I can't believe it's June!
The good news is that I appear to be cancer free and am rocketing towards being fitter than I've been in a long time. I have lost nearly 7kg  (that's right I have cleared a stone) and am planning to run a half marathon in November (more below).
Plus I have realised that I'd better get back to work as I have a couple of books and a sitcom to write.
But don't worry I am carrying on with my podcasts - even the stupid ones. Twitch of Fun is back tonight at 8pm. It's LIVE, it's FREE and it's improvised, so it might not be funny. Plus there's a brand new character tonight! Watch here.
On the same channel on Tuesday nights I have launched a controversial European Super League of self-playing snooker. The fans don't like it. But I like having millions of pounds, so screw the fans.
And we're fast approaching the 100th chapter of stone clearing.
But RHLSTP is back in the theatre and it's being going great. And there's a chance to watch the last one from home (see below)
Richard Herring
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Knobworth Half Marathon for Half full ball hammock
As a thank you to the people who removed my testicle and the people who pumped me full of drugs that made me feel sick (but might arguably have saved my life) I have decided to run the Knebworth Half Marathon in November. If you are glad that my life has been spared or if you have just enjoyed the free content over the last year or so and would like to pay a couple of quid for it, then please head to my justgiving page. The money will be split (like my kiwi fruit) between the Lister Hospital and the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre. It will also motivate me to train harder, so hopefully this effort won't kill me. But I will enjoy the irony if it does.
The last remote show (for now) with Nigel Planer from the Young Ones has just gone up and next week the Clapham Grand shows will start to be broadcast. We're also releasing classic episodes on Fridays.
There's two more shows at the Clapham Grand and the ones we've done have been terrific fun.
14th June  Isy Suttie and No Such Thing as a Fish - Tickets
5th July Robin Askwith and James Acaster & Ed Gamble.
The 5th July show is sold out (though if social distancing eases more tickets will become available so it's worth getting on the waiting list) BUT we are live streaming this one for just a tenner. If we can make this break even we will do it for all the upcoming Leicester Square Theatre shows too, so please support us if you can. Tickets here
Or watch on my youtube channel where you can also see all past Twitch of Funs and snooker and stone clearing shennanigans. Sadly Nigel Planer will be the  last filmed RHLSTP for a couple of months
Please spread the word about the podcasts
I have been commissioned to write a couple of books (more news soon) and am also going to start work on a new podcast about Uniballs soon.
I have written one scene of series 4 of Relativity. Hopefully if we say it slow enough that will fill the six episodes.
Not sure when we're doing Taskmaster Champion of Champions.
Not much else going on right now.

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