We just found out this morning there is an issue with DirecTV broadcasting all CBS feeds. The Harp, like most bars in the city, uses DirecTV and currently is not able to access any CBS feeds for today's game. The hope is that it will be resolved before gametime, but we wanted to let everyone know that there is no guaranteee you will be able to see the game at the Harp today.
The game is on local TV, and according to what we've been told it can be watched on cable and over the air antenna, so best bet may be to catch the game at home.
Mighty Taco day will be postponed to a later week, and we will draw a winner for the raffle from the currently purchased tickets, and notify the winner by phone today. 
If there is any update on this issue before gametime we will send out more information. And if the issue is fixed, the game will be shown at the Harp. We are sorry for the late notice on this, the issue was brought to our attention this morning. 
Thanks for your understanding and apologies for all who are already on thier way to the Harp.
Go Bills,