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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
November 12, 2010
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Local Builder Wins Home of the Year Award
Congratulations to Ryan Stidwill from RW Stidwill Constructions


Download the flyer here

Trudy Update
An update on Trudy Engler

Things were looking up for Trudy, who about a month ago moved into Georgian House North Sydney and was awaiting a permanent room. It is a friendly place with very attentive staff and Trudy had been going there as a day visitor so she was known to staff and it is also within walking distance for her son Dieter.

Unfortunately Trudy had a set back this week when she fell and broke her hip and is now recovering from an operation in The Royal North Shore Hospital. Annette Richie visited her yesterday and I saw her the other day and whilst she is very frail, she is recovering, her eyes were clear and bright and her colour was good and she is still smiling.
Marion van den Driesschen
9979 3993

Training Classes on Scotland Island

Goodog dog training classes starting this Sunday 14 November at 2 pm.

There are only very few places left so don't miss out so close to home.

Please check our web site www.goodog.com.au, send an e-mail to info@goodog.com.au or call Barbara on 0424 74 0234 to book your spot.

Trouble at the Cafe – a serious notice

Unfortunately, the cafe simply does not have enough people to open this weekend.  If there were just two more people who could do once a month, we could keep going.

Do you believe in community building?  Can you see visions of people in the park, sharing experiences, produce, solar power?  Do you like really great coffee?  Are you into writing haiku?

This could be for you.

Ring Maddy on 0421 742 049 and volunteer, or come along to the cafe when we do finally open again – currently planned for Sunday 21st November.

Plans are also afoot for real training.  We just have to work out the practicalities of time and costs, but we have the people, we have the machine, we have the coffee.  Can’t be long now.

Cafe Crew

PS  The Poetry department has come up with a whole new form – the Fibonacci Verse.

The first,
And second.
Then three, five, and on.
Line number six is very long
But not as long as line number seven – believe me!
And as for line number eight – really getting bor’d now – but surely close to coffee time.

A Very Sad Notice
LOST : One Dalek

The blow-up Dalek that was such a vital part of the Dog Side of the Moon over the last two weekends is missing.  Presumed – deflated.  The band members are inconsolable, the rehearsal room is empty.  It is not a souvenir, it needs to come home.

If you have any knowledge as to the whereabouts of this loveable rogue, please call 0404 867 768.  Complete confidentiality guaranteed.

Thank you,
The Flaming Doghouse

exterminate ....exterminate....exterminate ....exterminate....

Rental Accommodation Wanted
Wanted, house for rent

Professional couple & children looking for long term rental accommodation on beautiful Scotland Island.
Please contact Anne Willman 6656 2702.

Hire a Basque !
A group of young Basques are staying at Avalon YH .
They are in need of some work to keep going with life around here.If you need some strong and good boys to help you doing practical jobs please contact Ander on 0432799168.
Eskerrik asko (thanks in Basque)

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