The Lion's Roar
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Chenango Bridge, NY
November 2016
From the Church Guy
    "Spring ahead, fall back." You know that's about the change back and forth from Daylight Saving Time.  And this Saturday, November 5, remember to set your clock an hour back before bedtime (ah, an extra hour of sleep!).
     Did you know that the establishment of Daylight Saving Time (or's either) was not for power conservation?  Or to help farmers? Or to keep kids safer to and from school?  It was for none of those things (in fact, farmers don't like it, since cows don't change their habits).
     In fact, the impetus for changing our clocks to save daylight came from lobbyists for merchants and leisure industries (such as golf course owners).  If we have light earlier in the day, it will not affect how we spend our time in the evening.  But if we get our extra hour of daylight after school or work, we are more likely to go shopping or do some outdoor recreation.
     I read a book on this (those of you who know me are saying, "Of course!").  So do your clock-changing, but don't take it too seriously.
     I read another book that has better advice on time.  It's the Book of Psalms.  Psalm 90:12 gives the best advice with regard to time and our use of it: "So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom."
     I wish you a good time!
                                                                                       Mark +
Remembering them...
     This coming Sunday, November 6, is the day we remember our beloved dead.  Father Mark will lead prayers for them and recite their names at the altar.  Whether they left us recently or long ago, they remain in our hearts and prayers, as we remain in their love and prayers.  There is a lovely prayer on page 504 of the Prayer Book with these words: "We pray that, encouraged by their examples, aided by their prayers, and strengthened by their fellowship, we also may be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light."  Amen and Amen! 
We Count On Your Pledges!
    This coming Sunday, November 6, is also Pledge Sunday.  We will ask God's blessing on our pledges, our financial promises to support God's work through St. Mark's in 2017.  If you haven't yet made a pledge, we will have more blank pledge cards.  We count on your pledges...literally.  The Vestry creates our church budget using your pledges, and we depend on each other to fulfill those promises. 
You'll be represented at Diocesan Convention
     Each year in November, there is a combination celebration and business meeting for the life of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York.  It truly is both...there are necessary chores to be completed to maintain the structure of our church, but there is also much celebrating, socializing, and, of course, a worship service.  All parishes send clergy and lay delegates so that it is truly representative.
     Along with our three clergy, Father Mark, Judy Kessler, and Deacon Dorothy, the Vestry has appointed Andy Pierce and Brian Kessler as our lay delegates.  The Convention will be held at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool (just a stone's throw from the new-ish diocesan offices) on Friday and Saturday, November 11-12.  (Our new bishop-elect, DeDe Duncan-Probe, will be with us, but since she will not be ordained bishop until December, she is not allowed to preside at this meeting...just a little church-custom trivia for you there!)
 Come to the Table
     Our monthly St. Mark's Table will be Tuesday, November 15.  It's always a good time: a potluck meal at 6, singing led by Father Mark, and a simple, 10-minute Eucharist at the end, concluding at 7:30.  If you haven't been lately, try us out! 
 Now Thank We All Our God...
    Before our family dinner celebrations on Thanksgiving, some of us gather at 9:00 on Thanksgiving morning for a half-hour Eucharist.  "Eucharist" means "thanksgiving," and what better day to celebrate it?  Come at 9:00 on Thursday, November 24 to give thanks to God for our blessings along with brothers and sisters from St. Mark's.
     (Note from Father Mark:  I am looking for a reader/chalicebearer to assist me.  Let me know if you are willing.)
 What's Up With the Book Club
     For November, we will discuss A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman, a Swedish author whose story about a curmudgeonly old man is actually about love in all its forms.  Known as the bitter neighbor from hell, Ove is a cranky widower who lives in a solitary world until a boisterous young family moves in next door.  When they accidentally flatten Ove's mailbox, the result is a comical and heartwarming tale of unexpected friendship.  We will meet at Denny's on Monday, November 8 at 1:00 PM.  All are welcome to attend.     
Church School News
     Thanks to all the helpers at the Fall/Oven/Halloween party!  It was a fun day.
     Our children are being asked to help make bag lunches for the Feeding Canteen on Sunday, November 27.  They will need to be at the church at 9 a.m. (or as close as you can get).  There will be a sign-up sheet for items to bring.  The children that have participated in this in the past have enjoyed doing it and it's for a great cause.   
    It's that time of year again...Christmas pageant rehearsals!  We'll be assigning parts for this year's pageant in the next week or so.  And rehearsals we'll be during class time the first few weeks and then on Saturday mornings in December. 
                                                                           Mary Taylor,
                                                                       Christian Education Director 
November Birthdays
Brian Blaise 11/1/05
Colleen Samsel 11/15/01
Erin Kasmarcik 11/3   
 Simon Kasmarcik 11/16/07
Carmen Valenzuela 11/3/04  Andy Pierce 11/16
Mandy Black 11/4  
Greg Fisher 11/17
Conrad Range 11/5
 Lillian Ruf 11/17
Joan Tymeson 11/5
Brenda Castellucci 11/17
Lorraine Allen 11/6 Nicholas Rowe 11/17/99
Rebecca Cooney 11/11
Kaiyu Tio 11/20/01
Robert Peterson 11/12
Aaron Phelps 11/24
Erica Perkins 11/12 
Kayla McLaughlin 11/25/03
Linda Sharp 11/14 Jonah Beston 11/27/07
Oliver Blaise 11/14 Jenna Castellucci 11/30/01
Michael Van Kleeck 11/30
*  *  *  *
Anniversaries in November
    Conrad & Ann Range 11/11/83
Stephen & Marcia Valenti 11/29/09
*   *   *
For Your Calendar in October
November 2
7pm            Bad Girls @ Peterson home
November 3    
7am             Men's Group @ Red Oak
7:30am        Women's Group @ Denny's
9am             Morning Prayer
6pm             Weight Watchers 
November 4
1pm             Singles Ministry
November 5 - Set clocks one hour back!
November 6 - Remembering in Dead - Pledge Sunday
                       CHOW Sunday
8am             Holy Eucharist - Rite I
9am             Bible Study
10am           Holy Eucharist
10am           Church school
11:30am      Choir
November 7
1pm             Book Club @ Denny's
7pm             Al-Anon
November 8
9am            Guy's Breakfast @ Red Oak
November 9
10am          Prayer Shawl Ministry
7pm            Bad Girls @ Peterson home
November 10
7am            Men's Group @ Red Oak
7:30am       Women's Group @ Denny's
9am            Morning Prayer
6pm            Weight Watchers
November 11 & 12 - Diocesan Convention
November 13 
8 & 10am      Holy Eucharist
9am              Bible Study
10am            Church school
11:30am       Choir Rehearsal
November 14
7pm              Al-Anon
November 15
6pm              St. Mark's Table
November 16
1pm             Women's Luncheon @ Cortese
7pm             Bad Girls @ Peterson home
November 17
7am             Men's Group @ Red Oak
7:30am        Women's Group @ Denny's
9am             Morning Prayer
6pm             Weight Watchers
November 18
1pm             Singles Ministry
November 20
8am              Holy Eucharist
9am              Bible Study
10am            Holy Eucharist & Baptism of Lilliana Crandall
10am            Church school
11:30am       Choir Rehearsal
11:30am       Vestry Meeting
November 21
7pm             Al-Anon
November 22
9am             Guy's Breakfast @ Red Oak
November 23
7:30am        Clericus
November 24 - Thanksgiving Day
9am             Holy Eucharist 
November 27 - 1st Sunday of Advent - Canteen
8 & 10am    Holy Eucharist
9am            Bible Study
9am            Children - bag lunches for Canteen
10am          Church school
11am          Canteen
11:30am     Choir Rehearsal
11:30am     Teacher's meeting
1pm            Baby Shower - Shiloh Whitman
November 28
7pm            Al-Anon
November 29
3pm            Hilltop Holy Eucharist by Father Mark
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 458, Chenango Bridge, NY,