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Much is happening right now that threatens to destroy the USA and force us under martial law.
We're being conditioned for this right now. See the HOT ITEMS listed below to increase your awareness of what is swirling around us right now.

The purpose of the unfolding chaos we're witnessing is amp up the level of government control in order to force us into the Free Trade Area of the Americas via which the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act would be harmonized to CODEX for genocidal purposes.


It is imperative that we help break thru the mainstream news spin by forwarding the following information to more people so they can see whats REALLY going on. Another huge hurricane is bearing down on the Gulf Coast, expected to be as big as Katrina. Lets hope it does not hit Houson and all the refineries there. See more about how to stop CODEX SPECIFCALLY below.


Hurricane Rita Bearing Down on Key West RIGHT NOW,
Expected to Nail Texas Coast----- Will it Hit Houston & More Refineries? Check it out:

Army Times Refers to US Citizens in New Orleans as "INSURGENTS"

(IAHF observation: FEMA Cut Emergency Phone Lines, FEMA Blocked Water from being delivered, FEMA blocked unloading of diesel fuel delivered by the Coast Guard. Under those circumstances, if you had a family to feed and needed water, wouldn't YOU break into a store to get what you needed if the whole city you were in were flooded and you were fighting for SHEER SURVIVAL?
How the hell would YOU feel under those circumstances if you were suddenly branded a "looter" or an "insurgent"??? What about the ban on firearms in Louisiana? With no police able to come to your aid, isn't it wrong that law abiding citizens aren't even allowed to arm themselves?

Alex Jones Interview With Paul Craig Roberts, former Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan
LISTEN TO THIS!!! http://www.prisonplanet.tv/audio/050905roberts.htm

N.O. Was INTENDED To Push Martial Law "to empower the image of a police state emerging to "save the day""with article posted at:

"Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury on New Orleans: "Americans Are Being Brainwashed""

Steve Watson/Alex Jones | September 6 2005
which also says:

"Mentality is "like that of the brown shirts that followed Hitler" /...shoot to kill policy was part of the overall operation in order get an awful precedence set to aid the military industrial complex takeover of America./...American people are being "brainwashed" and no longer believe what the founding fathers said over and over, that your worst enemy is always your own government and never confuse Patriotism with support for the government....

"It does look like there is a push coming from inside the bowels of the police authorities and it seems to be independent of whoever the President is or who or whatever party is in office. It just gets worse and it's hard to say that it's Bush doing it, he may not even know what's going on...".../...appears to be INTENTIONAL incompetence..."...Furthermore they did nothing ON PURPOSE in order to provoke the resulting chaos and anarchy so they could say "look how out of control everything is - we have to have limits on freedom and troops on the streets."

ORDO AB CHAO (Order out of Chaos) is the motto of these people.

Can we STOP Their CODEX Agenda?


How? By helping more people see through the mainstream news spin, and

By organizing meetings in your area to get more people to watch Kevin Miller's block buster DVD "We Become Silent" which helps people understand the Codex issue. We must organize to overcome the spin coming from the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations.

Increasingly health food stores are quitting NNFA as the truth gets out there!! You can help accelerate this trend by ordering the DVD and by organizing local people to show it to health food store owners and others.

You can watch Miller's documentary on the web at http://www.welltv.com and order it from IAHF along with the one hour audio tape of the talk I gave in PA in July for just $30: IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts, WA 98281

Miller is being sued by a controlled opposition group for making this DVD. We need to get him the funds to make an expanded version in order to stop the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) via which our dietary supplement laws would be harmonized to Codex:
(See "The Growing Threats to DSHEA" by Paul Taylor at