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IAHF List: See my detailed response below to someone hoping we might "get somewhere" in our battle against the Codex international threat to health freedom by interfacing with Ralph Nader via Lori Wallach (who runs Nader's Global Trade Watch Division of Public Citizen). Wallach is the author of a book about the World Trade Organization titled WHO Whose Trade Organization?

The information I have on Nader and Wallach might surprise a lot of you who support them, as I once did, but no longer can do in light of what I have uncovered....

We see through a glass DARKLY, VERY _DARKLY_ but IAHF is piercing the veil of MANY illusions... and needs your ongoing help. If you appreciate the information below, please make a donation to IAHF via paypal at http://www.iahf.com or via IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd. Point Roberts, WA 98281 USA..... Also--- New Zealanders---- See mssg below.....

At 08:18 AM 8/7/04, someone on the IAHF distribution list wrote:
I am on your mailing list. I am watching CSPAN this morning and this author is speaking about her book:
"Whose Trade Organization?" Co- Author, Lori Wallach.
She has a wealth of information about how our laws were changed through the back door of the WTO. Anyway, thought I would pass on her name in case you haven't seen or heard of her book.
Good luck!

I have met her and have read her book. It has some useful info, just as Nader's Global Trade Watch division of the Public Citizen website (run by Lori Wallach, JD) ALSO has some useful information.

That said, you must realize that Lori Wallach is controlled opposition.http://www.stoptheftaa.org/opposition/loriwallach.html

She is part of Nader's team.

Nader is a shill for the Ford Foundation and their eugenics agenda-- see http://www.stoptheftaa.org/opposition/ralphnader.html

Before I was aware of these websites which expose Nader as controlled opposition, I thought I might get somewhere by approaching the Global Trade Watch division of Public Citizen (one of Nader's organizations- see http://www.citizen.org/trade/about/

I went to Washington DC and sat down with Lori Wallach and her whole team, the Global Trade Watch division of Public Citizen. I was hoping they would want to use the Codex vitamin issue as a KEY way to awaken people to the Globalists agenda to force us into a global totalitarian state.

I informed them that during the campaign to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, more letters were generated to the US Congress in the effort to thwart FDA's rule making effort which threatened to block consumer access to dietary supplements than any issue in the HISTORY of Congress including the Vietnam War.

They listened attentively and politely. Then told me they were sorry, but they could do NOTHING to help because if they did, they'd be taking a position on an issue that ran contrary to the position of Sidney Wolfe, MD.

Wolfe Runs the Health Research Group division of Nader's group "Public Citizen", and he is an ardent oppenent of the dietary supplement industry who has been trying for years to get the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act repealed: http://www.citizen.org/search/index.cfm?RequestTimeout=180
Especially See this article "Dietary Supplements: The FDA Should Do More" http://www.citizen.org/documents/hlsupp501.pdf

Wolfe's position against dietary supplements is consistent with the Eugenics Agenda of the Ford Foundation which heavily funds Ralph Nader. http://www.stoptheftaa.org/opposition/ralphnader.html

See Chapter 12: Funding the Eugenics Movement http://www.eugenics-watch.com/roots/chap12.html

Things often are not what they appear to be. We live in a world where spin and illusion run rampant. We are truly living inside The MATRIX.

One of the goals of IAHF is to pierce the veil of all the illusions. Some of this information is hard for some people to accept because for a very long time they've been ardent supporters of Ralph Nader's and what I am saying will run diametrically against all they've been conned into believing is "true" about the man.

I myself used to believe in Nader until I had the aforementioned experience with his organization and discovered first hand that they're nothing but another in a long string of controlled opposition groups.


ANH has just filed their lawsuit with the European Court of Justice in Luxemborg. They worked long and hard to file this all important lawsuit which has huge global implications, and they need your ongoing support.

Please donate to the ANH lawsuit via http://www.alliance-natural-health.org

For information on why this lawsuit is important please see their website and also read this interview of me in The Health Crusader Magazine-http://www.thehealthcrusader.com/pgs/article-0104-ban.shtml

Read THE ISSUES SECTION on Ed Griffin's website at http://www.freedomforceinternational.org/freedom.cfm?fuseaction=issues IAHF is in a dialogue with Ed Griffin about ways to more rapidly awaken vitamin consumers to the Codex issue. I am very impressed with Ed Griffin's level of awareness regarding the Shadow Government and its inner workings. We can all learn much from his websites.

If you live in New Zealand, it is important that you visit this website and voice your opposition to harmonizing New Zealand's very liberal food based supplement regulations to Australia's mindless laws: http://www.nzhealthtrust.co.nz/ New Zealand's Parliament still has not voted on whether or not to ratify the mindless JTA Treaty which was illegally signed by New Zealand Health Minister Annette King.

Please forward this information to more people and urge them to sign on to the IAHF email distribution list at http://www.iahf.com if they value their ongoing access to dietary supplements.