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When you file comments, FDA issues a tracking number so you can monitor to make sure they post your comments! I want you to email that tracking number to me at and you';ll get your discount! If you want your sulfur for FREE I want you to file comments, and get 4 other people to as well, email me all the tracking numbers for those comments and I'll give you 10 free pounds, if more than one person does this, I'll put the names into a hat and will draw a winner! You must get me your tracking number no later than December 3rd to be eligable! 
The FDA always pulls some kind of evil criminal crap right before a Holiday…. This time they have a comments deadline of December 4th for filing comments about their intention to BAN 26 different safe, non toxic, unpatentable Nutraceutical substances that Compounding Pharmacists have been formulating for decades for Naturopaths, and Orthomolecular MDs.
In this alert I make it VERY EASY to file comments, I provide step by step instructions on how to write comments, and how to post them on the Federal Register Site where FDA will review them. You can see the comments I filed at the end of this article!
As you can see, I utilized the Boilerplate instructions found on the websites of ACAM and AANP below to help me shape my personal comment, and you can so the same! This makes it very easy for anyone to file a comment! If you want, you can echo mine though if you’re too busy to create your own.
If you want standing to be part of the lawsuit the Compounding Pharmacists will probably have to file if FDA fails to back off, it would be wise to not just submit comments electronically, but also file them by certified mail with return receipt requested so you can prove you mailed your comments to the FDA prior to December 4th.
I am tracking my own comments to see if FDA even allows them to be posted or not since they might infuriate them! In my comment (see the whole thing below at the end) I told ‘em that they’ve had ZERO moral standing to ban ANYTHING ever since FDA mindlessly changed the rules regarding Oxy Contin to allow it to be used daily and for long term use! I told ‘em they killed more people than died in WW2, the Korean War, and the Second World War by causing the Opioid epidemic (see the evidence of this genocide below!)
Notice how they murdered millions of opioide drug addicts by causing their addiction, and NOW they want to ban NAD+ (intravenous form of Niacin which is B-3) because it helps addicts to get unhooked from opioids and from other drugs and alcohol. That means the Food and Drug Administration should change their name to either the “Federal Death Administration directly assisting Satan/Pharma by causing the deaths of millions via their evil, ignorant, misguided practices.
Exclusive Interview with Dr. Paul Anderson: The FDA and the Fate of Compounded Medicines----
FDA Comments Deadline December 4th Only 238 comments received: See Alerts from College Pharmacy, ACAM, AANP-- Here is the Comment I Filed (At End)
Anderson lays out the legal strategy of the compounding pharmacies who need public comments for when they eventually are forced to file a lawsuit, lots of public comments demonstrate to the Federal Judge that action is needed to protect the public from FDA harm
See list of threatened Nutraceuticals and Boiler plate suggesting an intro to your comments to make it easy to file them! As you can see with mine, I listed all the ingredients that I have personally used over the years, but them narrowed most of my comments to just NAD+ and NADH. You could focus yours on just one or two ingredients if you've used them or would like to not lose acess...
See guide to filing comments re NAD+ and NADH site was created by College Pharmacy, Colorado Springs CO.
Also see ACAMS alert: Compounding Medications are at Risk:
See AANP’s Alert:
Dr. Paul Anderson on how to file comments:
Go to
 Enter the text: FDA-2015-N-3534-0001 in the Search box Click on
“Bulk Drug Substances That Can Be Used To Compound Drug Products in Accordance With Section 503A of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act; Establishment of a Public Docket”
Click on the Comment Now! Button on the top right of the screen You can either paste a comment into the field or upload a PDF file. If you upload a file, include a short statement in the comment field summarizing or explaining what the file is about. The wording of a comment could be something like “I read your list of 503A Bulk Compounding Substances. I have personally derived great health benefits [or I have seen great health benefits in my patients] from the use of [for example] MSM, and it would be unfair and harmful to me as a patient/physician to remove it as a compoundable medicine.” Legally I need to add that anyone who comments should understand that everything they post, including address information, is public.
Here is the comment I filed:  (tracking number since FDA hasn’t posted it yet 1k3-9djw-9bqu
FDA-2015-N-3534-0001 Bulk Drug Substances That Can Be Used To Compound Drug Products in Accordance With Section 503A of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act; Establishment of a Public Docket”
I read your list of 503A Bulk Compounding Substances. I have personally derived great health benefits from the use of 7-keto dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).) Acetyl L Carnitine, Aloe Vera 200:1 Freeze Dried,Boswellia.,Chondroitin Sulfate, Chrysin, Curcumin., Curcumin. Nicotinamide adenine
dinucleotide (NAD)., Nicotinamide adenine
dinucleotide disodium reduced
and it would be unfair and harmful to me as a patient to remove any of these 26 substances as a compoundable medicine. None of the 26 ingredients should be banned! My life was saved in 1981 by orthomolecular medicine after mainstream medicine almost killed me. See my personal story at  I can be reached for questions about any of this at 1-800-333-2553
 FDA lost the moral authority to ban ANYTHING when it made the decision to change how Oxycontin is regulated to allow it to be used for "daily use" and for "long term use". See 60 Minutes News Piece "Did the FDA Ignite the Opioid Epidemic
It is sad, and ironic that NAD+ and NADH have been used for decades by orthomolecular MDs and NDs to break addictions to alcohol and drugs, and now the FDA wants to BAN two totally safe forms of niacin (B-3) even though they can help BREAK THE ADDICTIONS that the FDA HAS CAUSED!!
""DURING THE past two decades opioids have become one of America’s worst public-health problems. The magnitude of abuse—spanning prescription painkillers, heroin and synthetics such as fentanyl—is staggering. In 2016 11m Americans mis-used prescription opioids, and 2.1m adults reported that they were addicted. In the year to September 2018 opioid overdoses killed 48,000 people. That took the total death toll since 2000 to 400,000, greater than the number of American combat deaths in the second world war, the Korean war and the Vietnam war combined".
FDA only examined NAD+ and NADH as they pertain to treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, ignoring all other potential uses! There is no fairness there! NAD+ and NADH improved cardiovascular health, strengthen mitochondria, and slows the rate of aging in adults- see "Chronic nicotinamide riboside supplementation is well-tolerated and elevates NAD+ in healthy middle-aged and older adults" 
See "NAD+ cellular redox and SIRT1 regulate the diurnal rhythms of tyrosine hydroxylase and conditioned cocaine reward"  "Taken together, our results demonstrate diurnal variation of TH in the VTA is regulated by NAD+ dependent SIRT1 activity and CLOCK-mediated repression. These mechanisms may have important applications for substance use and implications for other psychiatric disorders. Targeting NAD+ or SIRT1 may be effective therapeutic approaches for comorbid mood and substance use disorders."
Why Use NAD Therapy to Treat Addiction?
It has been determined that the excessive use of drugs and alcohol will deplete the body’s natural stores of NAD. Because of this, the brain cannot receive the same energy it usually would from breaking down food. NAD Therapy floods the brain with the co-enzyme to replenish its stores, providing three key effects.
It flushes out all of the drugs that are still in the user’s system.
Reduces withdrawal effects, which can be extremely difficult and uncomfortable to tolerate.
It curbs the cravings for alcohol and Opioids and lessens the pain of withdrawal, making recovery easier physically and mentally.
It allows the body to produce energy more naturally, without a crash or jitters like caffeine and sugar or the negative effects that come with other substances.
Length of sessions vary depending on severity of the addiction and what the clinic recommends. After the initial session, follow ups will be scheduled 1 to 2 months later. These sessions can continue at the discretion of the prescribing clinic.
The NAD deficiency diseases. Abstract
Argues that oral nicotine acid therapy provides an effective biological treatment for addiction to both alcohol and opiate drugs when given in daily doses of 500 mg or more. It is also purported that there is considerable evidence that this same treatment is effective for other manifestations of the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) deficiency disease like anorexia nervosa, early diabetes mellitus, heart failure, essential hypertension, schizophrenia (substrate pellagra), and even the problems of predatory behavior such as crime and violence.
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