Happy April, Happy Spring!

April is here and the promise of green is all around us. The gardens are bursting forth with a rush, and little baby critters are already mapping out their favorite spots. My solution to that is to plant enough to feed us and the critters; they really don't eat that much.

Sage Hill Farms is located in the southeastern part of the country and I'm aware that many of you are still somewhat buried in snow and the last bits of winter. But your time is coming, so even if you can't plant right now, you can plan and dream...that is the real fun part anyway.

Tip: If you are planting trees and other perennial shrubs do not add compost or any other organic matter to the hole. This encourages the roots to stay in the hole and not spread out into the soil which it has to draw life from. Instead backfill with the same dirt taken from the hole, the tree/shrub will adapt much better and have a better chance of survival.

Do you have a spot that needs “something” but you’re not sure what will grow there?

Consider a Sedum. It thrives in almost any sunny location with good drainage; it’s drought tolerant and not picky about soil fertility, or pH. Sedum is very easy to propagate and it makes beautiful edging for perennial borders.

We all need to take a new look at the climate change and know how it plays into our gardening. Hardiness zones are based on average minimum annual temperatures. Over the last 16 years, most zones have shifted northward as average temps have warmed. Because of this change, some plants may no longer be suited to our needs, or it may be just a matter of making some changes in certain patterns of planting and protecting. To learn more about your zone, visit www.borday.org/medialzones.cfm

Are you working at living a sustainable lifestyle? This is a new concept for many and many are finding it a daunting task. The first thing we should embrace is the fact that "no action is too small to make a difference." But we must continually be making the effort to find and implement better and more rewarding ways to give back to our earth.

One major change we can all work at is our food supply.

Meat is a staple for many, but meat producers are among the biggest industries that break the rules. They practice a business for profit with little regard to the safety of the consumers. Read, read, read, and research what the label says. When a meat package says ‘Grass-fed’, we have to know the whole story to be sure we are getting what we think we are.

Read the ruling for this standard here: www.ams.usda.gov/lsg/stand/GrassFed101607.pdf. Or, if you can possibly find access to a local farm that practices organic and grass fed meat farming...so much the better. The best foods are always those that grow the closest to you.

Many changes are taking place and with just a little effort, we can up the odds of having healthier foods. And this will translate into us being healthier. Preservatives and additives in packaged foods must be the first things to remove from our diet, if we want better health.

I have had so many people ask, “Where or how can I start to clean up my system when I have special issues already?”

Well, if anyone feels they are in need of this kind of guidance, please check out this link. Sandi Thompson is a well educated and practicing Nutrition Therapist. I have listened to her in interviews, read her history, and would not promote her to you if I didn't know that she could deliver.
You may call her at: 541-953-8715

More great websites for information:
http://www.thegreenguide.com (National Geographic)

April is '"Autism Awareness Month." Please, if you don't know anything about this condition, make it a priority to educate yourself and pass it on. You can learn much by spending a little time here: http://www.autismspeaks.org

As always I am a total and practicing believer in herbs and essential oils for better health. They are easy to incorporate into our daily living and can easily be considered a daily miracle.

Two blogs that will enlighten and peak your interest:


A big grateful "thank you" to all my customers who faithfully purchase and use culinary herbs and teas.

Remember..." No Action Is Too Small To Make A Difference."

Happy Spring~