At 05:39 AM 12/18/2007, Harold Cohen wrote:
Hi John,

The website does not show up when clicked upon.  Instead an error message shows up stating that it either has not been uploaded or does not exist, chekc the spelling.

Just letting youknow about it.

Harold and Everyone: There is nothing wrong with the spelling, but here IS what went wrong, along with what to do before you forward that mssg to anyone:

When I first uploaded the message I forgot to put the "www" in. Then, when I went to correct it I just added in the www, but my correction got overwritten by the existing code because I should have deleted the whole url before putting the correction in, so even though you can SEE the www, its as though I never added it in.

Please Go to   The site will appear here, but not in the link you emailed me due to my not deleting the previous hypertext link before attempting to add in the www.

Before forwarding my previous mssg, PLEASE DO THIS:



This kind of thing is going to drive me stark raving nuts, because I'm sure yours was only the first of thousands of complaints I am going to get about this, and then I'm going to have to send out yet ANOTHER email in an effort to correct this which is going to result in even MORE people unsubbing.

Damn I wish I had an assistant. I am trying to do way too much work here with no help and am working far too many hours. I should take a vacation, but I can't. I'm on the front lines in a war and my own life is at stake due to my genetic need for the dietary supplements I use.

My apologies for the onslaught of mssgs. I am going to take a few days off. Don't expect anything new from me for a few days. Please bear with me and don't unsub, we're fighting for ALL of our most deeply cherished freedoms here. This is a REAL revolution, this is NOT a drill.