Another irregular newsletter from me, with an amazing Elemental video and some fun live events coming up this week: 
  • Women In Their Element at the British Library - TOMORROW!
  • Singing the Periodic Table on YouTube with an actual Brass Band.
  • Valentines Night at the Natural History Museum.
  • Bad science made good at BAHFest, Imperial College London.
  • Celebrating Stephen Hawking's Brief Answers book launch.
  • An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail, last Tuesday of every month. 
  • Spoken Nerd DVDs still half price for teachers and educators.

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Just as 2019 came to an end, I helped create this amazing video! I sing the entire periodic table with full brass band and a host of scientists and element fans. 
Huge props to Chemistry World for making the whole thing happen. Watch it here! 
I'm cutting down on my live work at the moment, but these few have sneaked into the diary. See you at one of them? 
Women In Their Element on Tuesday 11th February
Excellent daytime conference and fun evening event celebrating women in science, particularly female element hunters you might not know... TICKETS 

Valentines Night at the Natural History Museum
This epic museum is open all evening and full of events for love bugs, solitary bees and significant otters. I'm hosting an event about animal genitalia. Why not? It's already 80% sold out so be quick: TICKETS
Stephen Hawking book launch, Tuesday 17th March
Together with Robin Ince, Dallas Campbell, Lucy Hawking and theoretical physicists Eugene Lim and Marieke Taylor I'll be on stage at the paperback launch of Stephen Hawking's final book. TICKETS
BAHFest London on Saturday 21st March
I'm back hosting the most ludicrous scientific event of the year, where presenters compete to outline - in fully researched and highly scientific terms - their own completely ludicrous theories. TICKETS 
The regular nerdy new material night I run with Festival of the Spoken Nerd was sold out last week. The February to June shows look like they'll go that way too. Tickets here.

If you want to find out what happens on these nights, I've made a Youtube playlist with sets recorded at previous shows.
Also 23 + 24 July are our big "Best Of" Bloomsbury Theatre shows, suitable for 12+ rather than 18+ for our regular nights. 20% of the seats have already gone: Tickets here.
Our special offer DVD and download bundle has proved so popular that we're keeping it available forever: Buy two DVDs and three downloads for £5π (or "pi-five", if you prefer).
So that's "Just For Graphs" and "You Can't Polish A Nerd" on DVD, and instant HD downloads of those two shows PLUS our first release, "Full Frontal Nerdity" - all for £15.71 + P&P
Here's the secret link (you won't find this on our shop frontpage) and don't forget that if your job is in education, libraries or youth work you can use the code "APPLEFORTHETAUCHER" at checkout to get the whole bundle for half price.

Feel free to share this with all your buddies in education too!
Thanks for reading this to the end. Phew! You made it.
If you missed the last newsletter from October, here it is.
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