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for South-East Europe, 5-7 April 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria
In the January edition of our newsletter we are pleased to present one of the exhibitors at LiftBalkans and some news from Bulgaria.
LiftBalkans is the only specialized event in the vertical transport sector in Bulgaria and if you are interested in joining it, we will assist you in realizing your marketing strategy through our support at every stage: before, during and after the exhibition. 
We would like to draw your attention to 3 free of charge services for the exhibitors that may help participants to find the right partners:
 Announcement for finding distributors/collaborators. We offer an easy way to find distributors, agents or employees. By filling out the online form, you could post your announcement. It will be uploaded on the event's webpage in a separate section: Announcement for finding distributors/collaborator.
 +359 32 512 900
 Targeted e-mail blast to potential exhibitors' clients from Bulgaria and abroad
 A special section in the e-catalogue "Exhibitors looking for business partners in SEE" provides information in which Balkan countries the exhibitor is looking for partners. This information will be uploaded on the event website and will be available until the end of 2016.
If you want to join LiftBalkans 2016, please contact us via e-mail or
on +359 32 512 900. 
Interview with Mihaela Taneva, Sales Manager, Global Market Group
Mrs. Taneva, please describe in short the activity of Global Market Group.
We are a distributor of steel wire ropes for elevators, cranes and other lifting systems. The products we offer are manufactured by world-renowned German company Gustav Wolf, well known for its high work standards.
What motivated you to participate in LiftBalkans?
By participating in LiftBalkans we expect to expand our circle of partners in the country, as well as the region of South-East Europe. During the previous year we had a successful cooperation with a number of foreign companies and we wish to continue this trend.
What distinguishes the steel ropes you offer and in which sectors are they used?
Our company offers high quality ropes characterized by high performance and a long service life. They are widely used in the elevator, automotive and furniture industry, and also for all kinds of cranes and lifting systems.
What kind of partners do you wish to contact?
We are looking to contact elevator companies, who maintain a high work standard. The ropes we offer are appropriate for the elevator installations of large structures as well as for small and medium buildings. This also determines the wide variety of our clients.
Varna Municipality has recently renovated 9 subways in which 11 platforms for people with disabilities are placed.
A third metro line will be constructed in Sofia. The preliminary design includes multi-function elevators, which will be used by persons with physical disabilities, as well as escalators to overcome the height difference greater than 4.0 meters. 
Electronic register will monitor in real time lifts and ski lifts in Bulgaria
The register will enter into force in 2016. It will cover 500,000 installations in the country and will show  their condition, when they were last refurbished, who is responsible for their maintenance. Elevators are generally one-fifth of all high-risk facilities, as currently more than 2,000 elevators are introduced.
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