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Hatchet Herald
December 21, 2012
Psychopathic in 2013

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      When the New Year rolls around you always have to glance back at your accomplishments and give yourself a pat on the neck (that’s right, the back of your neck) for survivin’ another 365 days. Psychopathic Records isn’t omitted from this.

      We’d like to take a moment and look back on all the splendor that was 2012 and all the massive accomplishments that happened between January 1st and now. The thing is, as good as it is to look over what you’ve done, you can’t get hung up on it! If you’re too busy lookin’ back over your shoulder at what’s already happened you’re going to run straight into a mother fuckin’ wall!

      Instead, Psychopathic Records likes to look at the things we have planned for the upcoming year. We like to keep on keepin’ on. Just like years in the past, we’re dead set on makin’ 2013 the year of the Juggalo Ninjas! It already has a good ring to it, 2013. Sounds lucky!

      So, while we could sit here and recap the mind blowing events that took place in 2012 for Psychopathic Records (dropping The Mighty Death Pop or suing the FBI, anyone?), we would instead like to put the shine on just a FEW of the plans already in the works for 2013 comin’ from The Hatchet.

      First up, new music from the Insane Clown Posse! Although The Mighty Death Pop dropped in 2012 with THREE explosive versions each containing a full length extra bonus album (THAT’S FOUR FULL ALBUMS), you’ll be able to hear brand new music from Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope in early 2013!

      It’s comin’ to you in the form of a specially themed EP that will contain all new material from the Wicked Clowns. The Mighty Death Pop was an absolutely inspired project which had the guidance of the Dark Carnival working double time along with ICP and the afterglow of the album is so strong that the Duke of the Wicked and the Southwest Strangla want to create MORE! So this new and exciting EP will be created under the umbrella of The Mighty Death Pop Era. This EP ain’t just made up of scraps and left overs from MDP either, but instead it’s all new and exciting material, hot and fresh outta the oven of lovin’ that is the Fun House Studio!

      We are currently not at liberty to release any of the oh-so flavorful details of this upcoming ICP EP just yet, but we suggest you start fastening your wig straps now to prepare for its release in early 2013, just in time for the MDP world tour kick off.

      Did somebody say something about a tour? Also in early 2013 from the Insane Clown Posse will be their monstrous World Wide Mighty Death Pop Tour! Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope are heeding the call of the Juggalos and Juggalettes in a big way when they take their traveling carnival on the road throughout majority of the year to hit the large markets, middle markets, and even the tiny markets that always feel left out. 2013 is the year to see ICP LIVE! From Stadiums to Karaoke Bars, ICP will play every stage they can find. Look for this massive tour to launch in March!

      Also touring in the first quarter of 2013 will be JCW, Juggalo Championship Wrestling! It’s all the blood, guts, and gore that you adore from the badass mother fuckers of JCW coming straight to your town to turn it into a hell hole of destruction! From big name brutal heels to those hellacious heroes we all love cheering for, THEY’RE COMIN’ YOUR WAY! This incredibly fresh tour will feature THE LEGENDS OF JCW. We’re talkin about names like The Rude Boy, 2 Tuff Tony, Mad Man Pondo, Necro Butcher, Richie Boy, and even, back from the grave making his return to the ring… The greatest JCW champ of all time… EVIL DEAD! You will be hearing more about this tour very, very soon. Maybe even tomorrow!

      There is more music comin’ your way in 2013! First there’s a new LP in the works by none other than the official vinyl villain of Psychopathic Records and Hatchet House, DJ CLAY! He’s comin’ at you with a brand new mix tape album that contains all the freshness of his mixtapes you have come to know and love. Crazy collaborations, remixes, original pieces, it’s got it all!

      Also droppin’ in 2013 is a brand new LP from THE HATCHET WARRIOR! That’s right; Psychopathic’s very own ABK will be putting out a new album of freshness! His last album, Medicine Bag, was fuckin’ brilliant so we’re sure the Juggalos and Juggalettes are as excited to see what Anybody Killa has got tucked up his sleeve!

      Another highly anticipated album for 2013 is the Zug Izland Greatest Hits! They were the original monsters of rock on Psychopathic Records and they’re making their return by releasing their greatest tracks all remastered, ready to be rediscovered! Plus not 1, not 2, but 3 brand new cuts (2013) produced by Violent J and Mike P (The original team that brought you Cracked Tiles!). The sonic dream team has re-united and created more magic. True Zug Izland fans have been waiting for this announcement for decades. Most never believed it would happen, but yes! YES! It has happened and now you’re gonna be happy as hell to enjoy it.

      The Psychopathic Records video department is hard at work with a handful of music videos to be released in 2013! This includes a nonstop flow of brand new videos from the Insane Clown Posse off of The Mighty Death Pop. This includes a brand new ICP video directed by the now infamous Deka Brothers. They are the same ninjas who brought you the “Chris Benoit” video. Look for this new freshness early in the New Year! ICP plans to drop new videos, one right after another, all year long. Also look for new and exciting videos from Zug Izland!, ABK, DJ Clay, Cold 187um, and more stuff that’s so new, you don’t even get to hear about it yet.

      For anyone paying attention, and especially to those who aren’t, Psychopathic Radio has been on an indefinite hiatus while the entire studio and format have been getting an overhaul. Psychopathic Soldiers have been hard at work creating a brand new studio for the radio station while master minds have been puttin’ their brain matter together coming up with a whole new way to present the magnificence of Psychopathic Radio to YOU, the loyal listeners! Keep your eyes and ear holes open for that comin’ your way in early 2013.

      We always talk about the Hatchet History of Psychopathic Records. While this is just a term all encompassing everything that has happened at Psychopathic throughout the years, there is something being worked on that will make that term a little more literal. There is a Psychopathic Records coffee table book that will be coming out in late 2013 which will give you the FULL history of Psychopathic Records from front to back! Keep your eyes peeled for more on that in the future!

      Finally, last but certainly not least, the MASSIVE news! This has actually been something that Psychopathic Records as a whole has been geeked about for the last six months of 2012, but it’s in 2013 when we can finally share it with each and everyone one of y’all! We can’t give a lot of details, everything has been sworn to secrecy for right now, but we can give you the bare bone basics of what’s going on.

      Psychopathic Records will be releasing albums from, not one, but TWO BRAND NEW ARTISTS in 2013! These artists have both been hard at work for the last half of 2012 and we’re goin’ to be proud as hell when we finally get to unleash them onto the ‘Los and ‘Lettes of the world. But for now that’s the only info we can tell you! TWO NEW NINJAS HAVE ALBUMS ON THE WAY FROM PSYCHOPATHIC RECORDS!

      As you know, this is just the tip of a mighty iceberg that will be Psychopathic Records in 2013! There are plenty more plans in the work, but this is just a little bit of what we’ve got goin’ on! The best way to stay in the loop is to keep checking back RIGHT HERE on the Hatchet Herald! Your top source for everything Psychopathic Records!

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Hatchet Herald Page 2 December 21, 2012


      This is your last weekend to take part in the Holidaze deals hatchetgear.com has goin’ on! If you miss out on this shit you’re going to have to wait another full year to get in on this! Don’t delay! Hit up hatchetgear.com to take advantage of the ho-ho-holiday cheer they’re spreadin’ to the ‘Los and ‘Lettes!

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      Next up, there’s still time to pick up the Holiday Heat album! Do you remember this? It had every big holiday song done by the Hatchet Family. You want a tracklisting? GOT IT! This album has got Santa's a Fat Bitch by Insane Clown Posse! Decorate Your Christmas Tree by Twiztid & Blaze! I Hate Santa Claus by Insane Clown Posse & ABK! X-Mas List by AMB! Red Christmas by Insane Clown Posse! Rydas Holiday by Psychopathic Rydas! Psycho Killer by Twiztid! Santa Killas by Insane Clown Posse, Mike E. Clark, & Fink! My Favorite Things by Jamie Madrox & Blaze! Kill Santa Man by ABK! Waiting on Christmas Gifts by Twiztid, Blaze,

Violent J, & Syn! Skanta Claws by Insane Clown Posse, ABK, Twiztid, & Syn! Sad Christmas Song by Twiztid & Blaze! Hatchet House by Insane Clown Posse, Boondox, Twiztid, & Blaze! And Silent Night by Mike E. Clark!

      When you purchase the Holiday Heat album all profits from the CD will go towards two local Michigan charities that school the fuck out of helpin’ those in need! Not just around the holidays, but all year long. They’re bigfamilyofmichigan.org and cotsdetroit.org! Check out their sites, see what they have goin’ on, and if you’re so inclined you can outright donate towards them to help their cause!

      Also, hatchetgear.com is givin’ out free gifts to EVERYONE who places an order on hatchetgear.com between now and Christmas Day! The amount of free shit you get depends on how much you spend, but even the smallest of orders will be getting that extra holiday hook-up!

      Orders from $.01 – $49.99 will get an exclusive psychopathic holiday sticker! It’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s a holiday sticker and it’s fresh as fuck!

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      Finally, for every additional $100 you spend you’ll get an extra exclusive holiday shirt AND another mystery collectible! There’s no limit on how many you can get! Whatever

you spend you’re going to be rewarded with free shit!

      Christmas day also marks the last day to get the Insane Clown Posse & Twiztid’s American Psycho Tour Documentary DVD at its discounted price! This DVD has been blowin’ up and everyone who has seen it has nothing but good things to say! It’s a no holds barred behind the scenes look at a Nationwide Psychopathic tour unlike anything you’ve ever peeped before!

      And if you really want to go all out you can pick up the American Psycho Tour Documentary combo pack! That includes the DVD! A Tour shirt! And a collectible laminate for only $40!

      Finally, throughout the rest of December you can give the gift of THE MIGHTY DEATH POP either to your homies or to yourself! When you purchase two version of the Insane Clown Posse’s Mighty Death Pop on hatchetgear.com you can get the third version FREE! This is the best way to scoop up all three versions of the Mighty Death Pop if you haven’t already! Black, White, and Red! Each one comes with a full length bonus album! It’s like getting six albums for the price of two!

      Hatchetgear.com, as always, has got the hook-up for Juggalos and Juggalettes! We suggest you head on over there so you can take full advantage of all the deals they have going on.

      Hatchetgear.com! Your top spot for all Psychopathic merchandise!

Hatchet Herald Page 3 December 21, 2012


      Huge news, everybody! Insane Clown Posse & Twiztid’s American Psycho Tour Documentary DVD has reached #11 on the Billboard music video chart!

      There was a lot of effort put into this DVD by the Psychopathic Records Video Department to make it soar above and beyond previous tour DVDs that have been put out recently and we feel they’ve hit the mark! Everyone who has peeped it out has had nothin’ but good things to say about it!

      Not only is the content totally on point with the performances, behind the scenes flavor, interviews, and Juggalo footage, but the quality is also fan-fuckin’-tastic! This bad boy is crisp with bumpin’ sound so you don’t miss a thing!

      This is the American Psycho Tour from front to back, side to side, in and out, every which way! It was all caught on camera and smoothed down into a sweet hour and a half DVD! ALL FLAVOR, NO FILLER!

      You’ll see the chaos behind the curtain before artists hit the stage! Watch ICP run press like The Dons they are in New York! See Twiztid’s pre-show adventures as well as their absolutely infamous run in with the Florida police all caught on video!

      You’ll not only see the Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid hit the stage! The American Psycho Tour

Documentary has performances by Blaze Ya Dead Homie! Dark Lotus! Psychopathic Rydas! Mike E. Clark! Cold 187um! And WOLFPAC!

      You can grab the DVD now on hatchetgear.com at its discounted price until Christmas day! You can also pick up the American Psycho Tour combo pack featuring the DVD, tour shirt, and tour laminate! All for one low price!

      This is your chance to be part of the behind the scenes madness of a Psychopathic show! Once you see this DVD you’ll never look at a concert the same way again! Grab it on hatchetgear.com and in your local stores!

Hatchet Herald Page 4 December 21, 2012




      I got beat by police because I was wearing my hatchet chains and my hatchet man shirt. The cops pulled me over and saw what I was wearing! They then told me to step out of my truck slowly as these motha fuckers pointed their guns at me! I had my fucking kid in the fucking truck! They then threw me to the front of the hood and told me to stop resisting arrest! I wasn't even moving and then they started to beat me with their batons!

      I woke up in the hospital with 5 broken ribs a fractured skull and then waited in the hospital for a couple of months! And then got sentenced a couple of months in prison! I live in Canada! I can’t even go to USA to see ICP perform now! I can’t go to The Gatherings anymore because of this bullshit.

      Then when I get out of prison, not even two days later, cops come and invade my home saying I had fucking

drugs in my house! I then had no rights to see my son! I don’t have the rights to cross the border! I don’t have the rights to work at my job anymore! I was making $34/hr doing welding! I got fired because they think I am in a fucking gang! Fuck that shit! Juggalo ain’t no gang! It’s a fucking family!!!

Christian T.
South Lake Tahoe, CA

      Over the past seven to nine years I’ve been harassed by the Eldorado County Police for being a Juggalo. They have labeled me a gang leader because they think that I’m recruiting Juggalos as a street gang, which I wasn’t. I was always the oldest in my crew and every time we were stopped they would pull some of my homies aside and ask them how I’m recruiting people to be Juggalos. I have never had the intention to start a street gang and never will.

      This first happened in 2005 sitting behind a grocery store when I was chillin in the forest with about eight of my friends. I have been locked up for wearing a Hatchetman and any other Juggalo gear. I’ve been denied JOBS because of my tattoos and some of the clothes I wear. I always get stopped by the police and it just so happens every time they do stop me I’m wearing some kind of Hatchetgear. Hmm, that’s kinda fishy, but ok.

      They have made me register as a Juggalo gang member in the county of Eldorado. I want that erased from my record if possible. I am twenty years old and live in South Lake Tahoe, California. I love my blood family just as much as my Juggalo family and I want us all to live a happy life.

      I have had guns pulled on me multiple times by the police just for walking down the street with a Twiztid shirt on. They have told me that they would take my hatchet gear and hold it for evidence to prove I’m a gang member. I was wearing a Blaze Ya Dead Homie jersey. I didn’t let them have it and so they put me in jail for about two weeks before letting me go. They put me in there for withholding evidence from them for a crime. WHAT CRIME?? I didn’t commit a crime; I was walking down the street. And again they think I’m a gang leader in SOUTH LAKE TAHOE. There is no fucking gang in Tahoe whatsoever in the first place, just wannabes.

      There’s a lot of other Juggalos getting harassed for the same reasons. They have also taken my brothers WHOLE ICP MEMORABILIA. His posters, shirts, pictures of concerts, and everything. They have interrogated him about all the people in those pics from The Gathering and a lot of other Juggalo concert pics. They booked it all into evidence and won’t let him have it back. I just want everything to go back to normal and not have to worry about walking down the street with a Hatchetman and get pulled over. I’m also sick and tired of getting discriminated against for finding a job. I NEED A JOB SO BADLY but no one will hire me just for the way I look. I’m here to fight with my Juggalo Family and get this shit straightened out. WHOOP WHOOP FAMILY!!!

Hatchet Herald CLASSIFIEDS December 21, 2012

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