IAHF List: I recently sent you this  http://www.ymlp167.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+1233  in which I showed you an alert I sent out locally to "PREP" (Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness Group) in which I expressed concern about present economic trends suggesting that it would make sense for local people to have a dialogue to consider possible courses of action to protect ourselves in the event of possible bank failures and martial law.

Due to the level in which people have been systematically mesmerized, manipulated, dumbed down, and put into a trance like state, so far I haven't had a  single email or phone call about my alert from anyone in my local area.

Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised by this, but none the less, I was- that is until yesterday when I heard a TREMENDOUS Alex Jones show in which his guest was a guy named Alan Watt who is the most impressive expert I've ever heard regarding the long history and specific tactics of the New World Order to control our minds and to engage in social engineering to further their genocide agenda by targetting a specific part of our brains intended to lull us to sleep: the Temoporal Lobe.

 I was so impressed by this show, that today I went back, and listened to it again- while taking notes. After taking notes, I went back and google searched some of the books mentioned so I could give you the urls, and then located additional supplemental information that ties in with what they were saying to help us all understand this better.

Please see my notes (below) and below them you'll find the links you can go to to hear this show yourself (well worth the time!!) In my notes you'll see several ideas we can all use to help penetrate the systematically altered minds of those around us so that more people will be able to "break free of the Matrix" and take the sort of steps we must all take to protect ourselves.


Alan Watt was a guest on the Alex Jones show yesterday, and he shed considerable light on the REASON it is so hard to reach people around us with information such as what I've been sending out to the IAHF list.

He says the reason is that a systematic effort has been underway for decades to put us all under electronic mind control by destroying the part of the brain that deals with self preservation- the temporal lobe, and he documents the intention to do this by citing books written by people such as Betrand Russell. (Russell was an operative for British Intelligence and who wrote a book called The Impact of Science and Technology in which he said that the ruling elite would use scientific methods to cut down world population, http://www.amazon.com/Impact-Science-Society-Bertrand-Russell/dp/041510906X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1218071492&sr=1-1 

Watt also discussed a guy named Arthur Koestler, (another British Intelligence agent) who wrote a book called The Ghost in the Machine and what he wrote about was the ruling elite's plan to destroy our individuality by systematically destroying the temporal lobe of the brain to turn us all into compliant zombies who could be easily manipulated. http://www.amazon.com/Ghost-Machine-Arkana-Arthur-Koestler/dp/0140191925/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1218071417&sr=1-2

Zbiginew Brezniski also wrote about this in a book called Between Two Ages which was about Technotronics. In it he elaborates on the sort of Technotronic Prison Camp he envisioned the USA being turned into as all of our privacy is stripped away by all powerful Big Brother. The evil philosophy of the Rockefeller created Trilateral Commission is revealed in this book

Watt and Jones talked about how cell phones damage the temporal lobe, and so do video games (which have even triggered grand mal seizures in some people which are temporal lobe seizures). They talked about how TV is being used for this purpose, and how DARPA is now targetting us all using ELF waves from GWEN towers in order to turn us into zombies. [See Mind Control With Silent Sounds and Super Computers: http://educate-yourself.org/cn/mindcontrolwithsilentsounds24jun05.shtml

 They talked about how vaccines are being used to restructure the temporal lobe of the brain, and I'm sure chemtrails are being used for this purpose too. They talked about massive social engineering going on via TV- discussing the difference in a pub from when before they all had TVs when it was much easier to connect with people via conversations to now where they're blasting loudly with TVs making it harder for people to have conversations. They talked about the social engineering designed to destroy and break up families and to get the sexes and generations divided and the purpose is so Big Brother can isolate us in order to more easily control our minds and keep us from being able to realize whats going on around us.

Alex Jones says that on CNN broadcasts we're actually looking at 6 screens with the deepest screen and the flickering feed only being picked up by our subconcious mind, , and the ticker scrolling along at the bottom are all designed to put us into a more suggestible alpha state of consciousness- more of an unconscious mode in which we automatically accept what we're being told because the censor part of our brain (temporal lobe) is shut down (!!!) 

The ticker scrolling at the bottom of the page is similar to a hypnotist using a pendulum that we follow with our eyes as we're lulled into a hypnotic state. According to Alex, the Military says they'll be "inserting us into the Pods by 2025" where we'd be living in a state of "virtual reality" as they would kill our physical bodies.

Watt says the Pentagon has a duplicate of each of us, a clone of us, in a Cray Supercomputer and soon we won't know if we're waking up in the real world or the virtual world.

We're losing our humanity by living in the virtual world of cell phones, email texting,etc. Alex Jones talked about being in a restaurant recently in which he observed a family at the nearby table. No one was talking with each other. One parent was talking on a cell phone, the other was sending text messages, one kid was playing a hand held video game, while the other was staring blankly off into space like a zombie- but the family was fragmented, not communicating, and that is by design.

The Reece Commission's purpose was to find ways to blend the American system into the Soviet System in which mind control techniques had been very heavily studied especially with school children. (The Reece Commission of the US Congress searched for and found systematic communist effort to influence the major tax exempt Foundations whose purpose was to work toward merging the USA with the Soviet Union to bring about a global totalitarian state http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Tax-exempt_foundations 

Alan Watt said that one common denominator he's seen pertaining to people who seem to be able to remain the most free of this programming is that they tend to have allergies which he theorizes helps protect the brain by keeping certain toxins from being able to enter the brain.

Alex Jones sees people on the inside of the Defense establishment leaking information out because they don't like any of this even though these people are under increased surveillance.


Jones strongly advises home schooling to keep the state from being able to program your kids, not watching TV, not using cell phones, not playing video games, not allowing kids to be vaccinated, eating healthy organic food, using dietary supplements for cognitive enhancements and other steps to break free of this intentional social control and social engineering which is intended to turn us into zombies. They talked about how Italy has banned home schooling, and about how California was trying to ban it, but people weren't going along with it!!!

They talked about how soy milk has high level of estrogen mimicking plant sterols, so it ultra feminizes the girls and it feminizes the boys- they're intentionally trying to tamper with our hormonal balances to lower sperm counts.

Jones stated that any staple they push they're doing so to hurt us- he emphasizes that this is total war.

Charles Galton Darwin (grandson of Charles Darwin) wrote in his book The Next Million Years  which was published back in the 1950s that this should be done. Alan Watt stated that they put stuff called biphenols onto the inside surface of beer cans and vegetable cans to give us high doses of synthetic estrogen in order to lower sperm counts.

Watt emphasises that the elite have intentionally tried to break the bond between all of us, to break the bond between the generations, to break the bond between the sexes- he says that natural affection has almost been destroyed due to this war between the sexes, he says the elite's goal is to detroy families, to eliminate the social system from which we draw strength in order to isolate us all so we'd be more controllable from the top.

He says that the plan to do this began with the communists stemming from a meeting with someone named Berea in 1934 who said it would take "70 years" to before they could make major changes within the structure of society of this sort, and now he's saying it can be done every 5 years, then every year- so as we become increasingly dehumanized, its easier for the ruling elite to solidify their goals for societal control.

Watt stated that we can't let this go on, that the people responsible must be hunted down and stopped- that we have a choice: we either allow these ruling elite scum to kill us all off- or we must hunt and expose them.

He stated that the ruling elite realize they're at war with all of us and that they must take us out before enough of us wake up that we'd have a chance to stop them. He states that the ruling elite obviously mean business, and that all of us had BETTER start meaning business too, or its GAME OVER for all of us.

Clearly, we must all work together to sabotage these goals. Jones says that VIDEOS ARE THE KEY: what we must do is use videos to help people break out of the Matrix, and that once they see behind the curtain, then its much easier for us to reach them with the sort of information IAHF has been trying to disseminate.

We can look at
www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com Also www.alanwattsentinel.eu (the European Site) for videos, articles and other solid information we can use to awaken people. I have found articles on these sites that I've bookmarked so I'll be reading them soon.

Ditto for
www.inforwars.com The elite at the top are terrified of what will happen to them if all of this comes out, so their actions against us are lethal- their actions against us are utterly ruthless.

Their intention is to create a new race of slaves to serve them (us). They're hoping that FEAR will stop us all, but fear will NOT stop us all. The elite, with their well funded transhumanist agenda have told us where they're taking us, (they're driving our species as we know it to extinction), so we MUST rise up against them by alerting everyone we know to listen to programs like this.

We must not let their crisis creation beat us down. We must not let them beat us into submission, into a state of apathy- because THATS what they're counting on, they're counting on us giving up and allowing them to march us into our graves. This New World Order MUST BE OUTLAWED!!!

You can listen to the first hour from this show at
and the second hour at http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.us/audio/Alan_Watt_on_TheAlexJonesShow_Aug052008_Hour2.mp3

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