Revelation 17:9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.  The Statue of Liberty sits in front of New York City, where the United Nations building is located where all the kings of the earth gather together and govern the earth. (Image to the Right: "The Whore of Babylon"
IAHF List: Please read my last alert which discusses how three prominent alternative medical practitioners were recently murdered, two from Florida, one from Georgia.... we're under attack by a ruling elite that are trying to kill us, that doesn't want us to have strong immune systems or live healthy lives. In my last alert I have several ideas on how we can stay safe, and fight bac!
So..... today is "Independence Day" the 4th of July.....the day the Declaration of Independence from England was signed and here in America, we're all supposed to believe that we are "free", but upon close inspection, ARE WE REALLY?
Did the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution ever even apply to us, or have we been masterfully conned by Freemasons as my friend Stephan Ames says in his essay "The American Hallucination- An Indictment of the American Mind"?
Was the original Constitution replaced in 1871 by a Secret Constitution via which we were even more enslaved by the Banksters than we already were?
Can we afford to let our guard down as our own military has been turned against us as Obama has fired more than 200 Generals, Admirals, and Flag Officers loyal to the ideals of freedom on which our country was supposedly founded, and as Operation Jade Helm looms on the near horizon, if it hasn't in FACT started ALREADY as I believe it has?
Just what IS America REALLY??? America = Mystery Babylon...
My native american (Narragansett) ancestors have been on this continent for thousands of years. If not for my native ancestors, my Scots ancestors never would have survived when they landed in Rhode Island in the 1500s. I trace my roots back to the earliest European settlers of the states of Rhode Island, New Jersey,Ohio, Georgia and Tennessee.
I was born and raised in New Jersey, one of the original 13 colonies, a state steeped in American colonial history. Cook College, the Agriculture school at Rutgers University was named after George Hammell Cook, one of my ancestors. I trace my heritage back to the earliest beginnings of the state and the country. My Grandmother and Aunt were proud members of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
As a kid I would dig in the clay in the brook in my back yard and find lead musketballs from the Revolutionary War that was fought literally in my back yard.My dad was a Navy Captain, and was one of the guys who John Kennedy tapped to create the original SEALS in 1962, he'd been a commando in WW2 who fought in the jungles of the South Pacific as an officer in a pre invasion landing taskforce called Argus Unit One, and was the world's foremost expert on ICBMs and shipboard anti missile systems. He was an Electrical Engineer, and a Captain in US Naval Intelligence and he's one of the reasons the Russians pulled their missiles out of Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis. We had a bomb shelter in our basement when I was growing up.
Across the street from the house where I grew up, General George Washington used to water his horses in Vanderpool's Pond, and just up the road, in Morristown, the Battle of Jockey Hollow was fought in 1790, one of the turning points of the war, where Washington's troops encamped there, clad in rags during the worst winter of the war where they ambushed Cornwallis troops, fighting a guerilla war from the trees, cutting his supply lies, preventing him from relieving a besieged British garrison on Staten Island.
As a kid growing up in Summit, I proudly played trombone in the Summit High School marching band and remember the feeling of patriotism I felt as we played John Philip Sousa's famous march: "The Stars and Stripes Forever" and other great marches while marching down the street to enter the football stadium. (At this link you can watch the Marine Band play this march)
I was also an athlete playing hockey, track, and baseball. The son of a US Navy Captain, I was the all American boy, an Eagle scout. Today, I am a member of Oathkeepers, one of the groups exposing Jade Helm as our Military is being turned against us. The price of FREEDOM is eternal vigilance!
Today, when I ponder the evil direction America has been moving in, I feel compelled to take a long deep look at American history to ask hard questions, questions that perhaps more of us should ask, because something is just very wrong as we descend deeper into the police state so ably described in the book Battlefield America- The War on the American People by John W. Whitehead.
I realize now how much we've been lied to, how much we've been duped, because the REALITY of American history and what it was SUPPOSED to have been just seem so incongruent, and I realize now that as the Orwellian JADE HELM Military exercise looms on the near horizon, starting this month, and as toxic chemtrails are being sprayed on us by our own Military, if we truly WANT to be free, we must first take a very HONEST look at where we REALLY are and how we got there....
Just what IS the Statue of "Liberty" anyway? It was given to us by French Freemasons, and it is a representation of the goddess Libertas which was the Roman name for the goddess Ishtar. Ishtar, and her son Baal were the ruling gods over ancient Babylon.Even the Tower of Babel (Babylon) was dedicated to Ishtars son Ba'al.
Ishtar was known for her PROSTITUTION CULT and was involved in SACRED PROSTITUTION. She is also credited with introducing Homosexuality to the human race. Almost the same way NEW YORK is credited for being the first place to display the dispicable act of the "gay pride parade" that now infiltrates states and nations around the world including Israel
So, we have a huge Statue of the Whore of Babylon in NY Harbor, a dubious "gift" from Freemasons whose goal has always been to create a global totalitarian state, a world government,a "New World Order" and they're moving very fast now in their zeal to microchip us all, and to make us total SLAVES on their desired global plantation....
Friends, I believe in the IDEALS of FREEDOM on which this country were supposedly founded, but when I look deep into American history, I realize now we've been conned, we've been lied to on so many levels that its almost breathtaking to see how deep the deception really is, but we need to know, we need to see it, so today, on INDEPENDENCE DAY, I propose we strike a REAL blow for FREEDOM by exposing these lies! Please forward this to more people, and urge them to read my previous alert here! They can subscribe by going to this link, and by scrolling down to the sign up menu.
The price of FREEDOM is eternal vigilance!! There is a lot of food for thought in the information at the links shown above, please take the time to review them carefully!