Sulfur Helps Neutralize the Spike Protein From the Jab Which Causes Micro Clots Which Cause Heart Attacks, Strokes, Paralysis and all the Other Horrible Side Effects Being Documented in the VAERS Database at the CDC. (Don't allow yourself to be turned into a Non Reproducing Cyborg as is happening in the images on the left....
On the Right we see sulfur crystals that I grew in my blue coffee cup. They open up cell membranes allowing an Optimal Amount of Oxygen to Flood the Cells, Which pushes Toxins out. Sulfur binds with and removes all toxic heavy metals including mercury! It also helps us have the perfect ph so we don't get cancer, and it neutralizes acid that causes stress to help us be very calm and grounded in the face of this fear porn, by being calm we can fight back effectively, and we can wake up everyone around us to get them into the battle!
IAHF List: The Narrative is Crumbling: COVID-1984- A Report From Experts Around the World Calls for Global Resistance (Please forward this to more people, and discuss it with everyone around you! We must work together to oppose Global Tyranny- in this Article i provide real solutions, please use them to protect yourself, your family and those around you!)
None of us has to allow the Globalist Tyrants to mess with us, to force vax passports on us, to force mask mandates on us, to force the jab on us! In Moscow the Mayor attempted to force Vax passports on people, but that ended in three weeks because everyone stayed out of the stores! The storekeepers complained about no business, and the vax passport was stopped dead in its tracks!
In France Supermarkets have been hiring security guards to block entry to anyone without a VAX passport, no wonder they have gigantic crowds demonstrating in the streets! In some US Cities VAX Passports are being required for entrance to restaurants, pubs, and other businesses, this must be stopped! 
The Vax Passport is intended to become like the Chinese Social Credit System, if you don't obey, and mask up, and get the jabs, and do whatever ELSE is demanded by the government, you could be blocked from entering food stores like in France, or from getting on a bus, train, or plane. They cant complete control over every aspect of your life, and this is how they will get it unless we fight back now!!
They can block your access to the internet, or slow it down by 50%, the globalists teamed up with the Chinese Communist Party are trying to usher that system into the USA and the world. Naomi Wolfe has drafted model legislation opposing VAX PASSPORTS that we must flood into our State Legislatures en masse! Hear her urgent warning in this video, she warns that there is no coming back from this, all of us must unite across party lines to stop this or all of our Constitutional rights will be destroyed!
Laws against VAX PASSPORTS have been stopped in 6 states due to her efforts, but more energy is needed in this direction! Today, please download this model legislation here  then look up your State Senators, send it to them and ask them to sponsor it!
Last week I travelled from Point Roberts WA through the Canadian border, and down to Bellingham to attend a meeting of the underground, (people who refuse to take the jab and who are educating others to the many reasons NOT to take it!
Governor Inslee has "mandated" that all state employees plus hospital employees take the jab, huge numbers are REFUSING and have been holding demonstrations against this toxic gene altering bioweapon which is intended to kill and injure millions, and to hijack our natural biology to turn us all into non reproducing cyborgs that can be remotely controlled by the Deep State! A huge number of hospital employees here in WA and in other states are threatening to quit their jobs over this! This trend must increase! 
On my return trip to Point Roberts WA, I had to go through the Canadian Border at Peace Arch Crossing. There the guard demanded to know why I wasn't wearing a mask. I have a letter of exemption from a Dr. due to suffering from PTSD, I can't have anything covering my mouth or nose or it triggers extreme anxiety, hyperventilating, flashbacks from trauma, insomnia ,and could cause me to have a heart attack or stroke and die.
Even if I didn't have this letter, I would tell the brainwashed Guard that I refuse to wear face diapers, I refuse to weaken my immune system by rebreathing my own Bacteria and C02. I carry a copy of the Jim Meehan MD's article "An Evidence Based Scientific Analysis of Why Masks are Ineffective, Unnecessary, and Harmful" everywhere I go, please do the same and urge more people to read it!
The Guard demanded to know why I hadn't downloaded the ARRCANADA App. I told him I didn't have to because I wasn't going to be making any stops in Canada, only passing through to Point Roberts WA. He then attempted to interrogate me to get the data he hoped to have gotten from the APP about my vaccine status, but I remained MUTE, I REFUSED to respond to ANY of his questions!
So he made me pull into "secondary inspection" where the Guard attempted to make me go into the building. I refused, telling him I am disabled and I was experiencing very bad sciatic nerve pain from a pinched nerve. I walk with two canes due to herniated disks in my spine and very little cartilage under my left patella.
He told me I "HAD TO" respond to their guards. I told him I REFUSED to be INTERROGATED and REFUSED to download the ARRCANADA App since I refused to be tracked like a dog by the RCMP and since my vax status and whether or not I've had a PCR test is none of their business given that I'm not doing anything in Canada, I'm not getting out of my car, I'm only driving across their soil to get home to Point Roberts! 
 I told him I had NO INTEREST in ever stopping in Canada again since I strongly object to communism, especially to the way Canada has been abusing, fining, and imprisoning its pastors.  
He took my passport into the building, then came back a half hour later and let me go on my way as I knew he would. I told him it should sadden him that they were allowing Canada to be turned into a Communist country, and told him he was weakening his immune system by rebreathing his own bacteria and C02, and held up Dr. Meehan's article, telling him he should read it and send a copy to Prime Minister Trudeau and to the damn Queen as well as to Xi Jin Ping!~
1. Drink sulfur water twice a day, take a teaspoon per 100 lbs of body weight at breakfast and lunch unless you have an autoimmune disease in which case drink 3 Tablespoons per day. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day to flush out the toxins being released from your cells, liver and kidneys by the sulfur- you must flush them out or you could experience a Herxheimer's reaction (migraine headaches and flu like symptoms) from all the toxins flooding out of your cells and internal organs due to the sulfur. 
Keep in mind that most MSM (sulfur) on the market doesn't work as well as mine due to being contaminated with silicon dioxide, an anticaking ingredient and flow agent used  to flow powdered supplement mixes into capsules. Endurance athletes don't "bonk" (collapse due to oxygen debt) at the end of a race if they use my sulfur, but they will bonk if they use a product thats been contaminated with silicon dioxide.
2. Get a Nebulizer and Mask Kit, nebulize 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (fill the reservoir on the nebulizer) several times a day if you are around people who have been jabbed. Suck the mist from the nebuilzer deep into your lungs after putting on the mask. The mask has two holes, put your fingers over those, inhale then let then air flow through the holes to drive the H202 deep into your lungs! This helps neutralize the spike protein from the jab so you won't be infected. You can also nebulize sulfur mixed with distilled water which is much less expensive than nebulizing liquid Glutathione (a sulfur based amino acid.)
3. Get some NAC (N Acetyl Cysteine) a precursor for Glutathione which helps detoxify you and protect from the Spike Protein.3 grams twice per day plus glycine 3 grams twice per day.  An affitional 2 grams of vitamin C would add to this system.
The NAC binds to and alters the configuration of the spike protein and cuts it so that it can not bind to the ACE2 receptor.  The glycine works with the NAC to increase your levels of reduced glutathione, one of your most important antioxidants.
SHOW THEM THE VIDEO at the BEGINNING of this NEWSLETTER! IT will help them see that we're up against a highly planned Global Genocide & Societal Control Plan, but we're NOT POWERLESS to FIGHT BACK!
I recommend strongly that you take this time to methodically DETOX your organs of elimination, starting with the Bowel, in order to have the strongest possible immune system as we go into the coming fall and winter months! Mucoid plaque is a biofilm that builds up on the walls of our bowel (small intestine), holding within it residue from every toxin we've ever been exposed to, and these toxins are leached back into our bloodstream weakening our immune system unless we take steps to blast them loose and get rid of them!
See information in this previous newsletter about how to do that! When you get rid of your mucoid plaque, your energy level shoots up dramatically because you're finally able to fully absorb the nutrients from your food and supplements! If you want your sulfur to do the BEST JOB POSSIBLE for opening up cell membranes allowing oxygen to flood into the cells, FIRST get RID of your mucoid plaque! 
Friends, no one can predict with any certainty how things will unfold this fall and winter, but we could experience a worsening of the inflation we're already seeing now, and we could have a breakdown in society where trucks stop moving, where everything collapses, theres no way to tell! 
I can't predict if I'll still be able to sell sulfur and the other supplements I'm selling because at some point I might not be able to get resupplied, or the US Mail could even shut down amidst a societal collapse. I hope these things don't happen, but its better to be prepared than not be and wish you were!
You can get a volume discount on sulfur if you buy 10 lbs, I drop the price from $40./ lb to $32 and give free shipping.If you buy 20 lbs I drop the price to $22./ lb.
To get the Intestinal Formula #1, Intestinal Formula #2, and Super Food Plus that you will need to follow the protocol to jettison your mucoid plaque go here!   With flu season returning, it also wouldn't be a bad idea to get some Echinacea Plus which combines echinacea with garlic which really boosts your macrophage cells (white cells) and your killer T cells for hugely improved immunity! Many people also have sub optimally performing thyroid glands and benefit a lot from using Magnascent iodine which you can get at this link.
Klaus Schwabe of the World Economic Forum tells us he's going to make us all slaves through the "Great Reset" and they're trying to usher that in via the Vaccine Passport, so be sure to take the steps outlined above to oppose this! None of us has to TAKE any of this abuse, if we want to maintain any of our freedoms, we MUST fight back!
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