BHAF Forum Meeting
September 2014

Dear Site Rep,

The next forum meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 17th September 6.30pm
at Patcham Community Centre, Ladies Mile Road, BN1 8TA

As most of you should already be aware, the old 'Site-Rep Meetings' have been replaced by the new 'Forum' meetings.  These meetings are open, not only to site-reps, but to plot holders and other stakeholders, to allow for open and transparent discussion about allotment issues - whether they be problems or positive ideas for improvement. 

The new format allows for a surgery at the beginning where individual issues can be raised with either BHAF members or the Allotment Officer.  This addresses feedback from the old site-rep meetings that too much time was wasted on personal issues rather than city-wide site-rep concerns.
Do I need to attend?
  • Yes!  As site-rep, your attendance is vital to ensure that your site is represented and that you are aware of initiatives going on across the city.  There will only be around 3 or 4 such meetings a year, so shouldn't take up too much of your time.  (See bullet point 5 in your Council site-rep 'Responsibilities' document) 
  • Also - site rep expenses can be sorted there and then with Hannes, the BHAF Treasurer
What if I can't make the date?
  • We understand site reps have lives!  If you can't make the meeting, try and find someone else from your site who could go along in your place.
Will they always be in Patcham?
  • Not necessarily, but currently it is the most cost-effective option available to us and has free parking as well as good bus links.  No single venue will suit everyone, but alternatives could be considered for the future if required.
These meetings are an opportunity for you, as site reps and experts on your sites, to contribute your thoughts and ideas to the process.  It's not all about problems - we can share the good stuff as well! 

We look forward to seeing you.
Best Regards,
BHAF Committee.


Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation