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Waste Management & Recycling Exhibition and Conference for South-East Europe
5-7 April 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria, Organizer: Via Expo

We are pleased to announce that leading companies from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic and Switzerland have confirmed their participation in the Exhibition. Finding distributors and launching new products are the main reasons to be part of the event. Among the names in the exhibitor list are Hybag, Herbold, Molinari, Geocycle Bulgaria, Martin, etc. An advanced Austrian know-how will be promoted by numerous companies - EREMA, IFE Aufbereitungstechnik, Krickl Waagen Systeme, Komptech and Lindner-Recyclingtech.

Save the Planet assists companies in realizing their marketing strategy through our support at every stage: before, during and after the exhibition with 4 free of charge services that may help finding the right partners:
 Announcement for distributors/collaborators wanted. An easy way to find distributors, agents or employees. Fill out the online form and your announcement will be uploaded on the webpage in the section: Announcement for finding distributors/collaborator.
 Targeted e-mail blast to potential exhibitors' clients from Bulgaria and SE Europe
 The catalogue section "Exhibitors looking for business partners in SEE" shows
in which Balkan countries the exhibitor is looking for partners. It will be uploaded on the website.
 Exhibitors, looking for distributors, will be announced in the print and e-visitor invitation sent to over 10 000 contacts in Bulgaria and SE Europe.

In our first 2016 newsletter we include interviews with the representatives of Wiess A/S and BalBok Engineering. They present the company's successfully implemented projects in the waste management field.   
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Interview with Bo Johansen, Export Sales Manager

Mr. Johansen, Weiss has participated for several years in Save the Planet. Can you take stock of your activity in Bulgaria?
Weiss has already delivered 7 pc of biomass-fired steam boiler installations in Bulgaria. Participating in the exhibition is a part of promoting our company and our products on the Bulgarian market.
Furthermore, we are using the exhibition days as an effective way of meeting our existing customers and sharing experiences in order to develop our products together with our clients and according to the market’s needs.
What new products will you present at the exhibition and what areas do your solutions find application in?
We are working on a new product based on our well-known biomass furnace that generates hot air. It can be widely used in the agricultural and manufacturing industry. Our hope is to announce this product at the coming exhibition in Sofia.
What type of customers do you look for and are you interested in establishing forms of cooperation such as a joint venture? 
Our main focus are companies from the manufacturing industry, where fossil fuels can be replaced by biofuels and waste fuels can replace oil and gas.We are open to any kind of cooperation which is beneficial to our customers. 
To read the full interview, click here 
Interview with Dr. Ralitza Anguelava, Deputy Executive Director of BalBok Engineering
Ms. Anguelova, BalBok Engineering offers services for collection and treatment of hazardous waste. What wastes are defined as such according to our legislation?
According to the national legislation “hazardous waste” is waste which displays one or more hazardous properties and are dangerous for the people and the environment – for example toxic, flammable, corrosive, irritant, infectious, carcinogenic, etc. As such it is subject to the company’s activity. BalBok Engineering AD is a leading company in the field of environmental protection and waste management with 25-year of successful history. Our activity is associated with waste management, consultancy and training, as well as scientific research and project management in the area of environmental protection.
What are your solutions and which industries they are suitable for?
BalBok Engineering offers comprehensive services in waste management and environmental protection for industry, government and municipalities. We deal with recovery and disposal of industrial and hazardous waste, and also very successfully collect hazardous waste from the households.
To read the full interview, click here 
Water & Waste Magazine presents the progress of the technologies in water and waste management sectors.

The Gospodarka Odpadami (Waste Management) magazine is and independent business-sector periodical targeted at people and companies dealing in waste management, self government bodies, importers and exporters of packages and pre-packed products as well as all kind of companies provide waste utilization services. This is also addressed at Polish environmental and waste management aficionados. Articles feature the problems of production, purchase, assembly and maintenance of machines for waste storage, processing and utilization.
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