Simcoe from album “Shapeless”.
Album out 1 March.
SektorFilm has made a video about food and things you’re not supposed to do while consuming it.
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Live : 2010-02-27 - Debaser - Malmö (S)

Now after a few years of metaphysical existence Dmitry Fyodorov has transcended into the digital reality with a debut album called “Shapeless”. An album created during and influenced by a year of great traveling and introspection. 
The name ”Shapeless” is a comment on the collective image of our home planet, the earth, as a pretty safe and constant environment that we, the inhabitants, have mapped out a long time ago. However this might not always be the case; if you start to look closer on our planet you will find a lot of anomalies and modern day events that sounds more like the plot for a video game or a great sci-fi novel. This is a common inspiration for several tracks on the album.
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