Jewellery Trends, How Not to Design & Wire Wrapping

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If you make and sell jewellery, you need to keep up to date with fashion trends – otherwise your designs won’t sell. Like clothes, consumers like to wear the latest. Showing how aware they are, adds to their respect and credibility.

Summer Jewellery
Throwaway, summer and travel jewellery is trending right now. Look up your jewellery form the 90’s – break it up and change into something that could sell faster in 2019.

Popular is bright summer colours, shells, baroque pearls, anklets, watermelon bracelets, necklaces, and large bright earrings. Anything that goes with tie-dyed shirts and sandals. Chains and arty pendants are also in.

Lorraine Cannell of The Bead Queen does well with her summer themed matching necklaces and bracelets – Beside the Seaside and Down the Beach, with shell, bucket & spade and fish charms.

Nautical Themes
This brings us to sea and boat jewellery which is in fashion this summer. Design with whatever you can find small enough that can be seen in a rustic ship pub on the coast, like starfish, shells, anchors, floats etc. See Our Charm Beads.

Jewellery with the owner’s name or initials is popular. Try using letter beads, engraving or painting on your designs. See our Alphabet Beads

Multi-coloured Beads
Along with the summer theme, mixing bight primary colours in jewellery will sell for you. Think of evening fairgrounds and carousels. Try mismatching colours for a dramatic effect of clashing hues. This works best if the beads and close together, rather than loosely arranged like on a chain necklace. We’ve noticed for about a year now, mult-colour beads are popular.

Lack of symmetry is usually a no go designing – but right now jewellery with differing shapes, especially with earrings is popular. As with contrasting colours, the effect works best if the diverging shapes are close together.

However, don’t go too wild – think a pair of earrings that have differing shape or length, but similar colour with same material.

Colour Trends
Salmon-pink is the number one colour right now – with dark greens, dove blue, zesty yellows a close second.

See Our Summer Beads at or


We sell beads, not jewellery – so we’re not experts on design – but we can identify bad jewellery when we see it!

Sometimes I look in jewellery shop windows to see their designs, especially beaded jewellery. The first picture here (click the link above to see online) is through the window of too simple necklaces – these don’t have any design, they look as if a catch has just been added to s string of beads!

The second picture is through the window of Cornish Jeweller, Silver Origins in Marazion, near St Micheal’s Mount. They have a large slick shop and website – must be doing well!

Mix complementary colours for a harmonious effect, but with different shapes to add interest.

Use findings, like spacer beads – not only do these make your jewellery look more interesting, it allows beads go further saving you money! Lorraine Cannell of The Bead Queen designed this calsilica necklace – she knows how to design.


Wire wrapping is a fun and easy way to make great pendants to use as originally-designed classy necklaces. All you need is some craft wire, a few pliers and something to wrap.

Almost anything can be wrapped, from river and beach rocks, sea glass, tumbled stone to more-expensive gemstones. With a little imagination you will be able to produce stunning jewellery.

At first it will take a while, but as you gain experience you should be able to wrap a stone in just a few minutes. Practice with a roll of cheap wire from your local hardware store. Then when you get the hang of it, buy 18-gauge craft wire online.

Most people start using wire cutters and needle-nose pliers – but flat-nose, nylon-jaw and round-nose pliers are better. Invest in a pair of good nylon jaw pliers, because they are especially designed for shaping craft wire and wire wrapping. The nylon jaws protect the surface of the wire, avoiding rebuffing the wire after forming.

Google ‘Wire Wrapping’ for ideas on design and style, but there are endless possibilities twisting and turning. The raw simplicity of the technique and the satisfaction of creating original designs make it so much fun.

If you're East visit Norfolk Mineral & Lapidary Society. The club boasts a book and video library, organises field trips, workshops, and meets in Norwich on the first Tuesday of the month (except August) from 7.30pm – click the link for details. All their members have a deep passion for mineral rocks and fossils, and are very helpful to new members.

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