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  September 2015
ICTeachers LogoProbably the least monthliest e-newsletter in the world!
This month:
Keep your school website updated - by someone else!
Free School E-safety self evaluation tool
Family News (for those who want it)
Hello all,
Greetings, for it is I, Tim McShane, with the intention of reviving the newsletter! Let me know what sort of things you would be interested in seeing in it.
Subject stuff, research, cats playing pianos?

If you have an article or passion you would like to share, get in contact!
Keep your school website  updated - by someone else!
Do you have a website that is constantly getting out of date? No one has the time to update it? ICWebs has been updating school sites for 15 years now.
Bob and Brian, both SIPs and experienced heads, offer this service to schools.
They keep your sites updated and make sure they comply to the lastest Ofsted guidelines.
Go to the website and fill in the form for a no obligation discussion by email or phone.
Source: ICWebs
E-safety school self-evaluation tool

The 360 degree safe online tool provides a user friendly and interactive means for schools to review their eSafety provision and to develop an action plan to bring about improvements.
The tool is currently free of charge to schools on completion of a simple registration process.
The thing that makes it stand out for me is that it not only lets you record where you are, but suggests where you need to go next to improve!
Well worth a look for any who are concerned with whole school approaches to e-safety.
Family News
Wow, its been 18 months since the last update. So much has changed!
I have a regular contract, 4 days a week as an e-learning specialist running an online community and designing programmes for educators. Such fun! Plus I still have my own Fluffy Clouds Ltd for advertising.  My singing lessons are going well, I can sing quite a bit of Schubert now!
The rest of the family! John (21) took a year out of Bristol Uni and did a lots of things like climbing mountains in Scotland, helping the Open Air Mission in Brum for 3 months, became a support work for autistic people, but now he's going back again for his second year. Oh, he bought a car last week and is a man of freedom!! I feel I something has fundementally changed.
Lizzie will be 18 next month, she is half way through college, she found the first year really challanging and despite getting A's at GCSE has dropped Maths and Chemistry and is now doing A Level Biology, French and AS Psychology along with an extended project. She's saying she might do an extra year so she can finish the Pysch and work in the hospital to get experience. She wants to be a nurse and is on the housekeeping staff aready! She says that she's glad she had a hard year, things had come too easily until now and she feels it has taught her some humility.
James (15) is doing well, he's is now the tallest in the family, and he's stated in a new 14-19 school which focuses on business and engineering. He has to wear a suit to work!  How smart is he.  James has always ploughed his own furrow, he got himself into this school and I trust he will take ownership of his education.
Fiona, (23), my beautiful wife is as wonderful as ever, we celebrated our 25 wedding anniversary this year. She continues to be a bank nurse and the rest of the time gets nits out of kids hair here on the estate! She amazing. : )
Thanks for reading, how you are well, any thoughts or advice on child rearing gratefully recieved!
McShane Family at John O Groats