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and give a gift from the line of equipment that's been
an industry standard for twenty-five years.
Get free shipping on all orders placed in December and shipped to locations in the continental United States. Orders will be shipped ground delivery, so order early to ensure they arrive before Santa does.
This holiday special is not available for wholesale orders. Orders delivered internationally and to Alaska, Hawaii and other destinations outside of the continental U.S. will be billed for actual shipping costs.
Sopris Unlimited Now Carries Altiplano Insulation Garments!
Sustainability is a very important concept here at Sopris Unlimited. We believe in making high-quality products that last, and we believe in creating those products wth the least amount of waste as possible. Stan Ebel, of Great Divide Llamas and Buckhorn Llama Co., created Altiplano Insulation in 1999 with the same kind of focus, and that is just one of the reasons we now carry Altiplano Insulation outerwear. That, and it's really great stuff. Check it out here!
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