Dear Readers,
We have just returned from an unforgettable experience, in the pyramids of Yucatan, that has changed the lives of all the participants. I once again became aware how limited our 3D perception of linear time is, full of emotional stress, in which everything has to be how our brain-computer has learned it. How creative and peaceful could  our life be if we open ourselves communicating with the worlds, beings, ancient times that are like spheres around us - and that have so much ready for us to remember, learn, heal, innovate and to open our consciousness?
I have traveled a lot, and I have found no place in the world where it is  easier and more effective to "tune in" its own existence on the break for 2012-2013, as in the Mayan pyramids, that are still alive as ever what unfortunately only few tourists can experiment . We still have 3 seats available in the Maya-Trip Frequency 2013. Decide TODAY and give your life a long-awaited boost towards happiness and success, because paradise is there with you, beside you, in you... only we do not see it... Do not miss this opportunity to share with you the most sacred, what will make you is a true master!
With a warm hug to all Rainbow-Warriors, Pascal K'in

Frequency 2013 - spiritual journey in Mexico
3 last seats and the bus is full!!!   What are you waiting for?
WOULD YOU EVEN MISS THE NEXT MAYA TRIP? - We just had our lives be illuminated in the pyramids around Merida, Yucatan, during 5 days of ceremonies. See video of the journey here.
What brings you this Maya-Trip?
It is a journey into the parallel worlds starting from the Mayan temples, where the veils to the Holy and Divine are paper thin, and where the Mayan masters help us to liberate our "head film", to open the mind and the heart. Each participant, with the gentle accompaniment of Pascal K'in, will experience a unique soul journey, each in his individual process of spiritual growth. Each pyramid, each temple, with its guardians and masters from the past welcome him day by day with a new challenge, a new gift. Travel-Program.
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Events 2012:
The next retreat in Malinalco, Mexico, is from 26 -28 Oct. 2012
"The dragon heritage is contained in the whole universe,  it is the component of the universe.
Living it again means to awaken the God-man in you. ..."

(from the new book "Lattice-Surfing" from Pascal K'in, that will be published in Spring 2013 in Spanish and German)

This shamanic intensive-course will show you, how you can activate your divine genetic heritage, in order to stay healthy and in your power, and how you can unite your personal dragon-egg (energy-egg) with the cosmic world-egg, in order to receive knowledge like a shaman or wise, to communicate with the universe or to heal.

It will be a pleasure to help you planing your journey, no problem!

Babcice, Shamanic Heartbeat 2012
I don't like to say "testimonials" anymore, what people share in or after the workshops is real participants' wisdom.
Distance does not matter:
Online-Sessions per skype or phone: Coaching, Mastercontact, Healing.
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