January 2012
Simple. Organized. Life-Changing.
Forte Organizers helps individuals and families stay organized at home, as well as teaching business people organization skills at work.
January is National Get Organized month, making it the perfect month to tackle an organizing project you’ve been putting off. What first step towards a new organization project are you going to take?
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What does your office say about you?...
Does your office say “I’m a professional who takes my job seriously” or does it look like your family room with food, sports memorabilia, personal photos and trinkets on every surface? Just as you should dress for the position you want—not the one you have—your office should reflect the professional person you are and strive to be.
Start the New Year by standing in the doorway of your office and asking yourself, “If a stranger was looking at this space, what would this space tell them?”
One of my first suggestions to clients is to box up all of your decorative and non-essential items. But don’t just stop at decorations. Let go of unread reading material, items from the person who occupied your desk before you, and training materials you no longer need. Make your space professional and clutter-free.
My clients have the option of returning any items from the boxes back into the area after they had a few days to live without them. Most of these items never return because the person finds their new clutter-free space has more room to work, they also get many compliments from co-workers and upper management that they soon realize being organized is a valued characteristic in the work place.
Getting rid of these unnecessary items means you’ll have all the items you need to get your job done efficiently and nothing more. This will lead to getting home earlier where your family room and all your cherished personal belongings reside in their proper place.

Don't let perfectionism hold you back...
With the New Year come New Year’s resolutions. Saving money, losing weight, and exercising all top the national list. Getting organized is at the top of the list as well.
I have found when people get organized, they effect their other resolutions as well. They save money when they can find and pay bills on time. They can return unwanted items because the receipt for the exchange can be found easily. And they stop buying duplicates because they know what they own and where it is stored.
Getting organized can mean more time for exercise. The average American spends 55 minutes a day looking for things they own, but can’t find. Imagine what you can accomplish with an extra hour a day. Having an organized kitchen and eating area will help with healthy meal planning and more family time around the table.
So what keeps many of you from having a more organized life?
Perfectionists think if you can’t do it perfectly immediately, then you don’t start. This leads to nothing getting done, which then leads to having too much to do and the piles start accumulating.
Once you reach this state you start feeling overwhelmed so you do nothing. Start this year by lowering the bar and letting go of perfectionism. Choose one project and organize it just enough without going overboard.
Motivation usually comes after you start so even if you feel overwhelmed, take the plunge and start somewhere. Recognize that perfectionism can hold you back from reaching all your goals for the year.
Ask and Answer...
Thank you to all of you who responded with your favorite organizing tips. Space does not permit me to publish all of your ideas at once, so watch for future issues with more of your suggestions.
This month’s tip comes from Connie Eldridge. When packing up this year’s Christmas decorations and supplies, take a look at your Christmas wrapping paper before storing it away for next year. Often there is just a little paper left on each roll. Combine all of the smaller pieces onto just one cardboard roll and recycle the empty rolls. It only takes a minute or two and you’ll save space storing just one roll.
Thanks Connie for the easy, cost-free organizing solution.
I’d like to hear your best organizing tip. If you have a great organizing tip, please send it to lori@forteorganizers.com to be considered for a future newsletter post. I'll credit your name, of course, if your tip is featured. 

Upcoming Events...
Forte’s in-house class schedule is now posted on our website, at www.Forteorganizers.com. Bring a friend to class with you and you’ll have an automatic accountability partner to help you reach your organizing goals for the upcoming year. Class size is small, allowing plenty of personal attention for your organizing challenges.
Don’t see a seminar date that fits your schedule? We’ll customize a seminar just for your group of 10-12. Gather a group of friends, church members, your Mom’s group or family members and we’ll do an in- house seminar with the topics of your choice. Call our office for details.
Upcoming Class: Attack The Stack Paperwork Class, January 19, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm at Forte Organizers, 7989 Washington Woods Drive, Centerville, OH.  Registration fee:  $35.  Click here to register.
Learn how to:
  • Set up a streamlined filing system for home, work or both
  • Apply easy strategies to address daily mail and paper stacks
  • Find your active papers when you need them
  • Manage your To Do list

Tax Note...

To my past business clients:
If I helped you get organized in your work life, even for your home office, often you can deduct my services on your taxes. Refer to your accountant with questions on how to take advantage of this deduction.
I wish you all a happy, healthy, prosperous and organized New Year,

Lori Firsdon
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