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  September 2016
Dear VCC Members & Friends,
We’re at a critical juncture in the struggle to protect our health freedoms and the fundamental human right to refuse risky and unwanted medical treatments like vaccination.  Juxtaposed against the public awakening to vaccine dangers, are the medical cartel’s anti-choice policies and formidable lobby powers which threaten to quash our right to refuse vaccines for our children and ourselves. Public awakening is gaining momentum however, as the film Vaxxed documents the scientific fraud and corruption underpinning vaccine policies, while giving voice to the tsunami of vaccine injured families across North America. 

Just two weeks ago, Canadians were stunned to learn that the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) voted at its annual meeting for the “elimination of non-medical exemptions from vaccination in provinces that have legislation mandating children be vaccinated in order to attend school” (article 32), albeit not without vigorous protest from 42 percent of the delegates who expressed concern the move may actually “increase opposition to vaccinations and cause some parents to keep their children out of school.”
What this means is that influential medical trade groups like the CMA are calling for an end to religious and conscience based vaccine exemptions and with it, an end to the primary medical ethic of voluntary, informed consent – an end to the human right to refuse unwanted medical treatment.  They’re aiming for a defacto mandatory vaccination agenda by advocating that provincial government and its health agencies overrule our Charter protections of freedom of conscience and religion and the legal right to “security of the person”, thereby imposing an unconstitutional law on citizens.  In the U.S. the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have already adopted policies to end personal belief exemptions and are hard at work convincing state governments to do so.

These medical trade groups want to usurp parents’ right to make health decisions for their children, to eliminate parents’ right to decide what is best for their children.  They reject that parent’s religious or sincerely held beliefs, or even previous experience of vaccine injury are acceptable grounds for refusing any or all vaccines.

Doctors threaten our basic human rights

The majority of CMA doctors have voted to deny parents the right to make voluntary and informed vaccine decisions - whether to choose some or all vaccines for their children, or none.  No matter how well informed or how thoroughly the parents have researched the medical literature, often knowing more than the doctor about vaccine ingredients and the mechanisms of vaccine injuries, the medical profession is determined to impose its control and domination over recalcitrant parents. Most doctors are in denial that vaccines are contributing to the epidemic of chronic autoimmune diseases and neurological disorders now rampant in our heavily vaccinated society, unknown a few decades ago, a man made disaster unprecedented in history.  

Larry Solomon alludes to medical denial in this article about the EpiPen scandal and the unexplained allergy epidemic.  He writes, “While autoimmune diseases have been soaring, the government has done little to determine why these diseases are now running rampant, and much to ensure no one else does either………..  Is our immunity failing because our society has become obsessed with hygiene, relying on Purell sanitizers to the detriment of our body’s natural defences? Are we facing this new onslaught of disease because we’re eating GMOs? Because we’re being over-vaccinated? Is it an overuse of antibiotics? The emulsifiers that have become ubiquitous in our food? Glysophate, the suspect in Monsanto’s herbicide, Roundup? Aluminum? All of the above?”

Even if a child has already been vaccine injured, parental experience of the adverse reaction and injury is usually rejected by doctors. More often than not, medical exemption for their vaccine injured child is denied.  In the same vein, when parents seek a medical exemption for a younger sibling of the vaccine injured child, the exemption is also denied.  At present, parents’ only option to protect their children from additional vaccine injury is a personal belief exemption based on conscience or religion. 

Doctors want a monopoly on who determines whether a child gets a vaccine exemption – they want to be the sole arbiters of whether a child qualifies for a vaccine exemption. They want to cut parents out of the vaccine decision making process completely! 

As doctors lobby for the abolition of parents’ sacred right to determine what medical risks they’re willing to submit their children to, we ask, isn’t it long past due that doctors take a serious look at some of the  ‘Vaccine Papers’ that describe some of the vaccine ingredients and biochemical pathways which lead to neurological and immune system injuries ? Isn’t it time they pluck their heads out of the sand, and take a good look at the medical literature that refutes their vaccine dogma? 

Before the inevitable mass awakening to the damage that’s been inflicted, it might be an idea for doctors to examine the emerging scientific literature on the biochemical pathways  of vaccine induced injuries.  And when they do, they may find it difficult to remain loyal advocates of mandatory vaccine polices or the vaccine paradigm itself.

Vaccine Directives from the top down

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) 43 page document, ‘How to respond to vocal vaccine deniers in public’  and its ‘Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy’ guideline are indicative of the fear top level policy makers have of the public’s loss of confidence in the vaccine agenda.

These top down global directives aim to stem the growing tide of vaccine resistance.  Canada’s Noni MacDonald MD, fearless leader of the ‘vaccines can do no harm’ crowd, is a co-author of the first WHO document.  From the CDC & WHO, the leading global vaccine directorates, to the medical lobby groups that influence public health policies, right down to the public health infrastructures of individual nations, there’s loud chatter about the growing tide of “vaccine hesitancy” and how to re-educate and restrain it.

As the push for mandatory vaccination intensifies, people around the world are waking up to the health hazards posed by vaccines.  Increasingly parents are choosing to protect their children from injection with the complex biochemical drugs called vaccines, and are rejecting the “vaccines are safe and effective” mantra.

Medical lobby groups violate own code of ethics & human rights treatise

During the winter and spring of 2015 while thousands of Californian parents were fighting to protect their children’s vaccine exemptions rights, the American Medical Association (AMA) voted to end personal belief exemptions at both the state and federal levels.  Because of the political influence wielded by the AMA and other medical lobby groups aligned with the pharmaceutical industry, California families lost their right to personal belief vaccine exemptions.  Thousands of families now face their children being barred from school and expensive lawsuits to regain their rights.

Emboldened by the unethical actions of its medical affiliates in the U.S. the 80,000 member Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has now passed two resolutions to narrow parents’ access to vaccine exemptions.  Prior to its 2015 General Council meeting last summer, the CMA announced its intention to present a "mandatory vaccination" resolution at its annual General Council meeting.  In protest, Vaccine Choice Canada deluged the CMA with our No Mandatory Vaccines petition.  As a result, the CMA stepped back from its “mandatory vaccination” position and instead voted for a more moderate resolution that parents present vaccination records when registering their children in school or daycare and mandatory parent meetings with public health officials if children were “under vaccinated”. 
Now, CMA doctors are calling for a draconian shift in public health policy that would trump personal liberties, including the right to voluntary informed consent to medical risk taking in violation of its own code of ethics, which states in article 24 – “Respect the right of a competent patient to accept or reject any medical care recommended”

This latest CMA policy resolution contravenes our Charter protections which guarantee all Canadians the right to freedom of conscience and religion and the legal right to “security of the person”.  Additionally, the CMA resolution violates Ontario’s provincial health Act, medical privacy laws, and international human rights treatise like the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, Article 6 - Consent   which unequivocally uphold the individual’s right to reject unwanted medical treatment:
Article 6 – Consent of the UNESCO convention states that, “Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.
Speaking in defense of the basic human right to voluntary informed consent, legal scholar Professor Mary Holland reminded the United Nation’s 25th International Health and Environment Conference that,
“Individuals, for themselves and their minor children, should have the right to accept or refuse these preventive medical interventions based on adequate information and without coercion, such as the threat of loss of economic or educational benefits. Informed consent must be the default position because compulsion, on its face, not only undermines trust, but limits the fundamental rights to life, liberty, bodily integrity, informed consent, privacy and to parental decision making.”

This Globe & Mail article tells us that “Canada’s doctors want legislators to get a little bit tougher on parents who don’t vaccinate their kids”, and quotes Tommy Gerschman, a doctor in British Columbia who says, “Its’ time to end all non-medical exemptions for vaccination.” Gerschman erroneously states that three Canadian provinces, Ontario, Manitoba and New Brunswick “currently have laws making it mandatory for children to show proof of vaccination before they can attend school.”

For the record, none of the three provinces have “mandatory” vaccination laws.  Ontario’s Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) refers to “prescribed” vaccines and provides for legal vaccine exemptions based on conscience and religion as well as for medical reasons. The word ‘mandatory’ doesn’t appear anywhere in the text of the ISPA legislation.

New Brunswick’s vaccine requirements are incorporated in its Public Health Act which clearly provides for personal belief exemptions from vaccination. See article 12(3).
Manitoba got rid of its vaccine mandates and has no legal requirement that children be vaccinated for school entry.  On its communicable disease page, the Manitoba government states the following:
“Do we have to get immunized?  No, immunizations are voluntary in Manitoba.  But please remember that vaccines help protect you and your child from disease(s) and also help protect others who cannot be immunized because they have certain health conditions.”

Medical lobbyists’ unethical influence on lawmakers

In the U.S. the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) a leading pro-mandatory vaccination lobby group, has just published two position papers – the first, “Countering Vaccine Hesitancy” which advocates for the “dismissal of families who refuse vaccination as an acceptable option.”  This is followed by a new AAP policy calling for all states to “eliminate non medical exemptions from immunization requirements for school entry.” The policy entitled Medical Versus Nonmedical Immunization Exemptions for Child Care and School Attendance says “nonmedical exemptions are inappropriate for individual, public health and ethical reasons. To protect those who cannot be vaccinated, community or “herd” immunity requires at least 90% of the population to be immunized (95% for highly contagious diseases such as measles and pertussis).”  An in depth critique of the new AAP policy, listing the errors and lies it contains can be read here

There’s no mention that outbreaks of these diseases have more to do with vaccine failure than with vaccine hesitancy, or that vaccine acquired artificial immunity is temporary, leaving vaccinated populations vulnerable to the disease within a few years No mention either that fully vaccinated people can remain asymptomatic but still carry and spread pertussis (whooping cough) to the most vulnerable at risk group, young infants.

This FDA news release discusses serious failures of the acellular whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine, “…although individuals immunized with an acellular pertussis vaccine may be protected from disease, they may still become infected with the bacteria without always getting sick and are able to spread infection to others, including young infants who are susceptible to pertussis disease.”

The AAP policy removes ambiguity about its intention which is, “to bring changes to state laws where reform is needed,” said Anne R. Edwards, M.D., FAAP, a lead author and a former chair of the AAP Committee on State Government Affairs. 

To be clear, this policy and the one just adopted by the CMA, is a political tool designed to exert pressure on states/provinces to eliminate personal belief exemptions based on conscience and religion in order to close the vaccine non-compliance gap and gives doctors the final say whether a child qualifies for a vaccine exemption.  If these medical lobby groups succeed in influencing legislatures to adopt their agenda, parents will be forced to submit their children to the full brunt of the vaccine schedule or forfeit their right to publicly funded education.  Medical exemptions are almost impossible to get.

Nurses and doctors speaking out

As public outrage grows against these draconian policies, concerned medical professionals, like this pediatric nurse, are speaking out.  “54% of our kids suffer from one or more chronic illness, asthma rates have tripled in the past 30 years, obesity affects 17% of our kids, autism rates have skyrocketed, 1 in 7 school age children receive psychoactive drugs, & the cancer rate for kids under 13 has drastically increased. With all this & more to consider - what the hell is the AAP THINKING? As a pediatric RN for almost 40 years I have never been more disgusted by a profession that supposedly is the guardian of our children's health. We must connect the dots between pesticides, GMOs, glyphosate, the overuse of antibiotics, processed formula, food void of any nutrient value & add to that the barbaric act of injecting our newborns with formaldehyde, aluminum, polysorbate 80, aborted feral tissue etc - in order to get the full picture of why our kids are so sick. If we don't wake up & mobilize against this current act of medical tyrany ~ as a society we will be hard pressed to find any child unencumbered by these illnesses!”.
Many more nurses in Canada and the United States are speaking out about the vaccine injuries their children have suffered.

On our Doctors Speak page and on Doctors Against Vaccine Mandates, we hear the voices of medical practitioners who “Oppose one-size-fits-all policies mandatory vaccination policies, oppose a system that forces parents to make fear based decisions, supports the freedom to refuse any medical procedure, including the right to refuse a vaccination, and are in favour of 'true and complete informed consent'". This means a person hears the full spectrum of pros and cons regarding a medical option and then is given the choice to refuse this therapy.  

This doctor writes, “We condemn the forced sterilization of the ’20s and ’30s, the Tuskegee medical experiments infecting black inmates and the Nazi medicine that included involuntary 'Euthanasia,' experimentation and sterilization. How can we force vaccination without consent? Vaccination is a medical treatment with risks including death. It is totally antithetical to all ethics in medicine to mandate that risk to others."

Another doctor says, “I have been studying the question of vaccine toxicity since the 1980s, when I saw three babies die of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), each within 24 hours of being vaccinated. Obviously, not all babies being vaccinated suffered the tragedy of SIDS, but all the SIDS cases I saw occurred in babies who had just been vaccinated. I instinctively knew that the vaccines were responsible, and thus began my journey to know more about vaccines and their associated problems.”

This MD discusses vaccine safety myths, “Whatever you think about vaccination, think hard before you endorse the idea that the government should be able to mandate a profitable but invasive medical procedure without informed consent. This is a very dangerous precedent to set and one you may not be happy about when vaccines are mandated for adults to protect our ‘herd immunity’. It is not about the measles. It is about your freedom to choose what goes into your body and your child’s body.”

In this Testimony to the Vermont legislature, Suzanne Humphries MD summarizes the research which shows vaccination is “a trauma of considerable intensity”. She says, “One look at these summaries should alert any reader that no parent can be guaranteed their child will be better off getting vaccinated. To force such vaccine policies and injections onto the children of Maine in my opinion is an egregious crime. We have no studies looking at the long-term effects of this growing vaccination program as a whole, for cancer, neurologic disease, autoimmune diseases and allergies and other chronic diseases that have become epidemic in children at the same time the vaccine programs were ramped up in the 1980s and 90s.”

In her compelling testimony to the Virginia legislature Dr. Humphries says, “My position is that the public is continually given a false sense of security about the safety and effectiveness of vaccination.”

As parents increasingly undertake their own independent research, they can compare the quality of vaccine information offered by mainstream monopoly medicine with the broad knowledge base and research available from those who have lived the tragedy of a vaccine injured child. They too once trusted their doctors only to learn too late they were lied to. It doesn’t take long to realize the glaring difference in quality of information offered by those who have a vested interest in increasing vaccination rates compared to those whose only motive is to help families make well researched and intelligent decisions in alignment with their hearts. 

Urgent call to action

We are in a compelling struggle to protect our vaccine exemption rights and to preserve our Constitutional right to say no to any form of vaccine coercion.  Our focus is on the situation in Ontario which hinges on defeating Bill 198, the proposed amendment to the Immunization of School Pupils Act that would narrow parents’ access to personal belief vaccine exemptions.  Explained in more detail in this article, if passed, Bill 198 would force parents to submit to a mandatory “vaccine education” session prior to being allowed to obtain a conscience or religious based vaccine exemption.  It is the bold first move towards mandatory vaccination.  Whatever happens in Ontario will impact vaccine policies across the country. This should concern every family in Canada.  Bill 198 is an example of the power the medical lobby has to influence a provincial government to introduce a law that contravenes our Charter rights. 

At the end of the day, the issue is freedom – the freedom to protect our children from coercive vaccination policies.  If we don’t stand up against this medical tyranny, we are lost because we have lost ownership of ourselves and the right to protect our children from forced medication.

Please join Vaccine Choice Canada’s Take Action campaign against Ontario Bill 198 which can be found at this link:  We’re asking all concerned people to arrange a personal meeting with their provincial member of parliament to present their MPP with the free educational booklet we’ve developed for politicians on the vaccine issue urging them to protect our right to personal belief vaccine exemptions. Please also sign our petition against Bill 198, which you can download from our Take Action page. 

For more information, email: or write to: VCC, P.O. Box 169, Winlaw, BC, Canada V0G 2J0
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