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February 2014
In this Newsletter:
  • Is your fridge in the Danger Zone?
  • The sound you don't wanna hear your fridge make.
  • Searching for appliance repair help and manuals at
  • TECH's CORNER: How to use a wiring dagram and meter to troubleshoot a dryer that won't start.
Is Your Fridge in the Danger Zone?
In this visual chill episode of Appliantology TV, Mrs. Samurai shows you some cool tips for safely storing food in your fridge.  Fun Fact to Know and Tell:  nasty bacteria start to really multiply at temperatures above 40F. Just a few degrees cooler and bacterial growth is cut down drastically.  Can you tell by feel the difference in temperature between 38F or 41F?  More
The Sound You Don't Wanna Hear Your Fridge Make
In this safari into warm refrigerator land, Samurai Appliance Repair Man shows you how to fix a refrigerator that's warming up and makes an occasional clicking noise.  More
Nookin' p'Nub in all da Wong Paces...
Watch this short, updated screencast on how to use the new and powerful search tools at to find the repair help and service manuals you need.  More
Techs' Corner: Using a Wiring Diagram and Meter to Troubleshoot a Dryer that Won't Start
Samurai Appliance Repair Man shows you how to use three important tools to troubleshoot a dryer that just clicks when you press the start button but won't run. The three tools used to troubleshoot this dryer are: the wiring diagram for the dryer, a multimeter, and that gray swirling muck betwixt your ears.  More


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