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Our Fedstapo stepped very far over the Constitutional line when they rammed the so called "Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act" down our throats, but its going to be nullified, overturned in court, as well as repealed through the growing grass roots army thats fed up with illegal government intrusion into their lives. In this alert I'll show you several new and easy things you can do to defend your health freedom!
As previously reported by IAHF, this so called "Healthcare legislation" does nothing but perpetuate a failed allopathic medical system (at the expense of alternative medicine and our access to dietary supplements) while micromanaging physicians through a massive layer of government bureaucracy that is guaranteed to kill huge numbers of people while stripping us of all privacy, giving the government access to our private health information.
Since WHEN does the government have ANY right to ORDER us to buy a so called "insurance policy" (or anything ELSE) for that matter while coersing us with threats of fines and imprisonment? They don't have this right, of course, and we are NOT without legal recourse.
All of you can join me on a class action lawsuit filed today in Federal District Court in Tennessee by attorney Van Irion who is running for Congress on a Constitutional platform in Tennessee. I spoke with him today, and he is delighted to know that we're all as concerned about this unacceptable violation of our rights as he is. It won't cost you a cent to join this lawsuit which you can sign onto HERE. You don't have to live in Tennessee to join this lawsuit, and the more who sign on, the better, so please forward this widely to urge everyone you know to join us against this unacceptable tyranny! Urge more people and groups to post this alert on their websites, and urge radio show hosts and newspapers to spread the word!
The government is attempting to claim that the commerce clause gives them limitless ability to do anything they want, (despite numerous Supreme Court decisions indicating otherwise.) They're also attempting to claim limitless ability to order the states to implement their illegal laws (despite numerous Supreme Court decisions that indicate they don't have this unrestrained, limitless power.
Some of you may remember the landmark first amendment lawsuit of Pearson v Schalala in which the FDA was stopped from blocking certain structure function claims pertaining to the life saving properties of dietary supplements. Durk was the driving force behind this health freedom lawsuit which was successfully argued by attorney Jonathan Emord.
Durk shares our strong concerns about the blatant unconstitutionality of the recent "health care" legislation, and is calling the following Supreme Court decisions to our attention:
These Supreme Court Decisions Support a Lawsuit to Overturn Obamacare

The Commerce Clause is not without limitation, even in the view of a US Supreme Court that gives far too much deference to Congress's usurpations. In addition to Lopez, here is another recent SCOTUS case on the limits of regulation under the Commerce Clause:

There is another constitutional issue; the law requires that the States set up health insurance exchanges. There are two recent cases where SCOTUS ruled that Congress can not command the States to do their bidding on matters that are State administrative functions:

The text of the Prinz and Mack v. U.S. decision can be found here:

Another landmark case regarding the Constitutional prohibition against the Federalies commanding State functions can be found here:



IAHF has gleaned hard evidence via the freedom of Information Act that behind our backs the FDA has already created one harmonized set of food and drug regulations by meeting with regulatory counterparts from Canada and Mexico as if a North American Union Dictatorship modelled after the EU, which is a dictatorship, were a fait accomlee.
IAHFs efforts to get congressional oversight of FDA's illegal actions in this regard have been blocked thus far by Pharma PAC donations controlling members of the House Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee which should be protecting us from these criminals, but our grassroots campaign to raise awareness of this threat continues here Please sign our petition
Please be aware that the next huge New World Order push to ram the planned North American Union Dictatorship down our throats will come soon in the form of "Pro Amnesty" legislation. If 18 million illegal aliens are granted Amnesty so they can get on all the (already bankrupt) government entitlement programs, it would totally destroy whats left of America, ushering us into the planned NAU Dictatorship, and UN Codex vitamin restrictions would then easily be rammed down our throats along with liberty destroying EU styled socialism.
It is essential that you do two things to keep this from happening:
1) Watch the documentary film THE REAL FACE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION  from which you will learn that the EU was originally conceived by the Nazi High command during the waning hours of WW2 as a long range plan for getting the control of Europe that had eluded them miitarily, enabling them to achieve their goal via economic and political means. Its important to realize that the same people and groups who were the architects of the EU, seek to force America into the NAU, and eventually into a global totalitarian state.
2) Go to the website of Numbers USA from which you can effortlessly send several prewritten faxes to your Senators and Congressmen in opposition to Amnesty for illegal aliens and in support of sovereignty defending initiatives that would defend your health freedom and access to dietary supplements.
Remember- the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 can only protect us if our country still exists, and serious efforts are underway by traitors in Congress to dismantle our country and to force us into the planned NAU Dictatorship and into a Global Totalitarian State.
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For those of you who CAN afford to assist us in our work, I  want you to know that without your help I'd be forced to close my doors, and every month I barely get by. If you appreciate the time and effort that went into creating this useful alert, please let me know via a donation which you can make via paypal, or by sending a check or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd. , Point Roberts WA 98281 USA   Thank you!!