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IAHF List: Please see the announcement below from Dr.Robin Falkov, who is one of IAHF and ANH's greatest supporters. Dr.Falkov helped me get on several radio shows this past month to pitch support to ANH and I hope any of you in the Los Angeles area will not only attend her presentation on the battle to preserve health freedom rights, but I hope all of you will forward this to anyone you may know in the LA area.

I am boarding a plane in a few hours to go to England to attend ANH's hearing and to network with health freedom fighters from all over the world who will also be in attendance. God bless all of you who have supported our efforts in all kinds of ways. Your help and support has been greatly appreciated and we continue to need your support for ANH's ongoing legal and lobbying campaigns.

Dr. Robin Falkov will be speaking at the first annual Conscious-Life Expo:

Her free lecture, "The Battle to Preserve Health Freedom Rights," will be at 5pm on Friday, February 13.

The Conscious Life Conference and Exposition is from February 13-15, in Los Angeles at the LAX Hilton Hotel.

Please visit the website: www.Conscious-Life.com or call: 800-367-5777 for more information or to register.

See you there!