Hurricane Florence As Seen From International Space Station---> Being Steered/Intensified Via Geoengineering
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** IAHF List: Weaponized Hurricane Florence is being intentionally intesified and steered towards a dozen vulnerable Nuclear Reactors via geoengineering (chemtrails) its intended landfall around Wilmington North Carolina. 
Please join me in donating to MERCY CHEFs, a group of volunteer chefs whose mobile food kitchens are mobilizing now to help the victims of Hurricane Florence just as they've helped in previous recent hurricanes.
Donate via this link.
OATHKEEPERS (which I am a member of) also needs donations and volunteers with First Responder skills to assist with Disaster Relief via their National Call to Action re Hurricane Florence.
The Malthusian  "Club of Rome" is hoping the massive anticipated 13 foot storm surge will flood one or more of the dozen Fukushima styled Nuclear Power Plants directly in its path, especially the Brunswick reactors located near the town of Southport NC, just North of Myrtle Beach S.C.
See the Population Clock- the Club of Rome is very concerned that all the Entitlement Programs are Bankrupt, they would much prefer we die before reaching our 65th Birthdays because Social Security, Medicare, etc are all bankrupt...
NASA spilled the beans when a disgruntled employee leaked this "Future Warfare" info to the world via the front page of the NASA Website showing the elite's intention to kill as many of us as they can and to turn the rest of us into non reproducing cyborgs. (NASA yanked this document less than an hour after it was leaked, but too late! Our side captured it and we need everyone to be AWARE of it!!)
They intend to kill and injure as many people as possible using Hurricane Florence, and also to damage the US economy as much as possible just prior to the Mid Term election and FEMA has a well documented DARK SIDE especially following hurricanes such as Katrina in New Orleans !
In the video shown at this link we see evidence that Florence has been weaponized: "tweaked" by strategic dumping of chem bombs on its western edge to intensify and steer it to its intended mid Coast North Carolina landfall.
I have not yet seen evidence that pulsed microwaves from sea based radar platforms are being used to intensify and steer this hurricane, but this was done during Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines a few years ago, and it is most likely occurring now as well with this storm.
Investigative Journalist Mike Adams warns us that: "two Nuclear plants are vulnerable to both heavy rainfall and the expected storm surge which could bring a surge of up to 20 feet of ocean water pouring into coastal areas.Those two reactors, located just south of Wilmington North Carolina, and just North of Myrtle Beach South Carolina are known as “Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, Unit 1” and “Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, Unit 2  Just like Fukoshima, both plants are "accidents waiting to happen."
Each unit produces nearly 1,000 MWe of electricity, and they are both built on the General Electric “Type 4” power plant design, which is almost identical to the GE nuclear power plant design used in the Fukushima-Daiichi reactors in Japan.
All of these reactors are designed and constructed as “boiling-water reactors” or BWRs. The designs are decades old, and they are subject to catastrophic failures and even core meltdowns that release radioactive isotopes directly into the atmosphere and surrounding areas.
Thus we could be on the verge of an unpredentedly huge nuclear disaster that could negatively impact the whole Eastern Seaboard including Washington DC, a crime of massive proportions directly attributable to the Deep State that IAHF and Allied Groups have long been exposing for using Weather as a Weapon via previous alerts such as this one about Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines a few years ago (Haiyan was the biggest Typhoon that ever hit land, it caused massive devestation in the Philippines, a third world country where the suffering it caused was massive (they're still recovering from it years later.)
Chemtrails, chemtrail bombs, and pulsed microwaves are being used to weaponize Hurricanes as instruments of societal control/ population control for the purpose of causing CHAOS necessary to bring in their long desired Global Totalitarian State.
Trumps populist revolution against World Government has been threatening the elite's efforts to foist off their long exposed UN Agenda 21 population control/ societal control agenda as a means of eventually FORCING us into so called "SMART CITIES" (High Tech Concentration Camps) where we are to be irradiated relentlessly by 5G microwave technology as the elite seek to turn us into non reproducing Cyborgs, good slaves for their long desired satanic New World Order. (At this link see the "Special Report Agenda 21- How to Stop It")
As the information about the FISA court is now coming out, threatening to expose the Deep States evil efforts to STEAL the election that Trump was able to win DESPITE the globalists evil efforts to derail him, they needed a DISTRACTION, they also need a DISASTER to try to PIN on Trump just before the Mid Term elections coming in a few short weeks. This isn't the FIRST time a weaponized Hurricane was "dialed up" and unleashed for geopolitical purposes, its been happening a LOT in recent years!
CNN and other CIA controlled media have been pushing the lie that Hurricane Florence, (and other recent "Super Hurricanes" "are the result of" what they call "Climate Change" . The whole narrative for so called "Global Warming", now changed to "Climate Change" has been exposed as a massive CIA/ Club of Rome LIE by the Heartland Institute whose world class respected Climatologists were BANNED from presenting their HONEST data at both UN and Vatican hosted conferences on so called "Climate Change".
We can expect Trump to be wrongly blamed by the Deep State Controlled Media for all aspects of the pending DISASTER (timed to occur just prior to the mid term elections) since his administration CORRECTLY OPPOSES the CIA SPIN that has been solidly refuted by the Heartland Institute and other respected climatologists, massive Deep State Media efforts are underway to attempt to DESTROY him, but those efforts are failing, so in DESPERATION they've just unleashed this Weaponized Hurricane Florence. Please join me in prayer to stop this evil agenda, to protect yourself and everyone around you! Be inspired by my friend Dave, the PRAYING MEDIC!
Please read this valuable book
STRATEGIC RELOCATION The North American Guide to Safe Places
15 years ago I used this book as part of my decision making to relocate here to Point Roberts WA 
No place is perfect, and we have our own dangers here such as the possability of an Earthquake/Tsunami which is one reason I bought a house on the highest elevation on the Point, away from the ocean.
I am a member of Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness Group (P.R.E.P) we are well organized to help our neighbors in the even of any sort of disaster including a possible earthquake or Tsunami. I am also a member of our Point Roberts Home Grown Food Coop. We have very little crime here and people often leave their doors unlocked. Neighbors help neighbors in an old fashioned sort of way that has vanished from too many places in America as the ruling elite have sought to get us all divided up. We can't afford to play that game! We must all help each other see the REAL enemy: THIS CHART SHOWS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE BILDERBERG GROUP AND EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD 
Learn about preparedness through websites such as this one which has links to numerous specialized prepping sites
KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Realize that the world's ruling elite, the Bilderberg Group and those connected to them intend to radically cull the human herd so that they and their progeny can seize control of this planet as they seek to eliminate 90% of us. Via UN Agenda 21, now renamed UN Goals 2030, they seek to ABOLISH private property, ABOLISH all national governments so the communist UN would run everything and to FORCE US into so called "Smart Cities" which would be nothing more than high tech concentration camps!  You can learn a lot about ALL of this by reading my archived newsletters. Anyone can sign up to receive these FREE DOUBLE OPT IN newsletters HERE.
I am in the Hall of Honor for Freedom Force International. Please join us! We have chapters World Wide, and we oppose this whole global control agenda! We educate people on all aspects of the threat described above, so please join us!
I am also a member of Oathkeepers  which was organized by Stuart Rhodes who used to be on the staff of Congressman Ron Paul. Stuart was in the 82nd Airborne, and is an attorney who is very aware of the deliberate effort by the Ruling Elite to try to get us all divided up so they can DESTROY America by erasing our borders, and via the culture war they've been orchestrating for years to weaken our country. My ancestors were amongst the first settlers of numerous American states, my grandmother was a proud member of the D.A.R (Daughters of the American Revolution).
My father was a Navy Commando, and was part of President Kennedy's task force that created today's US NAVY SEALS. He was also a Naval Intelligence Officer who hated and distrusted the CIA. He taught me to see through all the mainstream news spin and to realize what was REALLY going on in the world. As the world's foremost expert on the internal guidance systems of ICBMs and Shipboard Anti Missile Systems he played a role in preventing a Third World War in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The only reason the Russians obeyed Kennedy's damand that they remove their nukes from Cuba is that they realized they couldn't match us technologically and they didn't want Moscow glowing in the dark.
My dad was a child prodigy who built his first ham radio from Navy surplus scrap when he was 7 years old. He graduated #1 in his class out of 400 ROTC engineering students from the best schools in the country at M.I.T radar school, a classified US Navy program just prior to Pearl Harbor.
In WW2 he fought in the Pacific as an Officer in Argus Unit One, a preinvasion landing task force that was a fore runner of today's SEALs. I had his version of SEAL training growing up as did all of my brothers. He was a good father, and he taught me a lot about survival. So did my Scoutmaster who survived two tours of Vietnam as a Green Beret. I never served in the military, but was raised to believe strongly in the ideals of FREEDOM enshrined in our American Bill of Rights. Our Founding Fathers told us after drafting the Constitution that they'd "given us a REPUBLIC- if we could KEEP it!"  These are the times that try mens souls....
In November we must turn out to the polls in massive numbers to vote with our FEET against the LEFTS communist globalist efforts to DESTROY America as they seek to erase our borders and impose SOCIALISM, a system that eventually devolves into the sort of CHAOS that we're seeing now in
VENEZUELA where the end result of running out of other people's money to spend is hyperinflation, starvation, implosion, chaos and DEATH! 
Due to the mindless open borders and sanctuary cities policy of California Governor Brown, the state of California is mirroring Venezuela's collapse. Social welfare systems are not sustainable with a policy of open borders because they implode as they're grossly overloaded like in California which is spiraling downward into a HELL of homelessness, joblessness, junkies shooting heroin all over the place, and a massive increase in crime. As State taxes are jacked sky high, businesses are leaving in droves. We all need to learn from California's collapse and make the Demoncrap party go the way of the WHIGS (into total EXTINCTION) in the coming election.
(All Americans who still think socialism is the answer, should ponder the REALITY that it almost KILLED the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock who didn't start thriving and surviving until they ABANDONED SOCIALISM as totally unworkable! 
We must ASSIST TRUMP in his courageous efforts to Strengthen America from Within in every possible way! I am greatly encouraged by the # Walk Away Movement as a huge number of people are ABANDONING the DEMOCRAT PARTY in DROVES 
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