Library Minyan of Temple Beth Am
Summer 2018
 The Minyan Monthly
Message from the Rosh
Shalom Chaverim,

As you are aware by now, for the first several weeks in June, the Library Minyan Shabbat service will take place in Adelson Hall. And the Shir Hadash service will take place in the Dorff Nelson Chapel to accommodate the B'nai Mitzvah that are on the calendar for those weeks. During those times that Shir Hadash uses the Chapel, there will be a microphone in use on Shabbat. If you are interested in the use of a microphone in the Library Minyan, I would encourage you to spend a few minutes of your Shabbat morning in the Dorff Nelson to check out the system our Rabbis will be using. It may be a system that the Library Minyan might want to consider utilizing, since our current microphone is unreliable and hasn't been used in many weeks.

And while I'm on the topic of sound, there has been an interest in and desire to find a way to accommodate those who may find it difficult to hear the service and/or the darshan due to the lack of a microphone, as well as the weak sound system in the Dorff Nelson Chapel. As part of the Main Sanctuary renovation, there will be a new sound system installed that will incorporate an assisted listening system which will also be available in the Dorff Nelson Chapel. While we are still at the very beginning of construction, it is good to know that the improvements in the Main Sanctuary will also have a positive impact on the ability of all our Library Minyan congregants to participate in and enjoy the davening and the drashot. 
With the Summer months comes planning for High Holiday services. Thank you to Ritual Chair Bill Seligman and our coordinator for High Holiday Services, Mayer Brenner, for all the hard work they are already undertaking to ensure a meaningful davening experience in the Library Minyan. Wanda Peretz, whose artwork enhanced our prayer space last year for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, is planning another art project for this year. Stay tuned for more information about these art murals and how you can assist our amazingly talented artist. Thank you Wanda!
Enjoy your Summer and see you at shul.
— Melissa Berenbaum
Ritual Committee Report
Once the calendar passes Pesach, it's time to start thinking about the Yamim Noraim — the High Holy Days. (Well, it is if you're a pulpit rabbi — or the Library Minyan Ritual Committee chair.)
Mayer Brenner has agreed to come out of retirement for one more year, to co-chair the Library Minyan's HHD effort with me. We will be assembling a small committee to work with the coordinators of Torah reading, Haftarah and Drashot, in order to be able to arrange skillfully-led tefillot on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. If you would like to volunteer your efforts to help in any way, please contact Bill & Mayer.
By the time we get to Tishrei, we will have been through the first experiences dealing with the disruption of davening spaces at TBA caused by the Sanctuary renovation project. As everyone has heard after Shabbat morning services, the Steering Committee appreciates the cooperation and patience of the entire Library Minyan community in adjusting to new venues and greater space constraints.
As a reminder, the primary purpose of the Ritual Committee is to determine permitted ritual and spiritual expression. If anyone in the community has questions or suggestions about topics that should be on the Ritual Committee's agenda for 5779, please email them to me. (Also, please note that I will NOT be talking about suggestions for Ritual Committee business on Shabbat — not only is it not "Shabbos-dik", but I won't remember your suggestion after Shabbat well enough to give it the consideration it deserves.)
Finally, a big thank you to all members of the Library Minyan community who invest their time, effort and energy in making our tefillot happen: shlichei-tzibbor, leyners, darshanim/ot, greeters and gabbai'im. From my 8 years as a gabbai, I know very well how much effort and energy you all contribute, and the community appreciates it!
— Bill Seligman
Indooor/Outdoor Switch for DPL Picnic
Shavuot is usually a lovely time to be outdoors and enjoy a picnic in the park, but this year we had rather unusually misty, rainy weather. So, a decision was quickly made to have an indoor picnic in Pilch Hall, which luckily was available. While more unusual than an outdoor picnic, an indoor picnic has its benefits, especially when the grass outside is wet. Blankets and yoga mats were spread out on the rug — after the tables were moved to the side of the room. Cheesecakes and other delicious dairy desserts were shared,  and enjoyed by all who attended. The Temple even provided water and lemonade, an added bonus. But next year, weather permitting, we will be back in the park!
— Deborah Blum
American Children Helping Syrian Children
Hi, my name is Ariella Hirschhorn. I am 12 years old and will be having my Bat Mitzvah in the Library Minyan on June 30. For my Bat Mitzvah project, I wanted to help people that really needed it. But I also wanted to let kids be the ones helping because lots of charity events are for adults. And I want kids to know they can make a difference. So I created Jump-4-Syrian-Children, where kids jump rope to raise money. But we need a lot more kids to sign up to jump on Sunday, June 10.

In the beginning of the year, I looked on the Jewish World Watch website and read about the tragedy of what’s happening to Syrian children. I found out that there has been a civil war in Syria for six years. The government is one of the sides and they won’t allow medical supplies to enter the country. This is hurting innocent Syrian civilians, but especially kids my age. Save The Syrian Children has found a way to get around the government blocks in bringing desperately needed supplies to hospitals. But to do this, they need money to buy the supplies. Jewish World Watch is raising money for this. I was moved and knew that this should be my cause.

To educate kids about this situation, I visited all the 3rd through 8th grade classes at Pressman Academy and Jewish Learning Community, talking to the kids. I also arranged for a speaker from Jewish World Watch to talk to the Pressman Middle School. 

My event is called Jump-4-Syrian-Children. On June 10, kids will get together to jump as much rope as they can to raise money to help Syrian children. They raise money by collecting pledges from family and friends (like 10 cents for every jump, or a fixed amount). 
But I really need kids to sign up! The event is very soon and we need more kids. If you know any boys or girls of any age that want to help a good cause, please have them register And if you would like to make a donation, you can find an “Online Donation” page there also.

Thank you!
—Ariella Hirschhorn
Upcoming Events
June 2 Graduation Celebration Services in Adelson Hall
June 9 Torah Club Celebration & Kiddush in Adelson Hall
June 16 Library Minyan Prayer Space TBD
June 23 Esther Blum Bat Mitzvah in Dorff Nelson Chapel
June 30 Ariella Hirschhorn Bat Mitzvah in Dorff Nelson Chapel
July 7 Co-sponsored Kiddush
August 18
Lior & Ophir Berrin B'nai Mitzvah in Dorff Nelson Chapel; Sam Feldman Greene Auf Ruf in Adelson Hall
The Minyan Monthly Goes on Vacation
The Minyan Monthly will take a break in July and August.  We will resume publication with the September, pre-High Holy Days issue. Please save up your juicy news and feature items for that issue.
Wishing everyone a Sweet Summer!
— Susan Laemmle
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