IAHF List: It is important to listen to your body, to be in tune with the messages being sent to your brain by your cells and internal organs. I recommend this book Let Your Body Speak The Essential Nature of Our Organs as a tool to help you do this better! With practice you can learn a lot about what is going on inside of you much in the way that a good mechanic can listen to the sound of a car engine and hear things that are going wrong. Just as a good mechanic is always learning new things about his trade, its good when we can constantly learn new things about health and healing, and about the things that pose a threat to our health so we can know best how to maintain it.
In the 40s and 50s Big Pharma (the world's biggest investment industry) deliberately demineralized our soil to make everyone sick. This is one of the most evil acts ever committed in the anals of man. They went to the US Department of Agriculture (and their international counterparts) and said: "Go to the farmers, tell them they'll have increased crop yields and make far more money if they'll just stop using manure as fertilizer and instead use synthetic fertilizer derived from coal tar dye!" Sadly, the farmers heard that word "money" and didn't understand the implications of this very dangerous suggestions which not only made them and their families very sick, it made all of us very sick, but by ingesting sulfur twice a day, we can overcome this to once again establish optimal health!
  You can see a direct correlation between the demineralization of the soil, and the huge corresponding rise in every sort of degenerative disease in this chart:
By ingesting sulfur twice a day, drinking it in water, you can do much to overcome this! I not only drink it twice a day, I also mix it into the water I pour into my house plants. I also put it in the water in the chicken coop and it keeps the hens healthy too. Any time I look at my houseplants or at my chickens and see how healthy they are, it helps remind me to take the sulfur myself!
It helps me stay calm and grounded by neutralizing acid caused by stress thats dumped into the small intestine, and it gives me energy. It radically slows, even reverses the aging process! It binds with all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails, pulling them out of the body so they can't cause cancer, Alzheimer's and other diseases! It opens up cell membranes, flooding my body with oxygen to push out toxins and strengthens my immune system so I don't get full blown Morgellons disease from the weaponized parasites we're all breathing in from the chemtrails.
I encourage anyone taking sulfur for the first time to take a flash digital photo of their face (without makeup) and store that to the hard drive of your computer. Every week, take another photo. Do that for 6 months and you will see the improvement in your cellular health as reflected through the skin of your face! Fine lines, wrinkles, and crows feet diminish and disappear! 
The Need To Protect Our Internal Organs By Detoxifying To Protect From Chemtrails
Our biosphere is being sprayed with billions of metric tons of toxic heavy metals, toxic chemicals including ethylene dibromide and mycoplasma, and weaponized parasites that bore deep into lung tissue performing various pathological missions. We are not powerless to counteract this biological attack, and we must made the effort to detoxify or our immune systems can be totally sabotaged and we run the very real risk of developing full blown Morgellons disease with horrible open, itching skin lesions, parasites crawling under our skin, horrible brain fog, depression and lethargy and a serious decrease in our ability to function.
Please see these videos which document the weaponized parasites we've all breathed into our bodies from the chemtrails. These weaponized parasites were created in a CIA bioweapons lab at Stanford University. They are intended to kill and injure us and to hijack our natural biology to trun it synthetic in order to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs that can be completely controlled by the ruling elite.
We are not powerless to counteract this evil effort to hijack our natural biology! Taking sulfur twice a day is a good first step, but we must to more to properly detoxify ourselves in the face of the multiple threats arrayed against us!
We are not powerless to prevent from getting full blown Morgellons disease which can totally destroy our health and kill us!
See this leaked NASA Document titled "Future Strategic Issues/ Fuure Warfare- CIRCA 2025" by Dennis M. Bushnell, Senior Scientist NASA Langley Research Center"
It’s a dystopian world full of robots to replace humans, except in this unraveling story, it is the human who is hunted, not the robot made to perfection. The report was leaked by a disgruntled NASA employee to the front page of NASA's website in July 2001, only months before the attacks on the Twin Towers and other select locations. (It was promptly REMOVED from NASA's site less than an hour after being leaked, but its been preserved in cyberspace- so we have been WARNED! In this newsletter I will tell you how you can DETOX yourself so as NOT to have your internal biology HIJACKED via SMART DUST we're all INHALING right NOW!!
The first page of the document outlines several topics. I’ll list only a few to give the overall idea.
  1. Exploit “CNN Syndrome” (CIA Controlled Media being used to brainwash people)
  2. Increasingly Critical Human Limitations/Downsides – Heavy, Large, Tender, Slow (Physically/Mentally) — Humans have rapidly decreasing-to-negative “Value Added.”
  3. KEY “FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES” – Genetic engineering before birth.
  4. Micro Dust Weaponry – Analog to Bio, Micron sized mechanized “dust” which is distributed as an aerosol and inhaled into the lungs. Dust mechanically bores into lung tissue and executes various “Pathological Missions.” (See P.43)
The link is here for you to see for yourself.
It is your decision to make whether or not it makes sense to methodically DETOX all your organs of elimination (starting with the bowel) to stop your internal biology from being hijacked via weaponized parasites that are INTENDED to screw with specific key biological processes (such as our red blood cells ability to carry oxygen.)  

The ruling elite, who have many  ways of insulating themselves from the effects of what they seek to do to us "useless eaters" clearly indicate on Page 43, in a Section titled "MICRODUST WEAPONRY"  that they have Micro Dust Weaponry – Analog to Bio, Micron sized mechanized “dust” which is distributed as an aerosol and inhaled into the lungs. Dust mechanically bores into lung tissue and executes various “Pathological Missions.” (See P.43)
People Take Cars To Jiffy Lube While FAILING to do BASIC MAiNTENANCE on their INTERNAL ORGANS- With CHEMTRAILS You Will PAY if You Make This MISTAKE!! What You CAN DO !!!
The advantage of detoxing your bowel is that you will loosen up and eliminate the thick mucoid plaque that has been tenaciously adhering to the walls of your small intestine for your whole life! Doing this will increase your energy level by 70%!
By flushing the mucoid plaque out of your body, for the FIRST TIME since you were a young kid you will finally be able to get OPTIMAL ABSORPTION of the food you eat and the supplements you ingest which will boost your immunity to help you counteract the weaponized parasites that we are all ingesting that are intended to hijack our natural biology and turn it synthetic to specifically screw with all of the vital functions identified by Dr. Clifford Carnicom (SEE)
By flushing the mucoud plaque out of your body you will stop it from PUTRIFYING, wrecking your Ph by turning it acidic, creating an optimal environment for every sort of degenerative disease!
Please help yourself this summer, you'll be glad you did!!
1) Get one or more bottles of Intestinal Formula #1
2) Get one or more bottles of Intestinal Formula #2
3) Get one or more bottles of Super Food Plus
To blast loose your mucoid plaque by using these products you will need to read "The 5 Day Bowel Detox" (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE!) and
You will need to read "The Quickstart Guide". (I'll send you a laminated quick start guide when you buy the three products listed above necessary to do this detox!
From the Quickstart Guide you will see the list of specific fruits, garlic, ginger, and olive oil that you'll combine with the Super Food Plus needed to make the smoothies recommended for this detox, and you'll need a high speed blender!
I have done this detox, it was WELL WORTH THE EFFORT and I can guide anyone through it!
This summer, to really protect from the chemtrails, I would also recommend you make the investment in your health to also detox your liver/gallbladder, kidneys and blood..... but FIRST THINGS FIRST!!
To START OUT, you MUST first clean your bowel by taking the steps outlined above!
Also, I've been getting reports from customers all over the country about increased chemtrailing! The ruling elite seek to hijack our natural biology and turn it synthetic as discussed in this previous alert!
So, drink sulfur, and also take these additional steps, then your liver and gallbladder, then your kidneys, then your blood! By methodically detoxifying all of your organs of elimination you will properly protect yourself from all the toxins we're breathing in from the chemtrails, including the weaponized parasites!