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Seems that FDA employee Christine Lewis Taylor and her (non transparent) selection panel have rejected the application of Dr.Steve Hickey who sought to be part of WHO's Nutrient Risk Assessment Workshop which meets in May to seal the fate of vitamin consumers world wide by filling in the blanks for allowable potency levels to ban our access to anything within the therapeutic range.

Stephen Hickey, PhD wrote this tremendous truth telling book Ascorbate: The Science of Vitamin C, Steve Hickey, Hilary Roberts, e-book and softcover, 264 pages, referenced, 2004, available at www.lulu.com/ascorbate Best way to fight the Pharma Whores is to read his book, and to urge all your friends and neighbors to read it and to start using supplements if they're not already.

The more people we can educate, the more people will reject Big Pharma en masse and start flushing all the Rx drugs in their house down the toilet where they belong just as I did over 20 years ago when I escaped the psychiatric gulag by smuggling in vitamins and by mouthing my toxic meds and spitting them down the toilet http://www.iahf.com/on_the_back_wards.html

HERE IS DR.HICKEY'S LETTER TO THE SO CALLED "WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION" regarding their REJECTION of his being on their panel..... if you need to see the alert on this that I sent out yesterday for more background, you can see it in the IAHF archives at https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive.php?jham

Dear Sir or Madam,

I did not expect this application to be successful - the reason being that the whole Codex Alimentarius is corrupt.

Placing me in position as a "risk assessment" experts would have given credibility but would have ensured that the process would have been unbiased. You cannot afford an unbiased process (that also considers benefits) as it would prevent your actions keeping people sick - so the pharmaceutical companies can continue to make profits.

Dr Steve Hickey



Forward it to more people......

Watch the DVD "Push Back from Codex Cliff" http://www.glycommunity.com/iahf

Get copies to urge sleeping health food store owners and vitamin company ceos to watch.

The supplement industry is being led to the cliff from within by pharma elements controlling the vitamin trade associations, and we can't let this happen! Don't expect ME to fight YOUR battle for YOU, I'm just one guy with no staff. I am doing what I can to organize another emergency meeting, but I can't do much without your help. This is a true grass roots battle!!! Please forward this alert, and please DONATE to IAHF to help us alert enough people in TIME to stop this slow motion CODEX TRAIN WRECK.