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These summer days we would like to remind you about the Save the Planet 2017 Ecoforum. The 8th edition will take place in the period 7 – 9 March 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event is dedicated to waste management with a focus on South-East Europe. The aim is to address policies, stimulate investments and highlight the progress in the Region. The format ‘exhibition – conference’ and the high international level has established Save the Planet as a platform for product presentations, knowledge exchange and startup partnerships.
If you are interested to become one of the exhibitors in 2017, take advantage of the Early Bird registration until 1 October 2016 - 10% discount on the exhibition area.
In our June newsletter we have included an interview with one of the speakers at Save the Planet Conference in 2016 - Mrs. Daniella Russo, CEO Think Beyond Plastic, USA
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Interview with Daniella Russo, CEO of Think Beyond Plastic - a speaker at the seventh SEE Conference on Waste Management & Recycling 2016
  Plastic pollution, innovation accelerator, investments, entrepreneurship, opportunities, solutions… What do these hot issues in our high-tech and globalizing world have in common? Answers are provided in the lecture of Daniella Russo, founder and CEO of Think Beyond Plastic. She crossed the Atlantic not just to deliver a lecture at the Save the Planet Conference, but also to share the innovative ideas and best practices of her company, to provide vision and set direction to academics and entrepreneurs alike, and to fire the public with enthusiasm and confidence that innovation and entrepreneurship need support and underlie the way to a better future for all.
Why focus on plastic pollution?
Plastic pollution is an untapped investment and innovation opportunity. In the last 50 years global plastic production has exploded resulting in visible accumulations of plastic trash. Plastic pollution is a crisis in global governance, a market failure, a technological challenge, and a social justice issue. Eliminating ocean plastic pollution, for example, is a strategic goal, due to the strategic importance of a healthy ocean for the wellbeing of our shared planet Earth.
Economic opportunity in plastic pollution – how does this happen?
Figures speak for themselves. In the last 20 years alone, the world has consumed more plastic than the entire 20th century. Read the rest of the interview here.
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