Sage Hill Gardens

June In The Gardens

The season is...on the surface filling in, balancing out, and promising results of abundance.

However, an underlying current of struggle is ...silently flowing. I can see it and feel it-because I am so connected to the core of my surroundings. Reference the Southern Magnolia ...blooming, yet cautiously and painfully slow. Vegetable and flower gardens producing/blooming...reluctantly and without consistency.

Bee's and butterflies are somewhere unknown...lost, sidetracked, confused...they are beginning to show...however, they are late!!

The message seems to be...everyone and everything goes through a season of re-direction--often it is painful, humbling, educational. and frightening.....always, always for the greater good....we pray.

I will walk with patience and act from a direction only meant for me.

The blessings are many ~

Sometimes the simplest things bring us the greatest health benefits. When is the last time you really felt connected to the earth? Today’s blog post is all about something called “grounding” and how it can help heal the body.

What Is Grounding?

When is the last time you walked barefoot on the earth? Between wearing shoes, living in a house, and maybe even thinking of the ground as “dirty” and avoiding it at all costs, there’s a good chance it’s been a while since you truly got in touch with the earth as humans have always been meant to do.

Grounding, sometimes called earthing, brings us back to a neutral, balanced state when we make direct contact with the earth. Negative ions from the earth’s surface rush into our bodies to discharge the many unpaired positive ions, or free radicals, we’ve picked up in daily life. Those free radicals are associated with disease, aging, and inflammation, and when you expose your bare skin to the soil and grass, the earth’s healing powers swoop in to save the day.

We all have electrical energy, and modern technology has a way of throwing that energy off at times. Free radicals from just living a modern lifestyle and having daily exposure to pollutants, technology (EMFs), and more can build up in the body as free radicals. When we get back in touch (literally!) with the earth, the free radicals neutralize, our health can improve, and we bring ourselves back in sync with the earth’s energy field.

Reality has landed....

One huge Reality is ....Our food and our country are both under attack.

Reality...When the going gets tough...the tough get going~

Reality...I am only one, and I cannot do everything...but because I am one, I can do something~My something has been and will continue to be...a focus on healthy and US grown/produced foods. Ways to tweak our concept, expectation, and acceptance of ...change.

Reality...We are not in Kansas anymore...

Reality...There is a higher power and we don't need magic shoes to experience it.

God Bless America~

PS: Any and all food in Sage Hill recipes will be organic and void of genetic modification...

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
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