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IAHF List: This is an email that I sent to Elwood Richard, owner of NOW Foods- a large American vitamin company. Lets hope he reads it and starts connecting the dots on how the Pharma Takeover of the supplement industry is proceeding globally, and what must be done to STOP it!! Lets how a lot of other vitamin company owners and ceos world wide also read this and start grasping what is going on, and what must be done!

At the end of this email is a thought provoking message from Croft Woodruff, owner of a Canadian health food store, and President of a new vitamin trade association in Canada that was formed because the CHFA can't be trusted. Please print this out and bring it to the owner of your local health food store- ask him to communicate about it with as many industry people as possible.

The biggest problem we face is that the vitamin trade associations are being controlled from the top- down by the pharma cartel. If we want to stop the takeover, ALL of us have to GET BUSY to bring this message to the health food stores or they along with the global supplement industry will go over the cliff together- just as we see happening in Australia....


Elwood- Scott Tips, attorney from the National Health Federation can vouch for the truth of what I'm saying here- he and I just spoke today in a conference call with Saul Kent, President of Life Extension Foundation.

Scott has an article coming out in the January issue of Whole Foods about the Codex meeting that just took place in Germany and about the extreme importance of the ANH lawsuit to monkeywrenching the Codex process. Scott is very depressed about the huge defeat our industry just sustained at Codex, and about how people are ignorantly buying in to CRN's spin on what happened.

Croft Woodruff is a past President of the Canadian Health Food Association. Currently, he is very disgruntled with the CHFA, as are a growing number of people in Canada. Today Croft is the President of the Canadian Alliance of Health Retailers http://www.canadianallianceofhealthretailers.ca/CAHR.html which has broken away from CHFA because they aren't doing a thing to defend the industry.

On June 18th Health Canada illegally harmonized Canada to Australia's dietary supplement laws in total violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. CHFA is doing nothing to oppose this, while CAHR is doing everything humanly possible to fight back.

Croft lives a half hour from me in Burnaby BC ( I moved to Point Roberts, Washington which is right on the Canadian border http://www.pointrobertsusa.com Point Roberts is a geographical anomaly- its detached from the rest of the state- its on a penninsula thats attached to the British Columbia mainland. To get here you have to travel 23 miles north into Canada, then recross the border onto Point Roberts.

I moved here in order to work simulaneously in Canada and the USA. My girlfriend lives a half hour from here in Surrey, BC where she works in a health food store.

Between us, we have our fingers on the pulse of whats happening in the US, Canada and Globally. We're going to be turning IAHF into a membership organization.

The Canadian Alliance of Health Retailers has filed a lawsuit against Health Canada and against their Health Minister to overturn these illegal regulations.

This lawsuit was originally filed in '97 and at that time the effect it had was to get the Canadian government to back down from regulation that had been threatened.

Although this lawsuit had been filed, they did not go to court in '97 because the government backed down- but now they're resurrecting this old lawsuit which has lain dorment- and they're reactivating it.

Just as the CHFA can't be trusted and are doing nothing to defend the Canadian industry, forcing Woodruff and others to form CAHR--- none of us in the USA can trust CRN or NNFA any more- and we need to form a new vitamin trade association on our side of the border for the exact came reasons. Here is why:

CRN has announced a "victory" at Codex http://www.crnusa.org/shellnr110403.html "Codex Committee Backs Science Based Safety Standards for Vitamin and Mineral Supplements- Breaks Eight Year Stalemate"

CRN- dominated by multinational drug companies has been actively dissuading its vitamin company members from backing the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive. As goes the EU, so goes the WORLD due to the clout the EU wields at Codex. Up til now, the EU has only had OBSERVER status at Codex, but in next years meeting they'll have FULL status for the first time.

The EU's Observer, Basil Mathoudakis, will be their Codex Delegate next year, and he drafted the EU Food Supplement Directive. Already the text under deliberation for the Codex standard for vitamins and minerals is becoming closer and closer to the EU Food Supplement Directive, and the only way we can stop the Cartel's plans to destroy our industry is to HELP ANH with their lawsuit to overturn the EU FSD.

Mannatech is a member of CRN, and we know they've been actively dissuaded from backing the ANH lawsuit, and so have other vitamin company members, because CRN is NOT IN FACT TRYING to defend health freedom. They don't WANT to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, and they want you to THINK a "victory" has been won at Codex- but thats just SPIN.

They're using the old "problem- reaction- "solution" method of manipulating the industry, here is how: First the Cartel threatens to regulate us to RDA levels in order to trigger a desired public REACTION (fear of regulation.) In that climate of fear, CRN, a controlled opposition group, ushers in a supposed "SOLUTION" (so called "scientific risk assessment"----- which in fact isn't much better than RDA's and which isn't the least bit scientific.

As evidence of THAT- see the most recent issue of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine- a special issue devoted solely to the Safety and Efficacy of Vitamins and Minerals. The editorial by Dr. Hoffer, and an article by Dr.Gaby expose so called "Safe Upper Levels" as a GIANT STEP BACKWARDS. Please order a copy of this issue of JOM at http://www.orthomed.org/jom/jom.htm and see its table of contents- this is a special issue, over 100 pages, and it exposes the scientific fraud being engaged in the the EU's Scientific Committee on Foods.


1. Hegelian Dialectic ( Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis) (Problem + REACTION = preplanned "Solution")
First the Cartel threatens to regulate us to RDA levels. In a consensus based program such as Codex, there is no way that could be accepted by the US Supplement Industry.

So CRN, a pharma dominated controlled opposition group ushers in a supposed "Solution", and when this supposed solution is accepted at Codex- the spin they put on it is that it represents a "victory". CRN then uses this supposed "victory" as the basis to dissuade their vitamin company members from backing the ANH lawsuit. They realize fully the impact the EU has at Codex, and they don't WANT the EU FSD overturned, because what they want is for the Codex standard to end up paralleling the EU FSD.

2. The EU will have full status at Codex for the first time at next years meeting. Basil Mathoudakis, the EU's delegate at Codex, drafted the EU Food Supplement Directive and has more influence at Codex than any other delegate because he represents 15 countries.

3. Australia, which yanked 1600 safe products off the shelves in the past year under false pretenses without a single product assay to prove contamination, is generating a supposed "White Paper" on so called "Scientific Risk Assessment".

4. The only way a country can legally avoid harmonizing their supplement laws to a finalized Codex vitamin standard is on a basis of SAFETY.
(SPS Agreement- a subsection of GATT)

FDA + NAS + CRN have already teamed up to set us up to lose in a WTO Trade Dispute.

They've been doing this by creating FALSE DEFINITIONS of vitamin safety. FDA has been doing this via the pharma dominated National Academy of Science which isn't subject to FOIA. Through NAS they've generated the bogus paper "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Safe Upper Levels for Nutrients" which was exposed in JOM in 2000 in the rebuttal by Dr.Rick Malter- see http://www.iahf.com NAS and NAS Rebuttal. The fraudulence of so called "scientific" risk assessment was exposed in the latest issue of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, especially by Dr.Gaby's article "Safe Upper Limits" for Dietary Supplements: One Giant Step Backward"

5. At Expo East in September, Maury Silverman was kicked out of the meeting of the Joint International Committee of NNFA and AHPA. He was representing Alliance for Natural Health. He was kicked out by Randy Dennin, Chair of IADSA, and Chair of the Joint International Committee. Dennin had all the literature that Silverman attempted to distribute at the meeting about the ANH lawsuit removed from the back table. Silverman was told that the reason he was being removed from the meeting was because he had been circulating copies of my article from Life Extension Magazine about the ANH lawsuit on the show floor.

My article exposes IADSA as a controlled opposition group. In an effort to cover his tracks, the week before Expo East, Randy Dennin had the IADSA EXPOSED website that was at Tripod.com removed from cyberspace. It wasn't hard for Dennin to have the site removed because Tripod is a free hosting service that will remove any site based on any complaint. The information has since been put back up at http://www.iahf.com/iadsa I emailed Dennin telling him I had put the site back up not only on my own website, but also on 5 mirror sites, and I challenged him to rebut any of the information presented there. No response.

Val Johanson of CHC in Australia is an especially active member of IADSA. She used to be a compliance officer at the TGA (Australian FDA). She played an active role in getting Canada to harmonize to Australia, and also tried to get several South American nations to harmonize to Australia at the IADSA meeting in Rio in the fall. Now Australia, the nation which jerked 1600 products from the shelves in the past year under false pretenses, is coming in to Codex with a phony white paper re supposed "scientific risk assessment."

Its not hard to see the writing on the wall.

We must alert the vitamin companies that belong to CRN and urge them to quit CRN and help fund the ANH lawsuit before its too late.

As goes the EU, so goes the world due to how harmonization is proceeding world wide.

Its not hard to connect the dots on how the global takeover of the supplement industry is proceeding.


1. American vitamin companies must follow the example being set in Canada by Croft Woodruff and the Canadian Alliance of Health Retailers, a new trade association which had to be formed in Canada because the CHFA is doing nothing to defend the Canadian industry from harmonization.

Companies should quit NNFA and CRN in droves and get behind the ANH lawsuit in England, and behind CAHR's lawsuit against Health Canada.

They need to recognize the Cartel's plan to isolate the USA in the world and to take us last.

They need to grasp that FDA has already set us up to lose in a WTO Trade Dispute by whitewashing the Codex vitamin oversight hearing on March 20, 2001.

They must pressure congress to hold a proper oversight hearing on this issue.

Unless these things happen- the end result will be GENOCIDE.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: croft woodruff [SMTP:croftwoodruff@telus.net]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 12:56 PM
> To those whom it ought to concern:
> It was the opinion of "expert advisory committees" (struck by different
> health ministers in federal PC and Liberal governments since 1985) that
> the amino acids and many herbs and products that were banned during and
> since 1985 posed no health threat should be freely available over the
> counter. If Health Canada was operating in good faith that would have
> happened five years ago and should have happened much earlier than that.
> If one reads and understand Gazette ll one will realize that Health Canada
> is taking the health food industry down the same road as Australia, Europe
> and the United Kingdom and now New Zealand. Products of any therapeutic
> value will be diluted to potencies that will be barely useful and the rest
> will be available by prescription only.
> In the aforementioned countries hundreds of product have been now banned
> and ordered off the shelves.
> Aside form the fact that prescription only basis will add tremendously to
> the price for dispensing fees - try finding a doctor who has the nutrition
> knowledge to prescribe and if he does and should dare cross his/her
> licensing board you can kiss the doctor good by. Even now medical doctors
> in every jurisdiction are under scrutiny for practising alternative
> medicine, prescribing vitamins, minerals and herbs, counselling diet,
> offering chelation therapy, etc. Just read the following....
> "In 1996 I was investigated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons
> (COPS) because of a complaint by one of the assistant registrars for the
> censored who attended a press conference where I was asked to present
> information about censored This gave the COPS an open door to investigate
> my practice. This dragged on over 3 years. The doctors that investigated
> my clinic were "peaches and cream" when they were at my clinic for 1 day
> but 6 months later I received their 15 page report which tore my practice
> to shreds and made it look like I was practicing very bad medicine.
> Fortunately, because of my very thorough office notes, I was able to
> refute the lies that they put forth in this report in an 18 page rebuttal
> which was so assertive in its nature that my lawyer said he would never
> have allowed such a report if I had not been practicing complementary
> medicine. So, the COPS tried to make it look like I was a menace to
> society - they did not try to refute the complementary medical practices I
> was doing. That is their strategy. At my last meeting with the executive
> committee of the COPS I was told that I would be expected to practice more
> thoroughly than my family practice peers. So, this is what I try to do.
> As one retired Judge whom I was treating in 1998 said "they have all of
> the legal and political power behind them" so his advice to me (even
> though he himself could not stand the COPS and their old boys club
> mentality) was to be as cooperative as I could. So, I am waiting for them
> to come back and hope for the best. I observe mistakes that other doctors
> make every day - which cause untold suffering. But, if I start making
> complaints to the COPS then that will turn the spotlight onto me even
> more. I think this is what happened to Dr. censored " (Names & places
> deleted to protect the MD from further harassment or retaliation. - CW)
> In short the COPS don't "get" MD's for practising alternative medicine.
> Instead, they trump up charges on unrelated issues to make a good doctor
> look bad.
> In British Columbia the naturopathic physicians are losing the right to
> even make a diagnosis and they certainly won't have any more access to
> prescription items than they do today which happens to be ZERO.
> The natural health products consumer, retailer, wholesaler and
> manufacturer will be the ultimate losers in the end.
> It amazes me that so many people in the natural health products industry,
> from manufacturer to retailer, are in lock step with their trade
> associations in Canada and the United States and do not or refuse to see
> the handwriting is on the wall. Just read Scott Tips report from the
> recent CODEX farce in Berlin where CODEX Chairman Grossklaus - he is no
> Santa - made certain all decisions were engineered to fit the
> pharmacartels' agenda.
> 650 pages of ATI has revealed that middle management in Health Canada are
> in collusion with the pharmacartels to emasculate the natural health
> products industry in Canada to such a degree it will wither and die and
> just go away. Which is just what Health Canada has wanted since I got
> involved with my family in this industry in the middle 1960's.
> Those who think that getting one crumb (a la Kava) back on retailers
> shelves is a sign of government's good faith better check and see what
> they are smoking.
> Wake up before it is too late.
> Croft Woodruff
> Chelation Association of Vancouver
> Canadian Alliance of Health Retailers
> 6262-A Fraser Street
> Vancouver BC V5W 3A1
> 604 327 3889
For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Road
Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA
800-333-2553 N.America
360-945-0352 World