A week ago we released the new single/EP “Carry Your Weight” with The Bear Quartet, one of the real treats on the EP was the Strange Maps Remix (listen HERE), and now we are glad to finish of the season with an entirely mixtape from the same northern workshop.

Strange Maps are taking us for a really psychedelic journey, almost every track has been edited and spiced with exotic, forest herbs. There are many master moments here but we must mention in particular the second edit where he take 3 separate tracks and mix it all together to a completely new and fascinating sonic wave.

Even though Strange Maps is from north, this is Malmö right now!

We wish you all a transcendence, mind swelling Marry Christmas.

Adrian Recordings Advent Sunday Mixtapes 2009
4th Advent

By Strange Maps

Bit-Rate – 320 kbps
Duration – 30:48
File Size – 70,4 MB
Artwork - Kalle Magnusson/studio1982.com

Track list:
1. The Bear Quartet - Millions (Secret Sitar Version)
2. Strange Maps - Riot On (Andreas Tilliander - Caught in a Riot (feat. New Moscow), Boeoes Kaelstigen – Thorp, Boeoes Kaelstigen - Marsa (Roqwell & I Sancho Let's Have it Mix) (Let's Have analogue re-master/edit)
3. The Fine Arts Showcase - Friday on My Knees (Strange Maps Edit)
4. The Bear Quartet – On The Map/Hamlet
5. The Bear Quartet - Carry Your Weight (VED-remix)
6. Jonathan Johansson – Aldrig ensam (Boeoes Kaelstigen remix)
7. The Bear Quartet - Carry Your Weight
8. The Bear Quartet - Carry Your Weight (Strange Maps Remix)


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Link to zip with music and info: adrianfiles.com/STRANGE_MAPS-Adrian_Recordings_Advent_Sunday_Mixtapes.zip

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