(FOA CoG, SMT inc school business manager)
Dear colleague,
We have been made aware of a change to the Statutory Requirements for school websites. 
From 1st September 2012 all maintained* school websites must show the following information:
In brief, schools now have to supply the following information on their website:
*(academies and free schools must already show this.)

The governing body is therefore responsible for:
If you do not have the capacity to gather this informaiton and put it online we are proposing to set up a prominent link from your current website to a new page hosted by us dedicated to these statutory requirements.
This means your visitors will know where to find the information and you will be able to keep a check that it is up to date.

The charge for this will be only £99 per year to collate the information, set up the page and maintain it.  It will be your responsibility to ensure we always have the most up to date documents but we will send regular reminders during the year.
We also offer a complete school website building and maintenance package for just £499 per year.
If either of these services are of interest to you, do drop me a line.

Kind regards
PS Have a great start to the term. : )

Tim McShane
E-learning specialist and e-safety assessor
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