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MDF would like to say a huge thank you to all that voted for us in the Giving Back Challenge with Ty Pennington. Even though we came in 7th, we did make it to the semi finals and we had the most Facebook Likes out of all the contestants. In return we gained over 15,000 new supporters and they are still coming by the hundreds daily.

Keeping Smiles Bright in Africa!
MDF recently sent 320 dental kits and books to our partner in Uganda - The Heal the World Project - to help them teach the children how to take care of their teeth...
Michael's Dream Foundation
 is needing your continued support. 

MDF'S general funds  have been used to cover additional shipping costs to send toys to the United Kingdom. Please  help by sending your monetary support  to help us pay the bills associated with running a charity.

Please GO HERE to donate now.
You will all be pleased to know that over 500 pounds of TOYS, BOOKS, and GAMES have finally been picked up by the shipping company and will be making their way across the Atlantic to the children in the United Kingdom. YAY!!!!!!!
A big thank-you to all of you from over 100 countries and a special thank-you to Rob Swinson for his generosity in helping MDF obtain its goal.

Just a reminder that we will need your help every step of the way. Building a hospital is a huge undertaking and for this reason we started off by taking on smaller projects to test the waters, so to speak. A lot of committment, Love and lots of money is going to be needed to make this happen. We are in need of raising the required money to pay for an assessment of the hospital just to get us started. Can you help us raise this fee?

Please send donations to the Hospital Fund so we can get started ASAP

Trivia Time! Answers next month!
1. Whose guitar version of the star spangled banner was featured in a 1996 Aiwa TV ad?
2. Who played Sid Vicious, Lee Harvey Oswald, count Dracula, and Beethoven in Movies?
3. Who sang "Things go better with Coke" Before swicthing to Pepsi in the 1980's?

Last month's questions with answers:
1. Who was the first feline featured in Lifestyles of the rich and famous? Morris the Cat
2. What video, the first to cost over $150,000 helped Michael Jackson's Thriller soar? Beat it
3. What Rap star got his name from Ladies Love Cool James?
L.L. Cool Jay

 “When Michael left this world he made a path for all to follow in his footsteps as
 his work continues in all of us, he taught this world that love is the answer. His love for children made him dream of a hospital like no other, filled with all the things he envisioned, but mostly with love. Michael envisioned a hospital that felt like a home, a warm and fun place, not a sterile cold institutional building. When we all heard his dream on that recording it hit everyone like a lightning bolt, straight to the heart and minds of many people. This is where ‘Michael’s Dream Foundation’ was born. What better way to carry on Michael’s work than to see his dream fulfilled. I know I owe Michael much more than this, a lifetime of friendship, a lifetime of love. Over the past several years it was a painful transition for me but I feel as though I have calm and peace now. I see Michael’s vision and I will follow the path he left us. I truly believe that Michael is still leading the way. Many people have come together because they also feel a sanctuary in what this Foundation is doing. We are healing many broken hearts across the world, bringing unity not just as a fan gathering but doing what Michael would have done. I truly believe that Michael would have built that hospital but now it’s in our hands. I love you my dear friend and I miss you so much.” by Louise A. Greer,
Exerpt from "A LIFE FOR LOVE" Brigitte Bloemen, Marian Dobler, Miriam Lohr 2013
Hi everyone, Just to give you all an update
I moved back to the United Kingdom after 37 years of living in the United States.
Wow! I must be crazy right?
Well even though I left my family back in the USA, I do in fact have all my family and father in England and Ireland so coming home felt right. I can help fulfill Michael's Dream no matter where I am, and of course so can all of you. I look forward to a great holiday season and will share some great recipes and idea's with you soon. Right now I need to unpack and get settled in.
I will be expecting the huge shipment of toys soon and will help the Martha Care Charity here in the UK get them ready for the children.
Wow I can only say thank-you a million times over for all the love and support from all of you that made it
                                                                                     happen. Please have a great Halloween and have FUN
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