invites you to get in line for a taste of stardom's
#created by Mary Birnbaum & Jess Burkle
#directed by Mary Birnbaum
#written by Mattie Brickman
#produced by Roberta Pereira
#starring... well, you'll find out.

Where and when is STARBOX?
4 Fridays. 4 Chances. 4 Free.
Bryant Park (6:30pm - 8:30pm)
Fri. July 23
Fri. July 30
Fri. August 6
Fri. August 13

What is STARBOX?
Much like it sounds, it is a box with a mystery star inside. Participants get the chance to line-up and wait for their turn to find out who is inside of the box. Prior to entrance, participants sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that the mystery star stays a mystery! 

Who's in the STARBOX?
We can't really tell you, 'cause that would kind of ruin it. We've been working hard to secure the stars and they are confirmed. We guarantee that you know them, and probably love them. We encourage you to speculate with fellow STARBOXers, and prepare for the surprise!

Haven't I heard about STARBOX? 
Probably. After stops in glamorous locales like Paris' Palais Tokyo, Berlin's HAU1, and Los Angeles' MoCA, is bringing STARBOX to Bryant Park for its New York premiere. This performance installation is all about you getting your glimpse of stardom.

Where's more info about STARBOX?
For the latest on rain-outs, hype, news and information you can follow on Twitter@artpartytheater. Make sure to bring your cameras, smartphones, memorabilia, and fabulousness when you attend. After all, it's all about the line.

May I get excited about STARBOX?
Yes. Yes, you may. (#starbox on Twitter)
If you have any questions, thoughts, or theories, you can always write to us at
MB, JB, & LF
artistic director, Mary Birnbaum
artistic producer, Jess Burkle
executive producer, Leticia Frazao

Presented in corporation with Bryant Park Corporation.
(For our second year in a row.)
Graciously supported by The Foundry Theatre's Producer's Chair Award
(They're great.)
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