Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
New South Wales
Issued at 0908 on Monday the 2nd of April 2007

For people in coastal areas of New South Wales, Lord Howe Island and Norfolk

An earthquake of preliminary magnitude 8.1 occurred at 06:40 am EST this morning
near the Solomon Islands, [epicentre 8.6S, 157.2E] and may have generated a

At the time of this warning a Tsunami has been detected. Further monitoring is
taking place to determine the extent and severity of the threat.

A series of waves associated with this tsunami may impact Australia later this
morning, reaching Norfolk Island from Midday [Norfolk Island time], Lord Howe
Island from 11:00 am [Lord Howe Island time] and the NSW coastline starting from
10:15 am EST and midday. [Sydney region most likely around 11:30 am EST

Dangerous waves and currents may affect beaches, harbours and rivers for several
hours from the time of impact and low-lying coastal areas could be flooded. The
waves can be separated in time by between ten to sixty minutes and the first
wave of the series may not be the largest.

The NSW State Emergency Service advises that:

People at the beach should leave the beach, and any areas exposed to surf, and
move to higher ground.
People in boats in shallow water should immediately return to land, secure
vessels and move to higher ground.
Boats and ships at sea should move to deep water and not return to harbour
until advised that it is safe to do so.
If you see the sea go out like a very low tide then immediately go to high
People should keep listening to the local media for updated information and
advice and follow instructions and advice from emergency services
This warning will be updated by Midday.

This warning is also available through TV and Radio broadcasts; the Bureau's
website at or call 1300 659 218

The Bureau and NSW State Emergency Service would appreciate this warning being
broadcast regularly.