IAHF LIST: We need your help to push H.R. 7808 into LAW before November 3rd!
Rep. Paul Gosar (R- Arizona) a Freedom Caucus member, sponsored H.R. 7808 last July 28, 2020. It’s also known as STOP THE CENSORSHIP ACT of 2020 because this bill REVOKES Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.
Section 230 carved out limited liability protection from lawsuits for Social Media platforms (like Twitter, FaceBook, etc.) as long as they remain  neutral platforms and not publish or edit content.
As we speak, Patriots having been waging a digital battle on Twitter, Facebook, Google’s YouTube and other Social Media (SM) platforms to counter the Fake News Media disinformation to reelect President Trump. Twitter and Facebook especially have been deleting & banning Conservative, pro-Trump, pro-2A, anti-mandatory vaccine content and accounts when we introduce viewpoints that challenge the narrative of the Globalists’ New World Order and the Chinese Communists agenda to destroy our country by doing things to counteract President Trump’s reelection bid.
But it’s not enough to win the Presidency. We need to secure a Republican VETO PROOF Majority in the Senate and also in the US House of Representatives!
Only Congress has the authority to revoke Section 230.
If we do not flip the House under Republican control should President Trump win re-election, then our voices will continue to be silenced. Social Media platforms allow Citizen Journalists (Digital Warriors) to challenge the Fake News Media and shine truth to their false message!
A Painful Lesson
Back in May 2019, the White House launched a “Tech Bias Reporting” tool and received 16,000 complaints of online platform censorship against their political views. So far, the DOJ and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) have yet to receive those complaints!
A year later, President Trump signed Executive Order 13925 last May 28, 2020 to task the DOJ and FTC in clarifying and crafting regulations that would remove protection from liability for censorship! Instead of curbing Twitter’s or FaceBook’s actions, the opposite happened! By the thousands, Conservative voices were SILENCED, their accounts suspended or banned, pages and content removed!
We are now the SILENCED MAJORITY!  
We can’t afford to wait until November 3rd !
Please call your Representative & Senators TODAY  VIA THE TOLL FREE CAPITAL SWITCHBOARD NUMBERAND URGE THEM TO CO-SPONSOR HR 7808  STOP THE CENSORSHIP ACT of 2020! Please also call members of the Freedom caucus (listed below) that have not yet cosponsored HR 7808 (the ones that AREN’T HIGHTLIGHTED!)
US CAPITOL OPERATOR – 1- 877-SOB-USOB (1-877-762-8762)
We also need to get someone in the Senate to sponsor a Companion bill, and we must get movement on that.
1.      I really need your help to get cosponsors on HR 7808. In addition to your own member of Congress, and your Senators, please focus on those members of the Freedom Caucus who haven’t yet cosponsored HR 7808.
2.      You can reach any member of Congress toll free via the Capital Switchboard 1-877-SOB-USOB (1-877-762-8762).
3.      I am working very hard as a Digital Soldier via my Twitter Feed to support President Trump which I urge you to read, follow and Re-tweet at https://twitter.com/PharmaDestroyer Please let me know your Twitter handle if you are on Twitter! Mine is @PharmaDestroyer.
Please only call the names listed below that aren’t highlighted (the highlighted names are already cosponsoring HR 7808 (Stop the Censorship Act of 2020)
When you call the Capital Switchboard at 1-877-762-8762, ask the Switchboard Operator to connect you to the names below that aren’t highlighted from the list below. When you get a live person or voice mail, please give your name and phone number, explain that you’re calling from International Advocates for Health Freedom which has members in all 50 states, tell them you want the congressman to cosponsor HR 7808 (Stop the Censorship Act of 2020! After calling the members of the Freedom Caucus below, please also call your own Congressmen, and call your Senators to ask them to sponsor a companion bill to HR 7808- The Stop the Censorship Act of 2020!