"Tough Turf: New Directions in
Street Photography"
Curated by Jon Feinstein & Amani Olu

Deadline: October 7, 2013, Midnight

For the past 8 years, Humble Arts Foundation has been championing what's "new" in Art Photography. At times rivaling commercial aspirations, we're interested in work that makes us twitch and keeps us excited about the future of Photography.

For the launch of our new site and group show 39, we're producing an online exhibition of street photography made since 2000 that encourages us to rethink the genre entirely. How have today's photographers brought the traditions of Cartier Bresson, Diane Arbus, Helen Levitt and countless others into the 21st Century? Have smart-phones and digital technology changed the nature of the "Decisive Moment?"

We're particularly interested in Street Photography shot globally – away from streets that we've seen heavily photographed in the past. Digitally altered images will be accepted.

Submission Guidelines:
– Five (5) images
– 1000 pixels wide (72dpi, sRGB)
– 50 to 100-word work statement
– 50 to 100-word artist bio
– Website link

Send submissions to: street@hafny.org