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For four days in January (15th through the 18th) BookShop West Portal will donate a percentage of sales to local schools.  It's easy to participate –schools pre-register with the store and publicize the event to their students and families. Customers mention their school when making a purchase  during School Days, and the school receives either books or cash!  Call your PTA, school administrator, or librarian and suggest they sign up.

This is how it works:

  1. Schools must pre-register with Bookshop West Portal by January 15th by filling out a sign-up sheet. Have your school email or call Sonia at 415-665-2678 to sign up.

  2. Schools publicize the event. Publicity can include posters, newsletter announcements, a request to parents for the purchase of books for classroom or library, or email notices to families and staff.  We are happy to supply you with templates. 

  3. During School Days (January 15th through January 18th), instruct parents and staff to mention your school when making a purchase.  We'll keep a running total for each school in our computer. (Note: the School Days promo cannot be combined with other promotions, such as the Bookshop West Portal Frequent Buyer program or Anniversary Sale.)

  4. At the end of School Days, Bookshop West Portal will donate either 15% in cash or 25% in store credit of each school’s net purchases (before sales tax) to the schools that have signed up.  Schools need to designate which form of commission they prefer.

It's that easy!

Thank you for letting us help you earn money for your school.

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about our upcoming events.

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