AirMaster+, a software package to help you maximize the efficiency and performance of your compressed air system(s) through improved operations and maintenance (O&M) practices and the companion program LogTool is available for download from our website. For more information go to our Toolbox Page.

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