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IAHF List: Vitamin consumers world wide are threatened with loss of access to dietary supplements due to the existence of the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission's Committee on Nutrition and due to the World Trade Organization.

Please see the press release below from Congressman Ron Paul's office who reports that he just received more than 70 votes from members of the US Congress who would like to pull the USA out of the UN.

I am sure that some on the IAHF list feel that the UN is a good organization, and that it is rash of Congressman Paul to attempt what he is doing.

It has been pointed out to me that the UN is trying to protect the Amazon rain forrest from destruction, for example. This was called to my attention by someone working as a distributor for an herb company that sells herbs from the rain forest.

Her view was that the UN should be "reformed".

Mine is that it is far BEYOND reform, and that Paul is correct- the UN IS trying to strip us of our arms, but we NEED to be armed to protect ourselves from the genocidal killers in the FDA and other sectors of the Fedstapo. Having attended UN Codex meetings, and having been permanently banned by the German government from ever attending again due to videotaping the beginning of the '98 meeting til the Chair forced me to turn my camcorder off (see that footage in the media section at iahf.com), I can honestly tell you that the UN is very far beyond any "reform" it must be totally OPPOSED by vitamin consumers world wide!

I applaud Ron Paul's courage. He is the only member of Congress to spearhead legislative efforts to remove us from the UN and from the WTO. I realize that my anti UN views might alienate some of you from outside the USA who oppose our action in Iraq, but you should keep in mind that no one opposed US involvement in Iraq more than Congressman Paul who opposed the war completely.

On Capital Hill only Paul and De Fazio truly grasp the Codex vitamin issue and have consistently tried to help us. See their letter to Congressman Burton in advance of the whitewashed Codex vitamin oversight hearing in 2001 by going to http://www.iahf.com and click on the spinning globe to enter the site. See Paul's press release below, and no matter what country you live in, please consider sending Norm Singleton a thank you note to give to the Congressman- his email address is norman.singleton@mail.house.gov

Paul Leads Congress in Historic UN Vote

Washington, DC- Congressman Ron Paul, the leading proponent in Congress for withdrawing the United States from the United Nations, yesterday led an historic House vote in support of American sovereignty. Paul's amendment to a foreign relations bill, which would end all American funding for the UN, garnered the support of more than 70 of his House colleagues.

"We're making progress," Paul stated. "The number of Americans- and elected officials- who understand that participation in the United Nations is incompatible with our Constitution is growing. In seeking UN support for the war in Iraq, the administration provided us with a vivid lesson in just how political the UN really is. People are starting to understand that the UN not only egregiously wastes taxpayer money, but also is actively hostile to America."

"Both our foreign policy and domestic laws must be crafted by Congress, not by an international body," Paul continued. "Yet the UN increasingly wants to determine our environmental, trade, labor, gun, and tax laws. It wants to ignore our Bill of Rights and try American citizens in its phony international courts. It wants to usurp the congressional warmaking power, and send our soldiers around the world to fight as UN 'peacekeepers.' At some point, the American people will have to choose between American national sovereignty and an increasingly powerful UN global government."

"The UN is neither wise nor neutral," Paul concluded. "The member nations all have their own self-interested agendas, and those agendas don't somehow transform into peaceful benevolence when the UN general assembly meets. The bottom line is that the UN serves as a forum for anti-American sentiment, and we're stupid to continue funding and supporting that forum."

Norman Kirk Singleton
Legislative Director
Congressman Ron Paul
203 Cannon

"Those who have been intoxicated with power... can never willingly abandon it."

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